Ontology - OGC’s Global Launch is Fast Approaching

  • OGC will hold its global launch on January 28th, 2019, where the hosts, joined by several Ontology ecosystem partners, will decrypt new form of digital asset investment and cover recent trends in the dApp industry.

    The biggest star of the online launch event will be the popular Ontology game HyperDragons Go!, which is an upgrade of HyperDragons, one of the hottest games on Ethereum. HyperDragons Go! was announced on Christmas Eve and received a staggering 250,000+ sign-ups in just 24 hours. When officially launched, the game quickly took the number one dApp game spot.

    Appearing on the show and sharing their experiences will be Ontology, HyperDragons, MixMarvel, HOLD, Bibox, and Contentos. There will also be an auction for limited edition HyperDragons Go! assets, the ONT Dragon and the OGC Dragon. Game lovers, do not miss out on this opportunity!

    About OGC

    OGC is a leading venture capital fund focused exclusively in blockchain investment, with the backing of tier one investors globally and managed by a highly experienced investment team.

    Our mission is to support the development of blockchain technologies worldwide and accelerate real adoption of business applications within the blockchain ecosystem.

    OGC’s first fund, “Astra1”, has assets under management of 100 million USD. We sincerely welcome passionate industry professionals to join the OGC family.

    Ontology partners taking part in the launch

    • MixMarvel, a blockchain game platform and content community. It launched the first game on Ontology, HyperDragons Go!, at the end of 2018.
    • HOLD, a digital currency information platform. It provides professional news releases and real-time price alerts.
    • Bibox, a leading cryptocurrency exchange. It uses AI technology to select high-quality crypto projects while ensuring transaction security, platform stability, and smooth user experience.
    • Contentos, a digital content public blockchain, aimed to build world’s largest decentralized digital content ecosystem with a fair and transparent profit model for content creators.
    • Lian Guan Tian Xia, China’s number one blockchain TV. It has lots of exclusive content including interviews, event coverage, and special reports.

    More to come

    In addition to the online launch event, this year OGC will go on tours, the O-show, with top speakers and representatives from its portfolio projects. OGC will visit Harvard, MIT, and other top US universities in the first quarter, then visit Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more in the second quarter. During the global roadshow, the partners behind OGC and special guests will be there to give keynotes and take part in AMA sessions.

    How to join the online launch

    If you are interested in joining the OGC online launch on January 28th and stayed tuned to the upcoming global roadshow, please join the OGC Telegram group and await further instructions!

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