Waltonchain Bamboo Wallet FAQ

  • 1. How can a GMN or SMN holder use hardware wallets without losing GMN/SMN identity status?

    A: Upon mainnet token swap (estimated to start on March 31, 2019), Waltonchain will provide GMN/SMN holders with an opportunity to change their addresses. Detailed instructions to follow will be provided later.

    2. Bamboo Wallet introduction mentioned that Bamboo Wallet is the only hardware wallet compatible with mainnet WTC. Does it mean that there are no plans for Waltonchain to prompt Ledger and other hardware wallets to provide the third party support for mainnet WTC in the future?

    A: After mainnet becomes open source, third party developers can design hardware wallets supporting WTC. Waltonchain will also promote the support by third party hardware wallets in the future. Our plan is progressing steadily.

    3. Why don’t you accept WTC token or other cryptocurrencies as a payment method?

    A: Due to China’s policy on cryptocurrency, Waltonchain, as a company operating from China, will not accept cryptocurrency as a payment method in order to abide by the law.

    4. If I store my WTC in other trading platform/personal wallet/hardware wallet, will my WTC still be safe?

    A: Security of cryptocurrency storage methods in descending order is as follows: hardware wallet > software wallet > trading platform. Small WTC amounts for frequent trading can be stored on trading platforms. However, we recommend using Bamboo Wallet to store large amounts of WTC.

    5. Does token swap have anything to do with the Bamboo Wallet? Will WTC be stored in Bamboo Wallet address automatically after token swap?

    A: The mainnet token swap and the Bamboo Wallet are not related. Please refer to the future official announcement and instructions on mainnet WTC token swap for different address types.

    6. Currently, the Bamboo Wallet only supports BTC/ETH/WTC. Will more mainstream tokens be supported in the future? What about the future Waltonchain non-ERC20 child chain tokens?

    A: We are working to add more mainstream cryptocurrency tokens to Bamboo Wallet in the future. The current child chain tokens are supported. If we have non-ERC20 child chain tokens, we will also add them.

    7. Will the wallet address on Bamboo Wallet be able to receive WTC from Airdrops directly in the future?

    A: Bamboo Wallet already supports WTC airdrops.

    8. Will discounts be offered to GMN/SMN holders?

    A: This time, all buyers enjoy the same 25% discount. However, we will release other hardware wallets in the future.

    9. Why is Bamboo Wallet sold like this? Why don’t you setup an Alibaba/Spotify type online store?

    A: Waltonchain prepares to obtain an ICP license of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to make its website commercial and sell goods online. Besides that, a new Electronic commerce law came into effect on January 1, 2019. We are working on regulatory compliance right now and will open the online store functionality once all is good.

    10. Will my GMN on Ledger not work?

    A: To protect your assets, Bamboo Wallet does not support private key import. Upon mainnet token swap, Waltonchain will provide GMN/SMN holders with one chance to change their addresses, detailed instructions will be provided later. Please refer to the future official instructions.

    11. Will Bamboo Wallet become open source? Ledger is securized, we don’t know what is the security level of this new wallet.

    A: At present, there is no plan for making Bamboo Wallet open source; we will consider it later.

    12. Please provide more information on Bamboo Wallet and its specifications

    A: Bamboo Wallet specifications:

    Product name: Bamboo Wallet Model: SZS1068 Dimensions: 47*32*10 mm Color: gold Material: aluminum + acryl Screen size: 0.96 in Screen type: OLED (128*64 px, blue) Connection: Micro USB Main control chip: ARM Cortex M3 Input method: physical buttons Mnemonic phrase: 24-word mnemonic phrase supported Supported language: English Working voltage: 5 V DC Power consumption: ≤60 mA

    13. The 200 limit is not clear, is that for the 25% off or there is only 200 produced?

    A: There are only 200 Bamboo Wallets available; however, we will release other hardware wallets in the future.

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