BuratinoBS (BUR) ICO - Multi-Mining System for SHA-256 and SCRYPT

  • Multi-miner Papa Carlo

    Multi-miner Papa Carlo with the high productivity and energy efficient chip on 7nm technology
    node. The basis of the miner is a multi-functional chip with 3 types of logical core. This system
    provides the ability to mine more than 14 cryptocurrencies and to produce different devices:

    Another way of chip implementation is security and encryption of big data in different fields:
    - Banking
    - Personal data protection
    - Enterprise infromation security
    - Email encryption
    - Digital signatures creation and validation

    Project description

    First step is production of consumer multiminer
    Papa Carlo with the high productivity and
    energy efficient chip on 7nm technology node.
    Multi-miner is able to mine employing 2 main
    types of cryptocurrency functions (SHA-256 and
    SCRYPT) and to switch between them.
    Basic configuration of Papa Carlo consists of 3
    boards of 70 chips with total capacity of 26 Th/s.
    For customer assembly there is a range of boards:
    For self-assembling there will be available
    boards as follows:
    џ 10 board - 1,23 Th/s — 10 chips on board
    џ 20 board - 2,47 Th/s — 20 chips on board
    џ 30 board - 3,71 Th/s — 30 chips on board
    џ 50 board - 6,19 Th/s — 40 chips on board
    џ 70 board - 8,67 Th/s — 50 chips on board
    Initially, manufacturing capacity of Buratino
    Blockchain Solutions will allow production of 20
    000 ASIC per month.
    First service centres for Papa Carlo will be
    located in Helsinki, Minsk, Moscow and Saint
    Petersburg. Further service will broaden to

    Seattle, Munich, Milano, Madrid, Lyon and Sofia.
    Specific service centres and their close location
    will allow us to guarantee the work of equipment
    for 18 months.

    Main competitive advantages:

    - Ability to mine employing both SHA-
    256 and SCRYPT
    - Lower price comparing to competitors
    - Guarantee service for 18 months
    - Water cooling system
    - Upgrade possibility

    Papa Carlo miner technical characteristics in comparison with the existent product

    Sales and distribution

    Main market – ASIC chip production

    The market is perspective due to constantly
    growing interest in cryptocurrencies and attracting
    more mass users.
    Monthly sales of Bitcoin mining equipment are
    estimated as more than 40 000 in Russia and
    more than 400 000 worldwide. Equipment of one
    medium mining data-center takes 1 to 4 thousands
    devices. ASIC chip sales in Russia are
    estimated on the rate of 400-500 thousands
    devices per year. Each device consists of 150-200
    computing chips that can work employing
    different algorithms. We propose the development
    of the system that will allow change part of
    the data center to a different currency with no
    need to change the whole group of devices.

    Second market possibility – chip delivery to third party manufacturers

    Second market possibility – chip delivery to
    third party manufacturers of mining equipment
    and other devices of different usage as it may be
    useful not only with its mining core, but also with
    logical core Cortex M4.

    Side market – information security

    Side market – information security that may
    find use of the chip because of merging the cores
    CORTEX M4 and SHA-256. A huge amount of
    devices for information security has to use
    components that allow stream encryption, hash
    process, digital signature, validation of documents
    etc. All this aspects can be united by
    common work of 1st and 3rd chip blocks.

    Retail price for Buratino
    (price exclude VAT and other
    taxes for delivery country. All
    the taxes to be paid in


    To execute the project of miner production Buratino Blockchain Solutions issues BUR tokens that would
    be distributed during ICO.
    BUR – is a digital active that allows its owner to buy multi-miner Papa Carlo and TREZOR mini hardware
    wallets at a lower price.
    Purchase of BUR tokens is possible on the official project website buratino.io starting from August, 1, 2018

    ICO goal:
    Gain $18 000 000 to complete the project of
    chip production and starting custom sale of
    џ Soft cap: $3 million – production costs of trial
    chip batch
    џ Middle Cap: $13 million – manufacturing preparation,
    production of photo-resistive masks
    and chip design
    џ Hard Cap: $18 million – multi-miner production,
    marketing and logistics
    џ Number of tokens issued - 250 000 000. Extra
    emission is not possible. Not distributed
    tokens to be burnt.

    џ 1 token price: starting from 0.10 USD,
    depending on time of purchase and current
    project stage
    џ Place: www.buratino.io
    џ Accepted currencies:
    ь Bitcoin (BTC)
    ь Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    ь Ethereum (ETH)
    ь Ethereum Classic(ETC)
    ь Litecoin (LTC)
    ь Ripple (XRP)
    ь Dash (DASH)
    ь NEM (XEM).

    Token and funds distribution

    Raised funds from distribution of 250 000 000
    tokens will be distributed in the following parts:
    џ 23% Production of serial batch
    џ 37% Production of masks
    џ 17% Print a test batch of chips
    џ 5% Marketing
    џ 18% Design of the chip
    Bounty: 3% of total token emission (7 500 000
    tokens) to be held to the bounty campaign. The
    whole amount of bounty tokens is possible to be
    transferred to 7.428 Th/s. Bounty rewarding to be
    held after main part of ICO is completed.
    BUR rate fixation
    To reduce the risk of ICO participants BUR minimum
    rate is fixed on the rate of the main sale: $
    0.10 per BUR.
    Maximum rate is not fixed and is determined only
    by market demand and the amount of tokens in
    Purchasing BUR during main ICO period is a
    guarantee to get multi-miner Papa Carlo in basic
    configuration by fixed price of $ 1.750 if purchased
    by BUR


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