• About Crypto Rescue 

    Crypto Rescue Coin is a decentralized system for monitoring and recording movement of tourists using GPS navigation. The platform is based on blockchain technology to speed up the process, ensure the security of the system and the ability to provide services within the program. Program participants will have the opportunity to visit popular tourist sites without having to have cash, and all their movements will be monitored for security reasons with respect for the anonymity of participants.  The maximum system efficiency is achieved thanks to the Crypto Rescue Coin, which can be used inside the system for route registration, exchange for other cryptocurrencies and gear purchase. The system includes a secure cryptocurrency wallet, which allows you to store and safely exchange coins.


    Rescue services are forced to save hundreds of thousands of people who are in trouble each year as a 
    result of an accident, illness or inexperience of group members. But even more people are victims of 
    circumstances and the impossibility of rapid response in emergency cases. Modern methods of tracking 
    groups and their registration are in a sorry state and the introduction of the Crypto Rescue Coin system 
    is designed to correct the current state of affairs. 
    Today, a group of tourists before applying for a long trip can apply to the emergency services by 
    submitting an "application for registration of the tourist route" no later than 10 days before the start of the 
    campaign, and the head of the group has to do it in person. In the application it is necessary to indicate 
    all the passport data of all the participants in the group. In this case, their route will be recorded and in 
    the event of an emergency incident, the participants will receive appropriate assistance. To move 
    through the territory of nature reserves it is necessary to coordinate the route with the administration of 
    the reserve. It is necessary to register in advance, the process itself is quite long, and some reserve 
    managers ask for a fee for passage through the territory. 
    This system is too complex, not compulsory and requires extra resources and time for implementation. 
    So many tourists ignore it altogether. At the same time, the need for security and assistance is always 
    The emergence of blockchain technology has changed the ways of communication, it became possible 
    to create programs and applications for decentralized and stable operation. There is no need to rely on 
    low-skilled specialists in state structures. IT-technologies are able to replace the bureaucracy, removing 
    errors caused by the human factor. 
    Crypto Rescue Coin is a system that fully automates all activities related to the registration, accounting 
    and control of tourist groups. 
    The key points of the problem of the rescue services centralization: 
    Proximity of help: often tourist groups are at a sufficient distance, in conditions preventing the rapid response of 
    rescue services in every way possible. At the same time, another group may be nearby, capable of providing first 
    Emergency location: people who are in an emergency situation are not always able to adequately describe 
    their location. Operators of emergency services are not always able to track the coordinates of the phone 
    because of lack of equipment.

    Independence from scale: communication lines of rescue services may be occupied, in case of emergency, it is 
    not always possible to wait for an answer. 
    User interface: Rescue services today mostly respond to phone calls. However, emergency cases imply a 
    situation that may not allow vocal communication (food allergy, pacemaker problems, poor telephone 
    communication). In such cases, a "panic button" will help to instantly give a distress signal. 
    To date, private companies provide rental and sale of tourist equipment exclusively for fiat money. There 
    is no system uniting consumers and suppliers in a single network. Each of the individual service providers 
    is only interested in their narrow specialization and does not extend their services outside the store or 


    Mobile communication in most regions is ubiquitous, it is now difficult to find a place where the phone 
    does not work. Communication with the satellite works absolutely everywhere. In this way, the system is 
    able to track the location of the group and, if necessary, transmit the exact coordinates to the rescue 
    services and other groups in the vicinity. 
    At the initial stage, Crypto Rescue Coin will be a mobile application supported by the majority of phone 
    operating systems, developed with the need for battery savings and including messenger functions, 
    allows you to leave notes on the map for other groups or services that work in the service of forestry. 
    Tourists regularly face the need to transmit or update information about the state of the tourist route, the 
    danger of a collapse or other extraordinary circumstances. 
    Crypto Rescue Coin supports a detailed map of the area with clearly marked routes, sights and signs. 
    The program will provide access to the store and provide the opportunity to rent equipment, purchase 
    additional services or rent a vehicle for Crypto Rescue Coins. 
    We also offer the possibility of renting berths or places for tents in specially equipped parking lots. 
    In the further development phase, it is planned to develop a reward system for assisting in the 
    arrangement of tourist routes on the basis of a decentralized system of gratitude from other users. 
    It is supposed to create trailer-parks, fully functioning on Crypto Rescue Coins instead of fiat money. 
    Users of the platform will have the opportunity to create their own tourist groups, offer guide services, join 
    other groups. 


    The Crypto Rescue Coin project is based around PoS consensus protocol. The algorithm 
    improves scalability and increases the bandwidth dramatically. This will significantly improve the 
    system performance compared to PoW-solutions. 
    Owners of coins create a special pool that characterizes the work of the entire network and 
    allows for instant transactions with minimal fees. Unlike PoW, the PoS algorithm does not require 
    the use of power-consuming and expensive equipment to perform its tasks. The algorithm is 
    constructed in such a way that it is advantageous for the owners of coins to store coins in their 
    wallets. Such a system allows coins to grow steadily in value. 
    The size of reward depends on the share in the network - the higher is the share of coins in a 
    common pool, the greater the probability of finding a new block is, and, accordingly, the higher is 
    the reward. This approach is similar to paying dividends to shareholders, but it has great 
    advantages and provides higher profitability to the owners of coins. 
    The reward directly depends on the share of coins in the network. A large share of coins gives a 
    high probability of finding a new block, increasing the profits. 
    PoS does not require the purchase of expensive mining equipment requiring fine tuning. To 
    receive a reward, you need to buy some amount of cryptocurrency and start a wallet. 
    The high security provided by the PoS algorithm makes the system immune to threats to which 
    PoW-based networks are exposed, for example, "51% attack" or "double spending".


    Crypto Rescue Coin supports maternodes. 
    Masternodes are nodes of the blockchain network, which are able to process transactions on their own 
    using a group shuffle of coins. Such a system makes payments safer, and thanks to group shuffle of 
    coins anonymity of transactions is achieved. 
    The introduction of masternodes into the system allows shortening the transaction time to several 
    seconds. Transactions in the system with masternodes become completely anonymous, in contrast to 
    conventional systems, where even anonymous transactions can be tracked. 
    Masternodes are able to protect the system, and according to their principle of operation they combine 
    the positive sides of both PoW and PoS. Masternodes allow to avoid centralization of mining pools and at 
    the same time consume less electricity. 


    ๏ Complete anonymity and high security of the decentralized application
    ๏ The original application that does not have analogues will ensure popularity among 
    ๏ The possibility of saving lives for those injured in an accident
    ๏ Internal payment system that allows using Crypto Rescue Coins as well as 
    exchanging them for other cryptocurrencies
    ๏ Customers' reward for the use and promotion of services, as well as for making online 
    ๏ Lightning-fast transactions with little or no fees
    ๏ No problems with scalability and high network maintenance costs without lack of 
    ๏ An advanced consensus protocol that ensures high returns to investors with minimal 
    investment and stable coin price growth
    ๏ A well thought-out business model, thanks to which high profitability is achieved


    Crypto Rescue Coin technology transforms the market of providers of goods and services for tourism, 
    providing users with secure decentralized applications with payment functions in cryptocurrencies, and 
    also allowing consumers to interact directly with service providers. 
    Anonymity and security are two key points in the Crypto Rescue Coin project. 
    The platform involves the use of a reward system, motivating customers to use the application and 
    offers the opportunity to offer their services. 
    In the future, a program for private rescuers will be implemented. The participants of this program will be 
    former or current doctors, rescuers, guides and representatives of any other professions, whose services 
    can be required by tourist groups. 
    The possibility of rapid and anonymous exchange of relevant information is indispensable in a large and 
    unconfined territory. It is planned to implement the messenger function with the basic functions of 
    similar projects, not inferior in its functionality and speed. 
    The introduction of a cryptocurrency wallet for the application will allow using only a few clicks to choose, 
    order and pay for the necessary services and goods. Now the hike will become much easier and will not 
    take hours or days to prepare for. Everything can be done already on the way to the spot. 
    Users will get free access to most of the application's features and the ability to receive additional 
    features with payments in Crypto Rescue Coin. 
    The application will have functionality of several applications at once: a map with a navigator function, 
    an instant messenger, an online store. Crypto Rescue Coin combines the functionality and availability of 
    standard applications, as well as the security of decentralized blockchain projects. In addition, the 
    platform will have original functions, the use of which was impossible before that. 






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