Everyone knows that we need to live a more environmentally conscious life. However, we are not
    given any incentives or rewards to do this. With government policy either being downgraded,
    side-lined or even scrapped, the time has come to give the power back to the people. Rowan
    Coin intends to fill that gap by giving its community real rewards for living a greener life.
    People can now be rewarded for sustainable living. This reward, we believe, will be a great
    source of motivation to every token holder. In this way, we are contributing to all efforts towards
    sustainable living, making the world a better place for everyone.


    Rowan Coin is designed as an incentive for sustainable living. Blockchain-driven, we intend to
    reward people from different parts of the world, who engage in sustainable practices.
    We have recognised that people are more active and willing to engage in an activity if there is a
    reward involved. Also, we have recognised the huge potential the blockchain technology has for
    the people and the whole planet. This is why Rowan Coin has been created.
    The uses for Rowan Coin are almost endless, rewards can be given for any number of green
    In the future We see the moving into several areas in the from recycling
    projects bringing back the old school penny for a bottle schemes, planting edible forests
    eventually buying property portfolios and converting them into eco-houses and eventually
    building our own eco-villages.


    Rowan Coin (RWN) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Smart contract
    will issue a set number of pre-mined tokens for distribution in the ICO the bounty program and
    to support the community ecosystem while the platform is being developed. Only 20 million
    RCN coins will be pre-mined out of a total of 45 million coins that will ever be available.
    The token does not represent a stake or voting rights in the company. Each token will initially be
    distributed in a multi staged ICO spanning over 30 days.
    The token will be transferable very soon after the token sale is complete.
    How can you get hold of Rowan Tokens?
    Using our custom made low powered hardware adopters will earn tokens for choosing to
    generate clean electricity. The small Rowan Miner will connect back to our Rowan Mining Pool.
    A similar devices can be installed in electric vehicles. If your car is a hybrid or a Fossil fuel car
    you can still take part but up to 50% of your mind tokens goes into our Food Forest project
    where trees are planted to neutralize their carbon emissions. Future ventures see the penny for
    a bottle recycling projects return where by recycling plastics people will earn you more Rowan
    coins and by partnering with fitness trackers even riding a bike will top up your wallet. They can
    earn tokens as rewards for shopping from organic local suppliers or by sourcing their electricity
    from a renewable energy supplier.
    Investors can also buy Rowan Coin through internal and external exchanges trading popular
    cryptocurrencies for Rowan Coin, or if they are verified using ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) can
    buy Rowan Coin using a credit or debit card.
    Community members can also earn extra token interest by holding them in our unique online
    RowanVault wallet, multiplying their investment earnings.

    What can a member do with these coins?

    As with any other cryptocurrency, users can buy or trade the cryptocurrency on the Rowan
    internal exchange for a number of different assets. However, holding onto the currency puts the
    token into a Rowan Vault wallet that pays 0.1% - 0.2% interest per day, which is a maximum
    whopping 73% per year. This way, holders of the coin are guaranteed good returns on their
    Rowan Coin investment.
    Aside from this, we want to encourage members to live a less wasteful and greener existence.
    As well as the mentioned uses for Rowan Coin above, holders of the coin will be able to offset
    their energy bills when sourcing that power from renewable energy suppliers encouraging them
    to switch to a greener provider. Plus via our online store users of Rowan Coin will be able to buy
    a whole range of goods from Organic locally grown veg to mobile phone contracts.
    In the future we could even see Rowan Coin being used towards the purchase of an eco-house,
    with their own solar generation being offset from the owner’s mortgage.
    The possibilities are endless with a dedicated team driven to bring adoption of the coin to the
    mass market.


    When the feed in tariff (FIT) was first established owners of residential solar equipment could
    feed their unused electricity back into the grid for a very healthy 43.3p per kWh. However, as of
    30th September 2018, this has dropped more than 8 times to a very unfair 3.93p per kWh, only
    to buy the electricity back in the evening for up to 15p kWh.
    On 19 July 2018, the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published a
    consultation. According to the Department, they intend to close the FIT scheme to new
    applicants from 1 April 2019, which will not be replaced by a new subsidy; thereby giving the
    general public no incentive to have solar power installed in their property.
    Rowan Coin looks to solve this and add extra value to having a residential system installed. One
    of the many plans of the project is to produce a small low powered Rowan Coin miner that will
    generate Rowan Coin with the excess power generated by the residential system, but the system
    is so low powered, you can still feed into the grid giving you your feed in tariff income (if
    applicable) which in turn still feeds clean solar generated power into the grid.
    Don't have solar panels? If you switch to our green energy partner, you can also have this device
    to reward you for using green electricity.
    A very similar system can be installed into an electric car, using the access electricity generated
    by the motion of the vehicle to mine the currency.
    If the user has a car that runs on fossil fuel they can still use a Rowan Coin Miner V but will earn
    less currency and the surplus mined coins will go towards the community planting 6 trees per
    year every year to neutralize the vehicles carbon footprint.


    The funding hard cap target for Rowan Coins ICO is $7,500,000 from the sale of 15 million
    tokens, the softcap for this project is $500,000. If this target is not achieved within the ICO
    period, the ICO will end and the project continue underfunded, surplus coins kept for capital
    release at a later date.
    Payments can be made in fiat (debit/credit card), Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero.
    There will be a Pre-ICO and four ICO phases, which will be a great opportunity for anyone,
    especially investors to acquire Rowan Coin.

    The team is made up of Fintech professionals, IT security professionals, marketing experts and
    Crypto Full stack developers all of whom are passionate about crypto, technology and
    sustainable living, and have many years’ experience in networks, security, large development
    projects, property investment and project management. Our founding members have also built
    enterprise level bitcoin mining operations and traded more than $10 million worth of currency
    since 2012.
    We have a vision to build a new kind of enterprise. Moving away from the traditional business
    model. Not only making Rowan Coin an exciting cutting-edge business to work for but also
    giving its team the chance to work on a project that will change the world.

    David Duckworth
    CEO & Founder – Rowan Coin
    David is an entrepreneur with a strong technical background in Networks,
    Linux and Security. As well as starting and selling an online printing
    company, David has also built an enterprise-level Bitcoin mine and has
    been an active trader with a proven track record since 2013.




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