Allforcrypto (AFCT) - A blockchain-based platform for the sale of goods and services with its own utility token for funding operations.


    Any discussion of P2P online buying and selling starts with eBay. Founded 
    in 1995, at the very birth period of ecommerce, eBay has experienced most 
    of the wins and losses in used products, C2C listings and auctions selling.
    Without getting into specifics, eBay has never been the “perfect store” that 
    its advocates claimed it to be, despite its $11 billion in annual sales.1 eBay 
    has always suffered from:
    1- Growth – bringing in new buyers and sellers;
    2- Payments – years of ups and downs with PayPal, finally replaced by 
    Adyen in 2018’
    3- Purchase and payment security – Endless tales of getting ripped off on 
    eBay, or issues with PayPal payments.

    These same issues have dogged all P2P online ecommerce from the 
    beginning – until Allforcrypto resolved them!


    It took eBay many years to build up the 150 million or so buyers and sellers 
    it has registered on the site. Getting more is proving problematic, and not just 
    because competition from Amazon is stiff. 
    There isn’t enough convenience in buying and selling on eBay. It’s 
    expensive: Fees are high while margins are squeezed. 
    Then there is the payments issue, which is still unresolved, although the new 
    payments provider Adyen may make a difference. Each seller on eBay 
    determines his/her own payments policies – some take Visa, some don’t. 
    Some take no credit cards, some take all, but no PayPal. Some take only 
    PayPal. Want to buy something on eBay? Maybe you can, but maybe you 
    can’t because you don’t have the right credit card.
    As for payment security, it’s a hopeless problem. PayPal guarantees are a 
    nightmare for the seller, as PayPal simply does an “arbitration” that invariably 
    gives the buyer the money back. But the buyer can’t be sure of getting the 
    purchase as desired until it arrives, after which returns are problematic. This 
    writer bought a PC on eBay, and one month later it stopped working. Turned 

    out all the components were the cheapest available, and not the good quality 
    ones that had been promised. PayPal, asked to take action, simply refused 
    to support the buyer protection it advertises. You can find thousands of 
    unhappy buyers ripped off on eBay, and this is another good reason why 
    growth has slowed 
    But the market for this kind of P2P selling is growing: The UK-based Preloved 
    site, for example, is seeing double-digit growth every year.2 Preloved is very 
    low-tech, but demand for cheaper goods and services is high, and there is a 
    new trend called ‘upcycling’ in which used goods are reworked in a new way 
    to give them more value, that is also driving sales.
    It’s clear that there is untapped demand in the P2P market for goods and 
    services. A platform that makes the P2P experience seamless – Allforcrypto 
    – is certain to take up a great deal of this demand.


    As Rachel Jacobs, head of content and partnerships at Pixc, points out,3
    online purchasing is growing at a super-rapid pace, and cryptocurrencies are

    more popular than ever with online retailers. Amazon, Microsoft, Etsy, 
    Shopify, and Stripe all support Bitcoin.
    Jacobs thinks they will be a game changer in 2018, which she puts down to 
    benefits such as advanced transactional security and virtually zero risk of 
    payment frauds.
    However, the ecommerce industry has been treading more carefully when it 
    comes to Blockchain, the peer-to-peer encryption technology underlying 
    Rachel believes that Blockchain, which manages transactions and 
    currencies without the interference of central authorities such as banks, has 
    the potential to revolutionize the entire ecommerce industry and will be used 
    for tasks such as order fulfilment, security, and instant order tracking in the 


    Transactions on the blockchain are:
    1- Decentralized and automated with smart contracts, and so secure from 
    human intervention, as well as cheaper to run than centralized systems 
    microtransactions are tracked easily in large volumes.
    2- Secure from hacking through the distribution of nodes over many 
    computers, and the use of Proof-of-Work
    3- Securely recorded in the blockchain ledger

    Adding crypto to the mix solves a vast range of issues that eBay is still 
    struggling with.


    Allforcrypto brings a blockchain-based solution to the issues that arise in P2P 
    buying and selling goods and services online.
    Allforcrypto аllоwѕ users tо buу аnd ѕеll items for bitcoin and аltсоinѕ, perfect 
    mоnеу, аnd wеbmоnеу. Our vеrу оwn escrow service аnd the indереndеnt 
    coinpayments escrow, whiсh uѕеrѕ саn uѕе аlѕо if thеу wish, assures the 
    security of payments and merchandise or service quality. 
    As Allfоrсrурtо iѕ a mainly a сrурtосurrеnсу mаrkеtрlасе, it makes use of the 
    available protections that these systems of payment afford. Payments in 
    bitcoin, litecoin or any other altcoin are safe from fraud thanks to the 
    blockchain ledger. Wе do not accept аnу оthеr forms of payments ѕuсh аѕ
    bаnk transfers and credit саrdѕ due tо thе сhаnсе оf frаud bу thе рurсhаѕеr. 
    In this wау, the seller is juѕt as рrоtесtеd аѕ thе buуеr which iѕ nоt thе case 
    оn ѕuсh sites аѕ еBау. 
    The payment is placed into escrow, and the merchandise is shipped out (or 
    the service is provided). Funds stay in the escrow for up to 30 days. If the 
    good or service is not what was ordered, it is returned and a refund is made 
    from escrow (or the service is provided anew according to the terms agreed 

    Sеllеrѕ аrе allowed tо reply tо rеfund requests within 96 hours. If the seller’s 
    reply shows that no refund is due, the escrow is paid out. Sellers cannot аѕk 
    buyers tо рау оutѕidе of Allforcrypto, as they have no access to the seller’s 


    The advantage of the Allforcrypto approach over a platform like eBay should 
    be clear. Allforcrypto makes it easy for buyers to find the merchandise they 
    seek, make payments securely and without danger of fraud, and protects 
    purchases in a much more effective way. 
    The result will be that, once Allforcrypto is up and running, it will take market 
    share from all the existing P2P platforms. As the market is has a value 
    between $11 billion and $20 billion including all major players, there is 
    considerable revenue that Allforcrypto can tap into. 


    The Allforcrypto revenue model is commission based. The platform will take 
    a 5% commission on each transaction, although discounts for both buyers 
    and sellers plus bonuses will be made available for incentivization, using the 
    All major forms of crypto will be accepted plus the allforcrypto token . Buyers 
    and sellers can hold the tokens, trade them on exchanges, or use them on 
    the platform.

    Token sales will be driven by the possibility of using them in purchases. 
    Token value on the platform will not decrease, so holders so token holders 
    may be assured of the value of the token. 

    What is Allforcrypto token?

    AFCT is a token based on Waves blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new Allforcrypto Marketplace.

    Smart Wallet

    Most transactions are almost real-time (up to 1,000 transactions/second) with low cost and no blockchain download necessary.


    Buyers can use their tokens to purchase items listed on the website. Discounts and bonuses will be made to incentivize users, using the token. Sellers can get reduced fees using the tokens and also purchase special promotions for their items – for example, highlighting the item on the site, or promoting it via our twitter/Facebook pages, etc.


    The token value of the platform will not decrease unless some extreme event happens in the market (please refer to frequently asked questions), so token holders may be assured of the value of the token even in the volatile crypto market.


    Our token is on the waves platform.Waves have never been hacked and are one of the safest platforms/ wallets in the crypto sphere today. On top of this security, we will develop a secure backup blockchain, independent of waves platform that will backup wallet and token information incase of the highly unlikely event of waves becoming compromised


    The fundѕ rесеivеd in Allforcrypto Token ICO will bе аllосаtеd аѕ fоllоwѕ: 
    50% Marketing and Promotion: Invest in promotion аnd marketing 
    campaigns to increase рrоjесt’ѕ awareness and tоkеn’ѕ аdорtiоn 
    among potential users of the platform.
    23% Rеѕеrvе fundѕ + exchanges: Prоvidеѕ liԛuiditу for futurе
    mоnеtаrу роliсiеѕ and рlаtfоrm funсtiоnаlitiеѕ.To ensure token has a 
    stable price and to cover the cost of being added to the major 
    20% Operations: To cover staff wages and hiring and maintain plаtfоrm 
    5% Website development: To integrate blockchain solutions when they 
    become available and to continuously upgrade website to the latest 
    best technology.
    2% Legal.


    What is allforcrypto?

    A cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy and sell items for crypto.

    What coins/payments are accepted?
    All of the major cryptos are excepted +no charge-back payment methods 
    such as paypal and credit card

    Can I pay with fiat also?
    Webmoney and perfectmoney fiat options will be added in the future .
    What items can be sold on allforcrypto?
    You can sell any goods and services which are deemed legal to trade.

    How does the escrow system work?
    We have our very own escrow system.funds are not released to the buyer till 
    the 30 days are up are that the seller has confirmed they receive goods.

    How is the cryptocurrency price calculated?
    The payment processor coinpayments calculates the cryptocurrency price.

    How long does escrow refund take?
    Escrow refunds can range from 48 hours to 30 days
    Buyer is not releasing escrow, I need my escrow released.
    If you believe the buyer has received the item and you need allforcrypto to 
    release your escrow, please submit an escrow release request.
    allforcrypto will only release escrow as they see fit. we may reject the escrow 
    release request if we believe that the item or the seller may be high risk.
    My escrow released to the seller although 

    I did not release escrow?
    Allforcrypto may release escrow to the seller if they deem the transaction, 
    the item, and the seller low risk. when allforcrypto releases escrow we still 

    cover the buyer for the duration of 30 days and would issue a full refund if a 
    refund request is logged and we ruled in the buyer’s favor.

    How do I know my coins are safe with you?
    All funds are held on coinpayments which is one of the most secure crypto 
    payment processors.

    How much are your fees and charges?
    Seller fees: seller pay 5% flat rate on sold items across the site, regardless 
    of the price or the category the item is listed under. Sellers also pay for the 
    network fee used to send them the payment.
    Buyer fees: buying on allforcrypto is free, an additional small fee, however, 
    is charged if you use the coinpayment escrow.

    How does the fees system work?
    Fees are taken out when the funds are sent to the sellers after a successful 
    Can I use a 3rd party escrow?
    Yes, you can use the coinpayment escrow when you pay for your item.

    How can I withdraw funds from allforcrypto?
    After a successful sale, an email will be sent to you for your cryptocurrency 
    of choice and address so you can receive your funds.
    I sent my items and the buyer didn’t 

    release escrow funds. Now, what?
    You have to wait 30 days. if we get no news from the buyer within that time 
    funds are sent to you.


    Our Strategy and Project Plan


    Ocotober-December 2018


    2020 and onwards
    Continue development and operation


    January-March 2019
    Marketing Upcoming ICO


    March-August 2019
    ICO Launch


    August-December 2019
    Mass marketing campaign of the website


    for Sellers

    No more chargebacks


    No need to worry about fraudulent chargebacks. Since we only accept non-chargebackable payment options, problems for vendors are a thing of the past.

    Promote your products with ease


    We have installed the latest and greatest in social media sharing technology on our site. Advertise your products with a few clicks of a button to the likes of Facebook and Twitter  

    Low sellers fees

    Allforcrypto has some of the lowest marketplace fees on the net. Why bother with the likes of eBay and Amazon who can charge up to 15 % of a sale if you include PayPal cut as well. With allforcrypto there are no hidden fees. It’s free to list and we only charge a 5% commission. only if you make a sale, Of course, AFCT token holders who hold a certain amount will receive a discount on commission

    ADVANTAGES for Buyers

    Low prices

    With our low fees for sellers, vendors will be able to pass on savings to their customers, and this means lower prices for the consumer.


    Be protected when you make a purchase with our escrow. Funds are locked away for 30 days until you confirm that you have received the goods you asked for and are happy with the product.

    Spend that crypto

    Finally a place for all you crypto enthusiasts to spend your crypto. Actually use crypto like it was intended.Now you can spend spend spend to your heart’s content

    Our Team

    Meet a Crew of Professionals

    william leen

    Hitesh Patel

    Mina Vucinic

    Matthew Hinton

    Andrew Rosenbaum
    Media Manager

    Jan Emil Christiansen
    Bounty/Social Media Manager

    Igor Garlowski
    Data Analyzer

    Luis Carlos Pozo
    PR and Communications Manager

    Our Advisors

    Guarantee Of The Project Success

    Savio Gomez
    General Advisor

    Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
    General Advisor






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