Geon Network (Geon) ICO - virtual, augmented reality object

  • What is Geon?

    Geon Network is a service that allows you to create virtual objects (Geons) located anywhere in the world. You can deposit funds (Geon Coins) in Geons, which can be withdrawn by anyone nearby. In order to withdraw, users need to complete the tasks defined by the Geon creator.

    Imagine being able to create a virtual ATM at any 
    location in the world. You could add funds to it and 
    have anyone physically present at the location collect 
    them. Imagine that you could define challenges, like 
    surveys or polls, that need to be completed before the 
    funds can be withdrawn. All this (and more!) is 
    possible with Geon Network.
    Geon Network enables B2C (business-to-consumer) 
    and C2C (consumer-to-consumer) applications that 
    were never possible before. From simple fund 
    transfers, to consumer incentives and brand 
    awareness, to crowdfunding, to advanced market 
    research. All based on geolocation.

    Augmented reality – real value

    How it works

    The Geon App is a client application (iOS and 
    Android) that helps you explore the augmented reality 
    world of Geon. When in a Geon’s vicinity, the user is 
    notified and can begin geomining. 

    Use case example

    Goals: build brand awareness, attract potential customers.
    Instead of hiring an advertising company, create a Geon 
    at your business or in a high-traffic area. Customise it to 
    represent your brand. The more Geon Coins you load, 
    the more potential clients you will reach. 

    Token Details 


    TO 30 January


    31 January

    TOKEN PRICE: $ 0.10

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    • Token symbol[GEON]
    • Total supply850 000 000
    • Hard cap$35 198 557.50
    • Soft capno soft cap
    • Min. participation amount0.1 ETH
    • Accepted currenciesETH, BTC, FIAT
    • Token price0.1 USD
    • ProtocolERC 20




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