eGold Mining (EGM) - Passive Income For eGM Token Holders Through Cryptocurrency Mining Profits

  • eGold Mining is a cryptocurrency mining solutions project (the “Project”) that is designed to
    allow individuals to support and participate in blockchain mining. The project intends to build and
    maintain datacenters with blockchain mining capabilities. eGold Mining will be building datacenters in
    South Dakota, USA. With industrial electric prices quoted at 4.5c/kWh , cool temperatures throughout
    the year , abundance of green energy, and lack of state corporate taxes, South Dakota is a prime location
    for a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation.
    To finance the Project, eGold Mining is launching an Security Token Offering (or “STO”) to
    certain investors, which we will convert into an Initial Public Offering (or “IPO”), in which eGold
    Mining’s selling (EGM) tokens, a security token, pursuant to Simple Agreements for Future Tokens
    between eGold Mining and the investors. eGold Mining plans to work on a Mini-Initial Public Offering
    (“IPO”) under Regulation A+, which, upon approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission
    (“SEC”), would open up participation in the Project to the public. The EGM token holders will get up to
    50% of the Project’s blockchain mining profits paid out monthly in ETH.

    Earn a Growing Monthly Passive Income

    Watch the eGM explainer video and learn how you can achieve your goal of a monthly passive income.

    Read the eGM white paper for a more detailed explanation.

    Why eGold Mining?

    Unmatched benefits which no other competitor can provide

    Profit Sharing

    of the net profit is shared with token holders every month, six months,
    and year depending on accumulated G-points and the length of time the
    eGM tokens were held. Payouts will be in ETH via smart contracts.


    is taking proper steps to comply with all security laws set by the
    United States government. The goal is to be the first US-based profit
    sharing company in the mining industry. eGM plans to operate legally
    under South Dakota, USA jurisdiction.


    a registered company in the United States allows for security of
    investment compared to similar companies around the world. eGold
    Mining’s official business entity registration can be found here.

    Cheap Electricity Rates

    electricity costs for eGold Mining is under 4.5 cents per kWh with all
    additional cost factors included. eGM has the cheapest electrical costs
    of all profit-sharing mining companies.


    to traditional profit sharing methods, eGM rewards investors through a
    point system referred to as ‘G-point’. The G-point system is there to
    reward long-term token holders the most.

    No Contracts

    Cloud Mining, eGM does not require the purchase of contracts or hash
    power to receive mining profits. Profits are shared by simply holding
    eGM tokens and accumulating G-points.

    eGM Mission

    eGold Mining will become the largest and most trustworthy dividend paying cryptocurrency mining operation in the world. The eGM team is dedicated to maximizing dividends for all token holders.

    Making money during a bear market is almost impossible. But it doesn’t have to be anymore.

    eGold Mining plans to be the first SEC-compliant cryptocurrency mining operation that pays eGM token holders dividends every month regardless of the state of the market.

    With eGM’s wholesale prices on all expenses associated with mining, diversification of mining services, and team of experts dedicated to a successful operation, an investment in eGold Mining will be extremely beneficial for all those who love to ‘HODL’.

    By eliminating the risks, fees, and maintenance issues associated with cryptocurrency mining, everyone can benefit by earning a passive income through a trustworthy, halal, and profitable venture.

    How it Works

    You simply have to buy eGM tokens and hold them in an ERC20 private wallet (we recommend Metamask). Holding these tokens allows you to accumulate G-points every day. You compete with others to see who can accumulate the most G-points and earn the largest share of the profits! Learn how G-points are calculated here.

    eGM greatly incentivizes long term token holders as the longer they hold, the higher profit share they receive. This is made possible by the payout structure below.

    Security Token Offering

    Security Token Offering (STO) means primary public sale of EGM Token .
    Max EGM Tokens: 50,000,000
    EGM Token are an Ethereum security token, representing the right to profit-sharing from the
    mining proceeds of the eGold Mining project. The EGM token holders will receive up to 50% of
    the Project’s blockchain mining profits paid out monthly in ETH.

    The EGM Token is classified as a security under U.S. securities laws and as a result the STO
    will be restricted to certain types of investors in order to comply with U.S. securities laws.
    EGM tokens will be offered in 3 different stages, each with a different bonus.
    Minimum Purchase Amounts for USA Accredited Investors: $10,000
    Minimum Purchase Amount for Foreign Investors: $500
    To comply with U.S. securities laws, sale will be restricted to U.S. accredited investors only and sold
    pursuant to such investors pursuant to a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens pursuant to Regulation D,
    Rule 506(c) of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”). During these sales,
    sales to investors outside the United States will be limited to only non-U.S. persons as defined under
    Regulation S of the Securities Act.

    Rule 506(c) defines an “accredited investor” as:
    • an individual with a net worth of at least $1 million, not including the value of his or her primary
    • an individual with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent calendar years or joint
    income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same
    income level in the current year, or
    • a trust with assets of at least $5 million, not formed only to acquire the securities offered, and whose
    purchases are directed by a person who meets the legal standard of having sufficient knowledge and
    experience in financial and business matters to be capable of evaluating the merits and risks of the
    prospective investment
    • a bank, insurance company, registered investment company, business development company, or small
    business investment company
    • an employee benefit plan (within the meaning of the U.S. Employee Retirement Income Security Act)
    if a bank, insurance company, or registered investment adviser makes the investment decisions, or if the
    plan has total assets in excess of $5 million
    • a tax exempt charitable organization, corporation or partnership with assets in excess of $5
    • a director, executive officer, or general partner of the company selling the securities
    • an enterprise in which all the equity owners are accredited investors

    Upon the SEC approval the Reg A+ offering (Mini-IPO) of EGM tokens, U.S. non-accredited
    investors will be allowed to participate. However, additional limitations apply on the amount of
    money a non-accredited investor may invest.
    • 10% of the greater of annual income or net worth (for natural
    persons); or
    • 10% of the greater of annual revenue, or net assets at fiscal year-end (for non-natural
    Tokens will be generated at the end of the STO. 20% of total amount sold will be generated
    and given to eGold Mining.
    Accepted forms of payment: Bitcoin (“BTC”), Ethereum (“ETH”), TokenDesk (“TDS”), Credit Cards,
    U.S. dollars paid by wire transfer.

    Which Cryptocurrencies will be mined?

    eGold Mining will be mining a host of different cryptocurrencies based on profitability at
    the given time. eGM will be using ASIC-based, GPU-based, and FPGA-based hardware to mine
    these cryptocurrencies. A few cryptocurrencies we will mine are BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, DASH,
    ZEC, etc. Expansion programs will be done monthly to increase the number of hardware to mine
    more crypotocurrencies. The goal is to maximize short-term and long-term profits.

    Business Model

    eGold Mining plans on incentivizing investors who hold their tokens long-term. These
    investors must hold their tokens in a private wallet. Holders will earn ‘G-points’ by holding eGM
    tokens and their score will be calculated by two simple factors -
    1) Amount of eGM tokens held
    2) Consecutive days eGM tokens are held
    Investors who are holding their tokens in an exchange wallet or actively trading their
    eGM tokens will not receive a share of mining profits as they will not be able to accumulate any

    G-points. By doing so, private wallet holders of eGM token will receive a larger percentage of
    the profits in comparison to the total circulating supply of eGM tokens they own. We believe the
    G-point system will create more long-term holders for the eGM token thus reducing the tradeable
    supply. With the additional factor of increasing demand due to increase in profit share, the
    overall value of eGM tokens is expected to increase over time.
    There are two other ways we believe the value of the eGM token will increase.
    ● Asset-Backing
    ● Buy-Back Burn Program

    Asset Backing

    To give eGM tokens a real world value, we plan on using 5% of net profits every month
    to back these tokens through hard assets. Backing eGM tokens with hard assets will provide a
    higher base value for these tokens and provide an insurance for token holders. For example, if $1
    million worth of hard assets are backing 25 million eGM, the cheapest an eGM token can ever be
    worth is 4 cents. The hard assets will be held in an escrow account to guarantee its insurance of
    the eGM tokens. Assets will be made available to eGM token holders in the case eGold Mining
    LLC goes out of business. eGold Mining will buy investor’s eGM tokens, sell the allocated
    assets, and return the token holder the FIAT value of their investment that is backed by assets.

    Buy-Back Burn Program

    To continuously reduce the supply of eGM tokens once the STO is complete and the
    facility is operational, 5% of net profits every month will be used to buy eGM tokens and burn
    them indefinitely. This is expected to increase the price of the eGM token over time while
    reducing the supply of eGM tokens.
    System Behind G-points
    eGold Mining will be sharing 50% of the net profits earned through mining with token
    holders. The amount of shared profit a token holder receives will increase as the operation
    expands. Token holders will be paid by the amount of G-points they accumulate by holding their
    eGM tokens in a private wallet. Mined coins will be distributed at the end of each month based
    on the number of G-points accumulated in comparison to everyone else.

    The token holders who hold the longest will be rewarded most in the long run. As they
    accumulate more G-points, they receive a larger share of the profits. Anyone who moves their
    tokens to an exchange wallet will lose all their G-points and will not receive any share of the
    mining profits. You must keep and hold your eGM tokens in a non-exchange/private wallet to
    keep your G-points. Anyone who moves their tokens to another private wallet will have to fill
    out a form to keep their G-points. A move from a private to another private wallet can only be
    done once a year.
    For an example of how G-points are accumulated -

    Total G-points for the month = 75,000.
    If payouts were done at the end of the month and these were the only four holders for the
    eGM tokens -
    ● Holder A would receive 33% (25000/75000) of monthly net profits for token holders
    ● Holder B would receive 40% (30000/75000)
    ● Holder C would receive 27% (20000/75000)
    ● Holder D would receive no profit shares (0/75000)
    Not only does it matter how many eGM tokens you possess, but it also matters how many
    consecutive days you held them in a private wallet.
    Note - If Holder A removed the 500 additional tokens before the end of the month, she will lose
    all G-points earned from those 500 tokens, leaving her with a total of 15000 G-points.
    G-point Payout System
    There will be three classes of payouts for G-point accumulation - Short Term, Long Term, Elite.

    Short Term Holders

    For Short Term, the G-points will reset every month giving everyone a fair shot for profit
    sharing. 25% of the net profits will be shared with eGM token holders every month. You must be
    holding for the entirety of the month to earn your share of the Short Term profits for that month.
    If an investor’s profit share value for that month is $1 greater than the transfer fee, no profits will
    be shared and anyone lower on the G-points ranking system from thereon will not receive a
    profit share.

    Long Term Holders

    For Long Term, the G-points will reset every six months. Long Term holders will receive
    15% of net profits at the end of every six months depending on how many G-points they have

    accumulated. This share of profits will be separate from the Short Term share of profits and only
    Long Term token holders can participate. This profit share will be held in a private wallet for six
    months and only be paid to qualified Long Term Holders. You must be holding tokens for at
    least three months to get your share of the Long Term profits.
    Elite Holders
    Elite holders will never have their G-points reset and will be paid 10% of net profits at
    the end of every year. Elite holders must hold their tokens for at least 0.5 years + 0.75(n), n = #
    of elite payouts, to qualify for the Elite holders share of profits. For example, for the first payout,
    you must hold for at least six months. For second payout, you must hold for at least fifteen
    months. For third payout, you must hold for at least two years, etc. eGM believes holders who
    never sell should be rewarded with a bonus for their patience and continued trust. eGM holds the
    right to change the rules of the G-point system to benefit a majority of investors.
    G-points for each class will be updated daily on on a token holders dashboard
    corresponding to each token holder’s wallet address.

    Economics Behind G-points

    The G-point system is there to create and greatly incentivize long-term holders for the
    eGM token. We believe that a majority of investors will hold for over a year to earn a share of
    the Elite payouts. With less tokens on the market and more being held in private wallets, we
    believe that this will inherently increase the eGM token value by playing with the supply and
    demand principle of economics. For example, if 10 million tokens are being religiously held in
    private wallets for a share of the net profit, that means there are only 10 million tokens that are
    being traded on the market. With less tradeable supply and more demand for the coin as profit
    share increases every month, we expect the value of eGM token to increase in value. Couple this
    with the Asset-backing of eGM tokens and the Buy-Back Burn program, and we expect the eGM
    token to increase in value overtime.

    Distribution of Net Profits

    All mined cryptos will be converted to ETH and payments will be done via smart
    contracts. The smart contract will send your share of the profits to the same wallet address your
    eGM tokens are held based on the number of G-points you have accumulated and the net profit
    mined for that particular month. A secure private wallet may be built for holding eGM tokens
    and receiving distribution of net profits.

    Cloud Mining Contracts
    Through cloud mining contracts, eGM will be able to expand operations for both cloud
    mining contracts and profit-sharing operations at an incredibly fast pace. This faster growth will
    allow for larger profit shares for eGM token holders. We expect a high amount of hash power to
    be sold out within the first three months of operations. We will be able to offer the most
    competitive contracts on the market and that is due to the fact we have very competitive
    electricity prices. Electricity costs will be deducted directly from mining profits. Contracts for a
    shorter period may be negotiated.

    Mining Colocation Contracts
    We understand that people have mining machines at home but their electricity cost is too
    high to make any profits from these miners. These individuals need cost-efficient electricity
    prices so they can make a profit off their machines. Others do not have the ability to keep their
    machines cool cost-effectively as they live in hot climates and cooling is expensive. We provide
    them a service where we can maintain their mining machines. Lastly, there are those who are not
    allowed to legally mine in their district. We will provide a service for them to host their miners
    for a very low price compared to competitors.
    eGM provides these people with colocation contracts where they can ship us their mining
    machines and we will host and maintain their mining servers at our facilities with our low
    electricity prices. This will allow eGM to have a steady monthly income for the company which
    will be used to buy more hardware for eGM token holders.

    Projections & Return on Investment
    Since there are three different methods of expansion for eGold Mining (Cloud Mining
    Contracts, Mining Colocation Contracts, and Regular Mining Operations), it is difficult to
    determine the exact projections and return on investments. Cloud mining contracts will be very
    profitable upfront, and allow us to expand operations at a faster rate. Since the mining difficulty
    levels for all tokens are always changing, it is difficult to give an accurate estimation on net
    profits and return on investment a year from now. These first year estimates are based on $3m
    raised in STO. They are the minimum token holders may receive through their investment if only
    regular mining operations are done without expansion. These estimates do not include increase
    in difficulty, but we plan on overcoming that factor by expanding faster than difficulty increases.
    These estimates are based off $2m worth of Antminer s9j profitability at eGM’s quoted

    electricity rate of 4.5c/kWh. eGM will be using more profitable mining machines, so these
    estimates can be taken as a base minimum.
    Estimated Profits First Year (based on $3 mln softcap reached and conservative sales
    projections met)
    ● Cloud Mining: $250K net margin (EBITDA)
    ● Colocation Services: $300K net margin (EBITDA)
    ● eGM Profit Sharing: $615k net margin (based on 11/23 difficulty & price)
    ● Gross Profit = $1.15M
    ● Federal Corporate Income Tax = 21%, Operating Costs → $120k
    ● Net Profit → $1.15M * 0.79 ~ $920K - $120K → $800K
    ● 50% Token Holder Share
    ○ 25% to short term holders (paid monthly) ~ $200K/yr.
    ○ 15% to long term holders (paid every six months) ~$120K/yr.
    ○ 10% saved for elite holders (paid every year) ~ $80K/yr
    ○ Subtotal For eGM Token Holders: ~$400K
    ● 50% Company Share
    ○ 20% eGM Expansion ~ $160K/yr
    ○ 15% Company Share ~ $120K/yr
    ○ 5% Asset-Backing Purchases ~$40K/yr
    ○ 5% Buyback-Burn ~ $40K/yr
    ○ 5% Company Reserves ~ $40K/yr
    Upon successful scaling and launch of the eGold Mining’s operation, token holders will
    begin receiving monthly dividend payments in the form of ETH. Coins mined by eGM will be
    converted to ETH directly. The resulting ETH will be the earnings distributed to token holders
    minus all electrical and operational costs. In addition, in order to stimulate growth, 30% of
    earnings will be reinvested back into the expansion of the eGold Mining operations, backing of
    eGM tokens, and burning of eGM tokens resulting in larger payouts and more growth. 50% of
    ETH will be distributed to eGM token holders who accumulate G-points via the dividend-paying

    For More Details REad White Paper:

    eGold Mining Team

    ● President and Founder - M. Avais Khan
    Dr. Mohammad Avais Khan is the founder and creator of eGold Mining. After
    self-learning about the cryptocurrency market for the past 4 years, he realized the only
    way to stay profitable in this market is through cryptocurrency mining. After months of
    intensive research, Mo was able to produce this white paper by himself. He has gained
    abundant knowledge about the market through applicability and research, and believes he
    has found a working business model where everyone profits, even in a bear market. Mo
    attended Penn State University for 2 years before transferring closer to home to Rutgers
    University and pursuing his education in Biology. Mo is a recent graduate from Avalon
    University School of Medicine and has chosen to take a break from medicine to focus on
    delivering the promises set in this white paper. One of his future goals is to be involved in

    the medical technology industry. In the past few years, he has advised on the startup of a
    few blockchain projects, he has helped develop white papers and business models for
    many early entrepreneurs, he has assisted on a few small-scale cryptocurrency mining
    operations, and he has created basic ERC20 token contracts for many people. He has also
    taught himself the basics of technical analysis and how to read charts. Mohammad has a
    unique passion for the cryptocurrency market and believes that decentralized currencies
    are the future. Entrepreneurship is in his blood as his father is a very successful
    self-employed businessman. He has the drive, the team, and all the tools necessary to
    make this project a reality for everyone.

    ● Executive Vice President - M. Abrahim Nasim
    M. Abrahim Nasim is an entrepreneur and an expert in data analytics and data
    science. Over the course of 10 years, Abe has successfully led teams at Fortune 500
    companies to build big data landscapes and analytical platforms. The core strategies Abe
    has mastered is enabling companies to be more data-driven and generate business value.
    Presently, Abe is Founder and President of CogniSoft Technologies, a management
    consulting firm specializing in data analytics. Abe received a Bachelors of Science in
    Computer Science at The College of New Jersey and is currently pursuing his MBA at
    the Fox School of Business. Abe has a passion for data management and believes
    blockchain is the future for everything related to data storage and data authenticity.

    ● VP of Finances - Andrew Fornes
    Andrew’s knowledge when it comes to the cryptocurrency mining business
    industry is second to none. He knows about every new and old business in this sector. He
    knows the exact details of all their business models and which ones have been successful
    and which ones have not. He has studied the successes and failures of these companies
    and is considered a huge asset with his knowledge in starting and maintaining a large
    scale cryptocurrency mining operation that pays dividends. Andrew has worked on a few
    mining operations himself so he is well-versed on the operational side of mining as well.

    ● VP of Sales & Communications - Danish Qureshi
    Danish Qureshi brings a vast amount of experience and talent to the eGM team.
    He studied Marketing & African American studies from the University of North Carolina
    at Chapel Hill and obtained a Medical Degree from Avalon University School of
    Medicine. His passion for marketing was seen way before his admission to UNC and
    continues to shine. In high school, he was helping local businesses with their online

    marketing presence. In college, he continued to excel in marketing research interning for
    large corporations. Danish has been a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2012 and has
    worked on marketing campaigns for various projects in blockchain such as healthcare and
    the airline travel industry. Danish also has tons of experience raising money for
    businesses through dinner events, fundraisers, and conventions. His sales and
    communication expertise is greatly valued and his ability to adapt and succeed in new
    industries is unmatched.

    ● VP of Operations - Jeremy Tan
    Jeremy Tan graduated with a degree in Finance from USC. Jeremy has spent six
    years working in investment banking. Jeremy began exploring cryptocurrencies and
    mining in 2014. He is currently the CEO of Veritas Mining in Thailand which has been
    running for over a year. He is now a partner with eGold Mining as head of Operations
    which handles all aspects related to mining. Through his expertise and experience with
    crypto-mining and contacts with suppliers, he is a well-greased cog within the EGM
    mining machine.

    ● Accounting Advisor - M. Omair Khan
    M. Omair Khan has earned a degree in Accounting & Finance from Rutgers
    University. Omair is currently a corporate accountant for Bed, Bath & Beyond, a billion
    dollar company. Omair is more than pleased to provide his services to eGold Mining and
    is a believer in the future of blockchain technology.

    ● Financial Advisor - Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan has earned a degree in Accounting from Rutgers University. Kashif
    Khan has an unmatchable amount of experience in business and finance as he was the
    co-founder & CFO of a multi-million dollar IT company at the young age of 22. He
    founded the company on a $20,000 loan and turned it into millions. As time progressed,
    Kashif decided he wanted to dedicate his talents to a greater cause so he resigned as CFO
    from his company and accepted various positions at non-profit organizations that help
    children with disabilities and those with speech and hearing issues. Kashif was more than
    happy to advise on this project as he believes in the profitability of eGM’s business
    model and believes in the future of blockchain technology.
    ● Engineering Advisor - Edwin Christiaan Swijnenburg
    Edwin Christiaan is an Industrial Engineer who works in the fruit transport
    cooling industry. Edwin has worked on mining operations in the past and has built a
    complete mining facility in 2016 ranging from electrical, construction, cooling, and setup
    work. Edwin has a passion for the engineering side of mining which includes ASIC
    machines and cooling systems. Edwin believes he can build a more efficient and cheaper
    way to keep mining facilities cool and his years of expertise in the cooling industry
    makes him a great addition to the eGold Mining team.

    ● Product Advisor - Irfan Rashid
    Irfan Rashid is a proven, innovative and goal-oriented professional with over ten
    years of experience in Business and Technology across multiple sectors and industries to
    include eCommerce and Financial Services. His expertise is in designing intuitive and
    simple user interfaces for browser and app solutions, having mastered the concepts of
    interactive design, UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). His true passion lies in
    understanding his clients’ most complex business and technology needs in order to help
    plan, guide, and execute brand and product improvements. Irfan received his Bachelor of
    Science in Business Administration in Finance in 2007 from the University of Alabama
    Huntsville. He quickly married his financial background with Information Technology to
    implement solutions for his clients in the form of financial and payroll ERP tools. Some
    of his greatest professional accomplishments include leading the implementation of a
    new intranet site for a Big Four consulting firm with a global audience of over 23,000
    users, completing a total redesign of a leading Money Transfer provider’s web and
    mobile experience and capabilities for their online money transfer and bill payment
    offerings, and most recently managing the creation, delivery and adoption of a brand new
    product offering that allowed for the monitoring and reporting on player participation and
    coach certification in youth football across the United States. It is Irfan’s diverse
    experience and vast skill set that make him a very strong asset to the eGM Advisory
    ● Web Developer - Egor Ledovskikh





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