Coinxes (CXG) - Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange, connecting buyers and sellers.

  • Coinxes is a new cryptocurrency exchange bringing a horde of revolutionary solutions into the coin-trading industry. It supports the most diverse payment methods among its peers in the market and allows cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to trade and exchange crypto coins to and from their local currencies. The Coinxes exchange is safe, straightforward and fast. It has a unique escrow system that takes away the fear of loss of funds that most traders have come to associate with cryptocurrency trade in the P2P sphere. Coinxes plans to hold an ICO to offer is Coinxes Gold tokens (CXG) to the public. The funds raised through this exercise will go towards further developing the Coinxes exchange, deploying convenient trading aids such as a mobile app and securing every necessary licensing and compliance certificates. Individuals that shall buy CXG have a lot to gain. The innovative solutions that Coinxes provides, as such, will propel the exchange to the pole position in the cryptocurrency exchange industry in two years or less after the official launch. The platform seeks to solve the major problems that impede the smooth operations in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Importantly, it wants to tackle the issue of geographical barriers that remains a key pain point for investors. Many ICO projects do not attain their hard caps, and for reasons such as unavailability or inaccessibility of the tokens in the potential investors’ locales, language barriers and exorbitant charges. Coinxes plans to eliminate all or most of these barriers to investing in ICOs. Its platform will allow anyone to buy ICO tokens of their choice regardless of their location, language and preferred payment method. With a dedicated ERC20 tokens counter, ICOs can now list their tokens and anyone in the world can buy these as long as local laws allow. Importantly, the platform brings more convenience and safety in the P2P cryptocurrency trading industry. Its unique escrow arrangement protects both the seller and buyer ensuring that everyone can trade worry-free. Moreover, Coinxes does not store any funds on their platform so traders are not susceptible to losses occasioned by hacks. Lastly, Coinxes does not levy any charges for withdrawing from the platform. This feature substantially reduces the transaction costs associated with trading cryptocurrency. Essentially, Coinxes is addressing all the pitfalls of centralized cryptocurrency trading with just a single stroke. By effectively eliminating inefficiencies associated with confirmations times, inadequate security, insider trading, deceptive pricing and fore running, it is laying grounds for an effective free market trading, which under normal circumstances, should be the preferable mode of trading in cryptocurrency.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to create a platform where crypto traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without any restriction based on location, language, mode of payment and not being charged multiple times for deposit, trading and witdrawal.

    For ICO publisher to be able to sell there token/coin, in other to meet their Hardcap and not to worry able getting ICO investors.

    For ICO investors to be able to invest on any project they want without restrictions due to location, mode of payment and language.

    And For blackchain projects to be able to list their token or coin in an exchange where their token or coin can be exchange into fiat directly or any other cryptocurrency.

    Problems Plaguing the Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry in Brief 

    • Certain restrictions keep ICO tokens away from investors in certain locations.

     • Major centralized exchanges have all experienced hackings or hacking attempts at some point. As such, most users have little trust for these exchanges.

     • Major exchanges levy many charges on deposits and withdrawals. The levies spike the cost of exchanging crypto. 

    • All major cryptocurrency exchanges only operate in English as a few other major languages.

     • Exchanges have compromised their security because they store coins within their platforms. 

    Some exchanges that enforce geographic limitations do so not out of legal reasons only, rather, for convenience reasons as well. This means that individuals from certain geographic locations, as such, cannot transact at all in the exchanges that impose such limitations. In the thirdworld countries, for instance, major exchanges only allow individuals to send or receive funds but not to participate in trades of any kind. Since cryptocurrencies became a reality and a trade in them morphed into a huge international business, the security of cryptocurrency exchanges has been a critical issue. Most cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced attempted invasions or successful hackings of some kind. Whenever such attacks are successful, individuals lose a lot of money deposited in these exchanges. The few exchanges that allow individuals from every geographical location to trade freely, offer their services at a premium. Such an arrangement makes their services costly and bites into the capital that potential blockchain investors would rather pump into the various ventures they are interested in. Language is a major impediment to free trade in cryptocurrencies. Most major exchanges offer their services only in English and a handful other major languages. This approach locks out most would be investors. One key component of major centralized exchanges is their store of funds situated right in the midst of these platforms. Such huge amounts have invited mischief before with most exchanges suffering hacking incidents in the past. Besides, individuals that want to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum must go through an elaborate process before they can purchase the coins. And even when they manage to convert their fiat to crypto, converting surplus digital currency back to fiat after investing is just as complicated. Moreover, geographic limitation is another impediment that affects a sizeable proportion of potential cryptocurrency investors.

    Attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges by country. Image courtesy of Merehead

    The Solutions of an Elaborate Latter Day Exchange

    The Coinxes platform provides an innovative solution that solves a myriad of problems that individuals who want to invest in ICOs often experience. However, that is just a small bit of the platform’s intended use. The Coinxes exchange allows people from whatever location to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at prices that they negotiate independently without the platform’s input. 

    The Solutions in a Nutshell 

    • Eliminates restrictions to buying tokens so that anyone anywhere can invest in ICOs of their choice. This solution helps ICOs/STOs to attain their hard cap. 

    • Links buyers and sellers through an escrow system that ensures the safety of every party. 

    • Coinxes charges 1% on deposits; users here withdraw and trade for Free. This provision substantially reduces the costs associated with cryptocurrency exchange.

     • Coinxes brings you cryptocurrency trading in a language of your choosing. 

    • Coinxes does not keep funds on the platform so it is not susceptible to hacking. 

    Coinxes hopes to build the biggest possible community of crypto investors. It is building a platform that shall eliminate all geographical barriers that currently impede investment in cryptocurrencies. Another critical character of the platform is its design vis-à-vis the security of traders’ money. Coinxes offers an escrow service that protects both the cryptocurrency buyer and the seller. Importantly, users on Coinxes can exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat and vice-versa cheaply. The platform charges a flat deposit fee of 1% of the amount deposited; all other succeeding transactions (withdrawals and trading) are Free. Coinxes’ user friendly interface allows ICO backers to navigate the various functions using many languages. The platform supports more than 50 popular languages of the world and some 190 currencies making it the most convenient cryptocurrency platform online. The exchange does not store any money on its platform. Therefore, it is not susceptible to attacks of whatever kind.

    Even DDoS attacks cannot translate into loss of the platform users’ money. The platform goes over and above the ensuring security of information and wealth. The exchange supports the widest possible array of payment options and currencies. In addition, users can buy, sell, and invest in ICOs on the dedicated counter using local currencies. Cryptocurrency or ICO projects that appreciate the convenience of Coinxes can tap into this to increase their pool of potential ventures and reach their hard caps with incredible ease. By listing on Coinxes, such projects can have investors buying their token using their local currencies or the wide array of payment options on the platform. It is simple, straight, convenient, and cost-effective.

    Coinxes Platform

    The Product

    The Coinxes platform is a digital exchange like any other on the internet. It allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world. However, unlike your average exchange, it packs a lot more features meant to bridge the gaps experienced by users registered in its predecessors. For instance, Coinxes is fully decentralized, allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer (P2P) in a more secure environment compared to any of the existing exchanges.

    decentralized nature makes it safer from unauthorized platform accesses. Coinxes connects buyers to cryptocurrency sellers through an escrow system. The platform enables sellers to set a price and select any from among the many payment methods that Coinxes supports. When a buyer commits to buy crypto from a trader, the seller’s crypto are kept in the escrow and are released only after the seller has received the fund.

    How the Coinxes Platform Works

    Coinxes is a peer-to-peer digital exchange that connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. The sellers determine the preferred selling price as well as their convenient payment method.

    When a buyer initiates a trade and both the buyer and the seller negotiate and agree on the terms of the said trade, the parties use Coinxes escrow to finalize the transaction.

    Some of the payment methods that the Coinxes platform supports include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, online wallets such as PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, Payza, and Perfect Money as well as Western Union and WorldRemit, among many more.

    The Coinxes platform is designed to inspire confidence among traders, newbies and seasoned traders alike. Aside from the strict escrow system that helps buyers trade securely, users can pick their trade partners while relying on feedback system built around the transparent reviews that previous buyers leave.

    Features of the Coinxes Exchange

    Though new, Coinxes is quickly taking over as the go-to cryptocurrency exchange. It has great endearing features that create the convenience and efficiency that its users experience. These features are:

    It Supports Multiple Currencies 

    Where most exchanges only offer a handful of cryptocurrencies, Coinxes provides an opportunity for users to trade in multiple currencies. Some of the coins that the platform supports include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, and many more other digital currencies to be added after ICO. Traders on the platform have the convenience of using their local currencies, from their preferred payment methods, including their local bank accounts. Coinxes has a dedicated counter that lists ERC20 tokens of active and ongoing ICOs. ICO investors are now able to purchase tokens as easily as they would buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies on the Coinxes platform. Hopefully, a lot many ICOs will now attain their hard caps because of the platform widens the pool of potential ICO backers

    Easy to Use 

    The Coinxes platform is a userfriendly interface consisting of menus that are easily accessible. It easily navigable and anyone including an absolute newbie can create an account and undertake a transaction successfully. It supports a huge number of payment methods.

    Instantaneous Payment 

    Many cryptocurrency transactions take longer and this is because of a number of reasons. Congestion in a specific blockchain, for instance, can make payments that would otherwise take just moments to complete, to last as long as several days. On the Coinxes, however, that is not the case. Instead, transactions on this exchange are instant.

    Anonymous and Private 

    The Coinxes exchange has measures to help users to safeguard their identity. The P2P infrastructure allows users to conduct transactions anonymously. Buyers and sellers on Coinxes, as such, can afford considerably heightened security and privacy as opposed to what is available in other digital exchanges.

    Dedicated ERC20 Tokens Counter 

    True to its pursuit to make ICOs accessible to everyone, the Coinxes platform has a unique counter that lists ERC20 tokens from active and ongoing ICOs. This is an exclusive feature to Coinxes, never seen anywhere else online. Through the said counter, every active ICO can list their tokens and anyone that wants to back the said token can buy them directly from the Coinxes platform using whichever means they prefer including the CXG.

    The dedicated counter is the flagship project of the Coinxes platform. It spearheads the platform’s desire to ease the process of investing in ICOs. ICO projects should now have an easy time attaining their hard caps. Investors that want to buy ICO tokens can then scroll through the various offers, pick the token(s) of their choice and go ahead and make payments. It is easier buying tokens through the Coinxes platform since you do not have to go through the laborious process changing fiat to crypto before then depositing these to the ICO projects’ address.

    User Feedback and Dispute Resolution

     Coinxes wants to cultivate relevance and trust among its community of traders. Therefore, it has a user feedback feature that allows traders to leave sincere feedback after every trade. Users, as such, can look at a trader’s report and decide to trade based on the feedback. In case of a dispute, Coinxes shall hold on to the funds in escrow, and initiate a mediation process using additional documentation it will request from users. Upon a fair hearing of each case, the platform shall then settle the dispute based on the adduced evidence.

    Benefits of the Coinxes Exchange

    Secure Transactions

     When a buyer and a seller complete a trade on Coinxes, it undergoes a verification by peers on the platform before the money in Escrow is released to the trader. The arrangement acts as a guarantee that ensures that all parties to the trade end up with a secure transaction. Importantly, Coinxes does not hold any digital currencies on its platform. Traders and buyers alike should not worry about losing their funds due to hacking. 

    Users Can Deploy Trade Management 

    Users Can Deploy Trade Management In Coinxes, every user is in complete control of his or her transaction. You are free to set among other things, the volume of trade, the price of the cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell, and the preferred payment method.

    Simplified Investment Process in ICO Projects

     Since the ICO craze begun, the financial world and other segments of the world’s economy have collectively sunk in more than US$ 25 billion into various projects. In most of these ventures, the process of getting money in has been nothing short of a torturous exercise. First, you have to sign up to an exchange. Then, link up your bank account or provide credit/ debit card information to the exchange so that you can by either Bitcoin or Ether using Fiat, lastly, you have to transfer these cryptocurrencies to the address of the ICO project. In most instances, the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the nature of transactions in this coins has led to loses of many kinds. Coinxes has designed a process that not only makes the process of investing in ICOs fast but also simple, safe and secure.

    The Coinxes ICO and Token

    The Business Sense It is expected that the total cryptocurrency capitalization by January 2020 will be more than US$ 4.5 trillion. Such a huge figure points to an equally large amount of value in cryptocurrency exchanged every day. The daily volume is now fluxing around US$ 50 billion each day. The world is moving steadily towards solutions that the blockchain technology can offer. Such a transition means more cryptocurrencies will emerge as even more solutions appear. Certainly, such a trend will increase the amount of currency that exchanges clear each day. Already, the top ten exchange platforms are doing US$ 150,000,000 with even bigger prospects of increasing this turnover. Since Coinxes will include transactions from ICOs as well. Basing the calculation of income on the 1% the platform charges for deposits, the daily income for the Coinxes platform may surpass US$ 150,000 that exchanges are currently raking in.

    The ICO 

    The Coinxes platform will conduct an ICO during the Q1 of 2019. During this token generation exercise, the platform shall produce a total of 180,000,000 CXG. Of these, Coinxes shall reserve 19% (34,200,000 tokens) with the remaining distributed to the public during a presale, private sale session and three phases of the public sale.

    Token Distribution 

    The Coinxes ICO will set aside 10% of the tokens, which it shall divide amongst its core founders (6%) and advisors (4%). Marketing campaigns shall consume another 6% (10,800,000 tokens). These tokens shall be spent on the airdrop and bounty campaigns. The table below presents a diagrammatic breakdown of the token distribution. During the Pre-sale, Coinxes sets to distribute 18,900,000 tokens, which is 13.6% of the total tokens available. The private sale will make available 15,570,000 tokens. Which is 8.65% of the available tokens.

    Project Milestones

    Soft Cap - $1m
    • Licencing
    • First stage of Marketing
    • Second stage of marketing
    • IT facilities and staff training
    • AML and Compliance
    • Legal Cost
    • Third stage of Marketing
    • Further Development of the Exchange
    • Fourth Stage of Marketing
    • Developing a mobile trading app
    • Fifth Stage of Marketing
    Hard Cap - $21.6m
    • Contingency
    • Marketing







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