AskCoin A real-time Q&A (Question and Answer) platform based on blockchain technology

  • Overview

    With the rapid development of the times of Internet information, the ways people
    get knowledge and information are increasingly diversified and convenient; in real
    life, when we have doubts and hence need help from other people, you’ll find, in most
    of the time, that people around you actually cannot timely answer your
    confusions/doubts, hence we’ll divert our attention to the Internet - the biggest open
    information platform - to seek help. Blogs, microblogs and all sorts of online forums
    are all good places where perception, knowledge and emotion can be exchanged
    among people; also, various group chat software/apps that exist can bring us
    experience of nearly real-time communication. In using the above various
    communication tools, however, we’ve also detected some problems:
     Such ways of communication as blog, microblog and forum are not
    completely real-time because the posters have to wait for quite a long time before
    they get replies from other people.  Group chat tools can bring us experience of nearly real-time communication, but group chat is after all not a separate discussion tailored to a question raised
    by someone but filled with miscellaneous chats that can easily drown the
    messages of those who need help and answers to their doubts.  People lack motivation and enthusiasm to participate in and reply the
    questions and doubts of other people. The emergence of the blockchain technology brings us new ways of thinking, new
    economic models and brand-new definitions of “value”. In response to the foregoing
    phenomena and in combination with the advantages of the blockchain technology, the

    AskCoin Project comes into being. After a lot of research and thinking, we think POW
    is the only algorithm for public chain, we have developed a new POW algorithm:
    SHA256-AR (asic-resistant) which is really asic-resistant. AskCoin itself is a kind of cryptocurrency embedded in the system that drives the
    whole Q&A platform, and it stands for value too. As long as you are willing to help
    others answer their doubts, the askers’ll reward you; also, you may only reward
    certain replies that satisfy you separately, this is an innovation of AskCoin. 

    Technological Framework

    The front-end App of AskCoin, based on the React Native component of Facebook, supports both iOS and Android at the same time. The back-end full-node, developed
    using system-level language C++ and based on the open-source Fly network engine
    library (, realize high-performance functions such as
    distributional network verification, block generation, packaging, broadcasting etc., the technologies stack diagram is set out below:

    Sketch of AskCoin technologies stack

    The logical framework mainly comprises network, consensus algorithm and data
    storage, jointly forming the foundation of AskCoin. The mechanism of websocket-based two-way communication between the

    . Size of issue
    The total amount of AskCoin is 1000 billion coins, 500 billion will be generated
    by miner, and the other 500 billion is in the hand of creator, for development, maintenance, and promotion. Such total is due to the reward-type nature of the AskCoin Q&A platform: it’s
    undesirable to appear decimals in a reward amount, this requires that the value of a
    single Askcoin is low enough. Block time: 20 sec
    Block Reward: 5000 ASK


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