Titancore (TICO) ICO (AIRDROP) - An All-In-One Crypto Ecosystem Providing a Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Exchange and Mobile Wallet 2.0

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    TITANCORE represents the necessary maturation of the cryptocurrency sector
    by providing a low-fee, multi-asset, fully compliant exchange platform and
    mobile wallet.

    Titancore ecosystem

    Titancore is not only a place to trade cryptocurrencies it is a place to store
    cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies safe and exchange them whenever the
    costumer wants. We want to implement Protection against DDoS attacks(1), full
    data encryption and full compliant with PCI DSS standards(2).
    Our ecosystem consists of a Trading Exchange, Mobile wallet and the utility
    token TICO and our users and partners.

    Features of the Titancore ecosystem

    Trading Exchange

    •  Very low fee´s
    •  Exchange mobile app
    •  100% secure cold wallet connection
    •  Professional tools and chart provided
    •  Multi-tier & multi-cluster system

    Titancore Utility Token TICO

    •  To be used as the utility token within the Titancore ecosystem
    •  TICO Tokens that will be easily transacted within the global crypto ecosystem and in future multiple exchanges
    •  Every quarter, Titancore will use 20% of our profits to buy back TICO and destroy them

    Mobil Cryptocurrency Wallet

    •  Crypto to Fiat withdrawal
    •  Direct Fiat to crypto transaction
    •  Integration of USD, GPB, EUR
    •  Crypto transactions through Mobile App
    • Global Acceptance
    •  Mobile mining of TICO

    Token Ownership

    250 shares are available to purchase before the ICO begins. Each share has
    100,000 (one hundred thousand) tokens. One may purchase more than 1 share
    but is limited to a maximum of 10 shares. Each share costs 100 USD.
    Those who are buying shares are becoming co-owners of the Titancore
    ecosystem and are qualified to a higher quarterly dividend.

    Token growth factors

    These are the main factors that spur the tokens growth:
    1. The rise in price of cryptos
    2. Growing demand of save trading
    3. Increase of the user of our ecosystem
    4. Active development of exchange and mobile app
    5. Demand for TICO tokens

    ICO Rounds

    See our website for information about the ICO rounds.

    Historical Data

    The current marketcap of crypto currencies is over USD 400 Billion. According to
    tokenmarketcap, there are currently over 1400 crypto currencies. This list does
    not include several thousand tokens that are not listed in exchanges or in very
    small exchanges, dead crypto currencies where the owners had abandoned the
    tokens or other unknown reasons.
    The crypto currency market cap has increased from USD 18 Billion to over USD
    476 Billion, an increase of over 2600% in just one year.
    Most ICOs (Initial Token Offering) in recent times are well planned scams where
    common people are made to believe they are buying into the next big thing but
    are being scammed. Since 2016, ICOs have become lot more popular. An online
    stat shows 46 ICOs were completed in 2016. The year 2017 can be called as the
    year of ICOs as 235 ICOs were successfully completed. This figure is from
    recorded data. There were ICOs which may not have been recorded.


    All participants in the Private sale, PreICO, ICO will be qualified to receive
    quarterly dividends in USD and/or TICO tokens.


    Q1 2019

    Softcap - TICO Token creation - Development of Titancore Exchange

    Q2 - 2019

    - Development Titancore Mobile wallet - Implementation of Major Payment Processors - ICO begins

    Q3 2019

    - Alpha/Beta Test of Titancore Exchange

    Q4 2019

    - Alpha/Beta Test Titancore Mobile Wallet - Release Titancore Exchange

    Q4 2019

    - Implementation of Security Features

    Q1 2020

    - Release Titancore Mobile Wallet







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