Matchpool - How to Earn Guppies as a Pool Member

  • How users can earn Guppies through Matchpool’s blockchain economy.


    Connecting with friends is fun, but what if I you could get paid to do it? With Matchpool, you can! Matchpool offers users an entirely new opportunity to earn money while staying connected. From orchestrating successful matches within pools and, developing engaging content that encourages your pool members to upvote, to advertising services and products using the pinned messages feature, Matchpool enables each and everyordinary users to connect and profit in a revolutionary way.

    How to profit as a Matchpool user

    1) By orchestrating successful matches

    Matchmaking is at the core of the Matchpool platform. Users withho have a keen eye for identifying potential matches can generate enormous profit, and since the world of matchmaking stretches far beyond pairing potential dating partner, the possibilities for earning by matching arejust dating, and is virtually limitless. Orchestrating successful matches is a skill users can develop by matching users by experimenting with matching using different sets of criteria. For example,: mMatching users based upon profile information, according to the types of pools two users are both members of, or in light ofby users who have many mutual pools or many common saved interests in common. As such, mMatchmaking on Matchpool is not only fun, it’s financially rewarding.

    2) By receiving upvotes for compelling content

    Creating and deploying interesting and compelling content has always been in high demand, but rarely does it get rewarded. With Matchpool, users who create compelling and interesting posts can potentially to receive upvotes from other pool members as a form of acknowledgment for their great content. Matchpool’s upvoting system acts as a win-win for everyone; communities benefit from interesting content and the creators of said content enjoy being rewarded for it.

    3) By advertising using pinned messages

    The world of digital advertising is massive and Matchpool users can leverage the size and scope of this market to profit. Any user can join pools and negotiate with pool owners to advertise on their websites. Pinned messages are one of Matchpool newest features and users who can capitalize on their utility early will reap the greatest benefits.


    Matchpool offers users more than just a groundbreaking social experience. Each and every ordinary users can earn by leveraging Matchpool’s suite of matchmaking and posting tools. Guppy, the ERC-20 token that operates as currency within Matchpool’s blockchain economy, is the monetary reward for several functions on the Matchpool platform, including: rewards from upvotes for compelling content and the orchestration of successful matches. Users can also profit by advertising for a product or service using the pinned messages feature. Overall, Matchpool offers users the ability to connect with the world, while also allowing them to make a few dollars on the side.

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