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  • Introduction

    The penetration of digital’a into all segments and spheres of business sets more and more tasks to optimize the process, which leads to full or partial automation of the process. One of the global business process automation solutions is by right the CRM system.

    The CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) is a business software, intended for automation of customer interactions.

    In most cases it is used to increase sales, for marketing optimization, to improve customer service, as it preserves the history of interaction between the customer and the enterprise. As a result the system forms the basis of the analytical information about the amount of sales, the average check, the behavior and desires of the customer and so on. Thus the implementation of the automated CRM system will help to identify all weak points in the work with clients and to minimize sales department faults.

    Why do we need the CRM system?

    • For managed sales growth. It is difficult to achieve full control when the amount of sales is large. The integration of the CRM system is the quickest and the most available way.
    • You need it to protect your business from the human factor. All the information about working with clients is in a database, which belongs to your company. And the presence of a client is a merit of your company.
    • Optimization of labor costs for the introduction of a new employee in the course of business. This will help: regulations, general knowledge base, standardized procedures, a unified information database about all customers and work with them.
    • Definition, calculation and promotion of each employee. This system allows you to view online the planned work and the work which is really done by each employee. You can see which of the workers is overloaded and under loaded. In personnel management the administration will rely only on facts and figures. It can help to form a very qualitative and profitable sales department, where the most resultative specialists work.
    • To evaluate each customer’s consumer potential. The CRM system is an instrument that will allow to segment the customer base and to focus on work with the most prospective buyers.
    • The formation of various analytical reports on existing customers, which will help the marketing department to interact more effectively with potential ones.
    • All the necessary information will always be in one place: information about the number of calls, the number of meetings, about the signed documents and about the person who signed them. You will know exactly how much time and how many resources your company has spent to complete the shipment of goods. It will help to plan the necessary resources correctly in order to increase sales.

    With this organization of the sales process your managers will be engaged directly in sales, not in operational routine. Sales will take not 30, but 60 percent of their working time. The number of lost clients will also significantly decrease and the number of repeated sales will increase.

    The chief will understand clearly:

    • at what stage deals break down more often;
    • where the weak points in the sales process are;
    • how to improve the work of the sales department, making only the necessary effort.

    If you realize that the present system of work with clients is inefficient and hinders the development of the company – it’s time to make a step forward. Stop working blindly. Implement the automated CRM system and manage the increase in sales efficiently.

    There are different kinds of systems on the market with various options and features, but they have similar ideas of order and system. Even if your company is not big and the number of employees is small, this system will help you to adjust all processes and to keep them in one repository available to all employees according to their access level. The CRM system is suitable both for big and small companies. In fact the system can be individually adjusted according to the specifics and needs of a particular client. But before you choose the system of a certain production, you should first of all remember about the security of the platform, as you will keep there a lot of information such as client database, information on deals and so on. That’s why the best decision today is to use the CRM system based on blockchain technology. This technology will provide maximum protection of your information and only you will have the right to manage it.

    Situation on the CRM market

    Business today is developing very quickly. Those companies that are quick to adopt new technologies stand out from the rest. But consumers have become very fastidious because of the excessive supply. The satisfaction of these requests requires a lot of experience working with customers at all stages. This attracts special attention to the joint development of systems – automation, artificial intelligence, BigData and analytics.

    Having studied several innovative solutions for CRM systems, it is possible to highlight 5 most important the implementation of which will not take long to wait.

    1. The use of artificial intelligence in the system to automate the processes.

    Manual labour and ineffective business processes are not what you need for dynamically developing business. In the nearest future CRM systems will configure automatically the process of work to improve efficiency.

    For example, by examining the repetitive usage patterns CRM systems together with artificial intelligence will set up the system to minimize manual work, to create automatic actions or to reconfigure the interface. In simple terms the system will study routine processes that take place every day and will create a template process or a macro of the action that will be offered to the manager.

    2. The use of chat bots and the distribution of incoming requests.

    The most obvious sign of the presence of artificial intelligence is chat bots in popular messengers or online chats on websites. This decision will allow not only to solve the problem of a customer without manager’s help, but also to send the customer’s request to the appropriate department. Some chats work not only in written but also in voice mode. All messages are fixed in the CRM system and it allows adjusting the work of chat bots immediately, making them cleverer and more professional.

    3. The automatic data entry and follow up actions.

    The CRM system will handle and fill the incoming client’s data and a manager will not waste time on such work as searching for a customer in the database, filling in his profile and so on. In the nearest future it will be enough to enter the contractor and his order. Then The system will find all the necessary information in the history and the manager will have an opportunity to work with another customer at this time. The sales manager will focus only on sales. The artificial intelligence integrated into the CRM system will help him in routine tasks.

    4. Personalization.

    The needs of each customer are individual. And finally there is a solution of delivery ways of the trading order in the form of channels: landing pages, remarketing, targeting advertising and others. You can respond to a customer’s search query individually, simply giving an answer to the customer’s question based on his search query. Dynamic ads and landing pages are just the beginning. In future it won’t be necessary to look for the answer to the customer’s question at the pages of hundreds of sites. It means that a customer will immediately get the answer on a dynamic landing page, which is formed according to the request, region, language and interests of a customer.

    5. IoT integration.

    CRM systems will be able to recognize the signals of cars, phones and other gadgets to create a clearer picture for a customer. If everything is adjusted correctly the integration of IoT data into context-dependent sales process, marketing, delivery and service can offer innumerable opportunities to personalize an individual customer’s experience. Connected devices and IoT will soon appear as the main signal generators – this will provide a more accurate view of the customer than talking to him. And the CRM system itself will capture and combine this data into a dynamic, automated, operational customer’s profile.

    There are thousands of CRM systems on the market including those that can be purchased from the developer company. But there are also private systems developed for an exact company. Now let’s consider only commercial systems. Here is the list of the most popular CRM systems in the European and CIS markets:

    1. Salesforce – an American company, the developer of the same name system, which is provided to customers exclusively according to SaaS models. The company provides PaaS platform called Force.com for self-development of applications, and under Database.com brand it provides a cloud database management system.

    2. Terrasoft / bpm.online is a CRM system that covers the main areas of customer relationship management and organization of internal processes of the company. The application has a client-server architecture, supports two licensing schemes – named and concurrent licenses purchased for lifetime use. According to IDC reports in 2010 Terrasoft ranks 3rd on the Russian market of CRM systems. Within 3 years Terrasoft was recognized by an independent CRM online portal as the best system developed in Russia and CIS.

    3. Bitrix is a cloud service for teamwork that includes a customer relationship management system (CRM), a web portal, a chat and a task manager. Connection of external telephony providers, mail customer, face and business cards recognition system are also possible. The developer and provider is a Russian company 1C-Bitrix. The servers of Amazon and many other servers of different countries are use in the work of this cloud customer service. For corporate customers there is a “box” version – “Bitrix 24” that doesn’t use remote cloud-based servers.

    4. amoCRM is a SaaS project, a classical start-up, successful and demanded on the market. amoCRM is an online customer and sales accounting system for the sales department. This CRM system is simple and convenient. It is a database of customers, companies and transactions that contains all the information about each customer, active negotiations, current contracts and future transactions. The sales funnel can be built according to any criteria – according to the number of transactions or money, the whole department or individual managers and so on. Besides, the system builds sales forecasts based on previously collected statistics and on current situation.

    5. Dynamic 365 is a system that combines ERP and CRM in a cloud. It was developed by Microsoft to provide maximum flexibility and expansion. Dynamic 365 will be the starting point for organizations. It may not be the ideal solution for your business from the first day. But once you start using it, you will adjust it according to your needs with the help of Microsoft AppStore (Microsoft business app marketplace by analogy with Apple App store and Google play).

    6. Hubspot is a service that covers all areas of Internet marketing, including blogs, social networks, SEO, content management and landing pages. The system also offers a wide range of e-mail marketing automation functions. Sales tools include the CRM, lead and e-mail management. Moreover Hubspot offers analytics, mobile apps and a wide range of integrations with third-party services.

    7. Freshsales is a CRM for sales department. It supports mail, telephony, leading, tracks user’s behavior and much more.

    8. Zoho CRM is a system that has a lot of functions. It gives an idea of sales, marketing, customer support.Data is stored in a secure storage, like in any bank. at the moment Zoho CRM has more than 250 thousand users and their number is constantly growing. Zoho CRM offers organizations with customer relationships product lifecycle management solutions. The service provides management tools for the entire sales process, marketing, customer and service support, inventory management combining these models into a single business system.

    5 main spheres that use CRM

    29% – sales 21%- services 17% – IT and telecommunication 10% – industry 7% – transport

    The demand for CRM systems is growing every day. Almost every start-up or new business uses it from the first day. Here is the schedule of popularity growth of CRM systems in comparison with the classical approach to business organization.

    In fact, the supply of CRM systems is higher than the demand. That’s why producers make concessions providing an opportunity to work with the system for free, so that you can understand if it is suitable for your business. These systems become very flexible and can be used in business of any size and sphere. This is a positive factor because the availability of CRM will keep in order the entire document flow of the company. It will also help to understand a customer better and make him the right commercial offer. The price is from 0 to 20 per employee.

    CRM systems develop successfully and bring changes in business, helping it to work more efficient and effective. A solution that will satisfy business owner can be found for each type of enterprise and for each segment. With such competition the user can choose the best seller and supplier. CRM systems provide equal conditions to all companies and the user can choose what he likes. Such revolutions change the market and business in general.

    Information about the project

    Customer Relationship Management System – CRM system – is a software for organizations designed to automate interaction strategies with customers. In particular, to increase sales, for marketing optimization, to improve customer service by storing information. Here are the main opportunities that the average CRM system has.

    1. Collection and storage of contacts and additional information on them

    2. Sales function (recording, implementation)

    3. Planning customer interactions

    4. Customer interaction automation

    5. Implementation of marketing activities

    6. Work with goods, balance understanding, price relevance

    7. Analytics, that is gathering and generating reports on all customer data, turnover, manager activity.

    8. Integration – possibility to integrate for interaction CRM and other systems, such as website, 1c accounting Department, logistics and other.

    Some systems offer a wider range of applications, which depends on the focus of a particular system on a particular segment of business (for example – Retail CRM – for internet sales).

    Our CRM system offers the same basic functions. But it differs from other systems by the level of security. Security is the main concern of any company that works with CRM, because the system is integrated into all business tools, beginning with operating activities of managers to logistics for the delivery of goods to a customer. Information loss or leakage or even hacking the system will have extremely serious consequences for the organization, from reduction or loss of income to complete business closure. Only in 2017 all Russian companies suffered losses of more than 100 billion rubles from the actions of hackers.

    Losses of Russian companies from cyber attacks

    A lot of business systems are now integrated, it means that mail, accounting, CRM, the site can be connected to each other. It means that if a single tool is hacked, a hacker can have an access to all the rest.

    But there is a way out of this situation, that with the same integration and automation will provide you with the highest degree of security.

    Our product works on the basis of blockchain. Blockchain is a continuous, sequential chain of blocks containing information (linked list), which is built according to certain rules. Commonly copies of block chains are stored on many different computers independently of each other.

    As you can see from the scheme of the blockchain algorithm, data cannot be changed or stolen because it is recorded to the block chain, which works in thousands of computers around the world. Thus, your information is stored on each of these computers. If you delete or change data on one of them, this transaction will not be supported by other devices, so the process will be blocked.

    The aim of the project is to make your business as safe and innovative as possible. Full security ensures the storage of all data on the block chain. In its kind it is the first cloud-based CRM, which has such features as ability to interact with customers, to automate work and to obtain analytical information. The system will help to optimize and organize all important business processes.

    The system is not free. To use the system you must use our own crypto coin – Voucher Coin, which is an analogue of Bitcoin. It means that you can not only buy this coin, but also mine it. Voucher Coin (VCO) works by analogy with PoW with a reward for a block of 50 coins VCO.

    As a result the CrM system has not only a high level of security, but also payment in the cryptocurrency. This means that payments will be fast and profitable for users of this system.

    Information about Voucher Coin (VCO)

    Bitcoin (BTC) is an electronic payment system, which circulate virtual money (bitcoins). Are we accustomed to plastic cads Visa and MasterCard? Both Visa and MasterCard are also electronic payment systems. However they use currency to which we are accustomed – dollars, Euro, rubles and all transactions pass bank processing. Such currencies are called phiatic. The Bitcoin system uses crypto currency. It is a digital currency, which is not linked to any world bank or economy of any country. It has its value, its rate, which is formed against the background of demand.

    Key features of Bitcoin

    The whole system is decentralized. This means that Bitcoin is not regulated by any bank, agency or government entity. All network members are absolutely equal regardless of nationality or other characteristics. For example, Visa and MasterCard have Gold, Platinum and Vip cards; such systems as Webmoney or QIWI have user levels. There are limits to the size of transactions. And in the Bitcoin system all are equal and there are no limits.

    Pseudo-anonymity. Participants do not reveal their identity transferring to Bitcoin. For transactions the address is used without disclosing other recipient and sender data. Remember transfers between cards and other payment systems. Transactions often reveal the name of a person or the name of the organization.

    Irreversibility. All transactions in Bitcoin are irreversible. They cannot be cancelled or stopped or blocked. Theoretically, a complete rollback of the system is possible. It is extremely difficult to implement this in practice.

    Security. Bitcoin wallet cannot be hacked. All data is stored in a special file and you are the only person who has an access to it. It is impossible to intercept the data during the transaction, as it happens in the bank system. Bitcoin uses cryptographic records – the data is encrypted, this guarantees the confidentiality and security.

    Direct nature of operations. Bitcoin transfers are made directly between participants – P2P (peer to peer) principle is used. The transaction takes place without the participation of a third party – without a bank or a processing center or a server. That’s why no one but its participants will be able to track the operation in Bitcoin.

    Mining. There is an independent way of BTC mining, which many consider as earnings. Thanks to the desire to get rich with Bitcoin, a whole mining industry was built. With the advent of new cryptocurrencies more and more technologies that make mining more efficient appear.

    Bitcoin works on the basis of blockchain. It is a peer to peer network, which has only a sender and a receiver. The system works on the PoW (proof of work) principle. It means that all the necessary computing power is taken from the miners who receive Bitcoins as a reward for their work.

    Voucher Coin (VCO) is a new generation bitcoin. Bitcoin entry threshold is extremely high, no wonder it is the most expensive cryptocurrency today. The high cost of Bitcoin is not only in its value, but also in the ability to mine it. Every day Bitcoin becomes more expensive to mine. VCO is the same Bitcoin, but in a new version. It works on a better and more modern algorithm. Transactions are faster for those who plan to make purchases or send and receive payments in cryptocurrency. And you don’t need to buy expensive and inefficient equipment for mining, as the power of the average computer will be enough. Voucher Coin is an affordable answer to Bitcoin. It is a chance to invest in cryptocurrency at an affordable price, whether its purchase or mining.

    Voucher Coin and CRM Technologies

    A decentralized system is used to ensure reliability and security. Here the necessary data of users of the cloud CRM system will be recorded. Only VCO cryptocurrency is used to pay for the service.

    Voucher Coin Characteristics

    Advantages of VCO cryptocurrency

    1. Transparency. For the development of the currency the open code from Bitcoin was used, but it was modified by using a new Scrypt algorithm.

    2. Reliability. This cryptocurrency, unlike Bitcoin, is less volatile. This makes it stable and predictable.

    3. Security. Through the use of block chain all information will be stored in a safe place and only the owner will have an access to it.

    4. Usability. Public and private network platform support

    Voucher Coin and Bitcoin have a lot in common in technical terms. But against the background of instability, high volatility and the expensive barrier of entry to Bitcoin mining, VCO looks more attractive. VCO has a more accessible entry bar, greater growth prospects and mining, available on a low-cost PC. Block rewards also look very attractive. Why was the “Voucher” name chosen for this currency? “Voucher” means a written certificate, a receipt, a document confirming the receipt of goods, discounts for goods or services. This description is perfect for the idea of the product, since Voucher Coin can be used as follows:

    • to pay cloud CRM rates based on blockchain technology;
    • to get a discount for paying for CRM services;
    • voucher entitles to individual bonuses, promotions and airdrop;
    • ability to mine cryptocurrency;
    • cryptocurrency as an investment.

    Thus, Voucher Coin can be considered a kind of reincarnation of the idea of Bitcoin, but it is more available. The technologies that are used in the basis of this cryptocurrency are tested by time and millions of people. The development team too into consideration all the drawbacks and created Voucher Coin available to everybody.

    Commercial part of the project

    The use of the cloud CRM system based on blockchain technology is paid. Voucher Coin (VCO) is used for payment. Also VCO token holders will be able to get a discount on the use of the platform, pay for services and earn. This is possible through mining, trading and investment. The token will soon be available for trading on the most popular exchanges. The total number of coins is 18 000 000.

    The distribution of Voucher Coin (VCO)

    • 83,4% of the total VCO is available for mining;
    • 12,5% VCO will be available at public auction, where everyone will be able to invest in cryptocurrency;
    • 4,1% VCO will go to the development of the product and to the marketing team.

    As you see, most of the cryptocurrency goes for mining and for public sale. There are no secret fees and charges. This makes the project open, honest and promising.

    Development Plan

    The team that works on the cloud CRM based on blockchain technology has not only a plan for the development, but also the history of work. Specialists work more than 3 years introducing new opportunities for product improvement, making it more innovative. The development of the product and its capabilities are just the beginning. There are a lot of creative ideas ahead.

    May 2015 The implementation of the blockchain technology It was decided to make a CRM system based on blockchain technology to ensure the reliability and security of the platform.

    March 2016 The registration of the company and of the product in France For a greater expansion of the market it was decided to register the product in France. This will allow to popularize the solution on the Western market.

    September 2017 The creation of the technical part of the service product The team identified the technical model of the platform and also developed a user-friendly product interface.

    December 2017 The creation of Voucher Coin This month the team tested the work of VCO and launched the first node of Voucher Coin.

    January 2018 The development of Voucher Coin wallets Wallets were developed for different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. That allows conducting operations with cryptocurrency without restrictions.

    April 2018 The development and launch of marketing for the platform A marketing strategy for the system and cryptocurrency was developed. The product promotion started.

    May 2018 The start of sales Fundraising for the development of the platform began. A project of Voucher Coin withdrawal to cryptocurrency exchanges was developed.

    June 2018 The wallet for MacOS A version of the wallet for the MacOS platform was developed. It is already available for download.

    September 2018 The output of the cryptocurrency on the exchange Voucher Coin will be withdrawn to the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

    November 2018 iOS and Android applications Voucher Coin application for wallet management in iOS and Android platforms will be developed.

    December 2018 Cloud CRM on the basis of blockchain technology The development of the first cloud CRM based on blockchain technology will be completed.

    The project team

    The basis of the project is the team that works hard on it and looks for ways of improving the product. The main members of the Voucher Coin team are really creative and resourceful people.

    Aleksandr Lyashenko CEO, the founder He has been working in the B2B segment for more than 15 years and understands all the processes. Seeing the shortcomings he decided to create a tool that will level them. He is a crypto investor and believes that the blockchain technology will change the world.
    Vadim Sukhorukov CTO He has been working in the IT sphere for more than 5 years. He brought to the market a large number of business solutions. He is a crypto enthusiast and an investor.
    Vadim Kovalchuk CMO He has been working in the IT sphere for more than 5 years as a marketing manager. During this time he brought to the market several products. He examines the market and crypto industry investments.
    Aleksandr Kovriga Advisor He works on top positions in European companies for a long period of time and understands all the processes and algorithms in big business. Now he is a commercial Director in a large company in France. He sees in practice how organizations that do not keep up with business innovations fail.

    This is the core of our project team. If you want to join our friendly and creative team, please contact us by e-mail.

    The appeal of the team to investors

    Cloud CRM is not only the first CRM system based on blockchain technology. It is a complex of tools that will help business to optimize its processes leaving the routine work for the platform, thereby focusing employees on the work on the result. The idea is to remove all unnecessary, that makes 80% of your time and your employees’ time. We created a new, completely safe and protected product based on our experience. This product will help to bring your business to a new level.

    And you do not need to worry about your money and about course jumps – just invest in Voucher Coin. Pay VCO for your CRM system or trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

    With our offer not only your business but also your savings will grow. It is a chance to get bitcoin version 2.0, faster and more affordable.

    That’s why cloud CRM together with Voucher Coin is the best and innovative decision on the market, which has no analogues. Have time to become one of the earliest investors and get additional benefit from it.

    Wallet download:





    Mining Pool:

    Official pool :http://pool.voucher-co.in


    Mining config:

    -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.youcrazy.me:3433 -u YourWalletAddress -p c=VCO







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