Orvium (ORV) Open and Transparent Science Powered by Blockchain

  • The first open source and decentralized platform 
    for managing peer review scholarly publications’ 
    life cycles and the associated data

    Problem Overview 

    The scientific publishing industry is one of the most profitable in the world. The top 
    five publishers account for 50% to 70% of all publications, and their profit margins 
    have been reported to exceed those of companies such as Google, Amazon and 
    Apple. In 2015, the global market for scientific, technical, and medical (STM) 
    publications was an estimated $25 billion. 
    In contrast to any other publishing industry, private scientific publishers have pushed 
    the publication efforts and costs to the research community. Scientific publishers 
    have created an awkward triple-pay system: (1) governments fund most of the 
    research, (2) volunteer scientists—usually paid by the government or research 
    institutes—review the work, and (3) publishers sell the product back to governmental 
    institutions and universities. Scientists and research institutions regularly criticize this 
    outrageous economic model, which compromises the dissemination and growth of 
    scientific knowledge, a process responsible for some of the most revolutionary 
    changes in human history. 
    Moreover, the current publication model has several problems affecting the research 
    community, including high publication costs; copyrights held by publishers rather 
    than authors; long, opaque and oftentimes biased publication and peer review 
    process; lack of rewards and recognition for reviewers; and a proliferation of low￾quality journals. 
    In the last few decades, several initiatives have tried to improve this situation. 
    However, these initiatives have been insufficient to reverse market inefficiencies and 

    Orvium Mission 

    Orvium works to eliminate market inefficiencies and improve the quality and 
    effectiveness of scientific publishing. The ultimate objective is for Orvium to be the 
    leading publication platform for the research community while returning the benefits 
    of science to the society. 

    Orvium Solution 

    Orvium leverages a unique and seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies: 
    Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, decentralized storage solutions, big data 
    analytics, and cloud computing, to create a platform to process, validate, and 
    disseminate research data and results. 
    The Orvium platform is characterized by the following: 
    • Instantaneous proof-of-existence. Manuscripts are available from the moment 
    they are submitted to Orvium. 
    • Copyright and licenses are owned and transferable by authors. Authors retain 
    control of their work and its potential economic benefits. 
    • Optimal publication and access costs. The prices are not influenced by 
    monopolistic or oligopolistic market structures. 
    • Efficient framework to create decentralized journals with low maintenance and 
    operational costs. 
    • Seamless integration between research data and results. 
    • Continuous and transparent peer reviews. The research community is 
    empowered to publicly determine the validity and soundness of the research. 
    • Public recognition and economic reward for peer reviewers. 
    • Journal subscription freedom. No journal subscription model is enforced. 
    • Accommodates gray literature and its validation. 
    • Transparent calculation of quality metrics such as impact factor and peer review 
    • Eliminates current “predatory” practices and conflicts regarding plagiarism, idea 
    ownership and registration. 
    • Social platform. 
    In addition, Orvium is founded on open source principles, therefore all the software 
    developed by Orvium is, and always will be, open source. 

    Business Model and Orvium Token (ORV) 

    Orvium establishes a transparent, comprehensive and competitive business model 
    to obtain and increase revenue while supporting global research. Orvium’s business 
    model is built on the Orvium token (ORV), a new digital cryptocurrency created 
    specifically for the platform. 
    The different phases of a manuscripts’ and journals’ life cycles, such as manuscript 
    submission, peer review, payments for copyright licenses, research data sharing, 
    journal management, etc., will generate exchanges of ORV between institutions, 
    authors, peer reviewers, journal owners, readers and any social actor involved. This 

    decentralization will unlock the full potential of a new, fair, transparent and 
    competitive market controlled by the entire community, free of biased oligopolies 
    and hidden interests.

    Website https://orvium.io

    GitHub https://www.github.com/orvium/

    Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Orviu...

    Twitter https://twitter.com/orvium

    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/orviu...

    Blog https://medium.com/@orvium

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