(ICO) aassio (AAS) A blockchain technology based platform providing effortless access to the real estate market to buy, sell and hold real estate in cryptocurrencies

  • We Want to Create a Better Life with Real Estate

    We strongly believe that blockchain will fundamentally change the way people own and trade real estate.

    In the future, everyone could be an owner of real estate, everyone could benefit from investing, holding and trading real estate in token form.

    aassio is a blockchain technology based platform providing effortless access to the real estate market to buy, sell and hold real estate in cryptocurrencies from the convenience of your own home or office. Real estate investment has never been easier or more accessible!

    Real estate investment has been a preserve of the wealthy, a club for high net worth individuals who had no concerns with financial liquidity. Due to the high capital cost of acquisition, slow sales time to find the perfect buyer, and fluxing market value, property is the least liquid asset class. This problem is now a worry of the past –aassio, making the real estate investment market open to everyone!

    aassioECO is an ecosystem uniting property owners, investors and crypto traders into one smooth functioning closed loop system. The technological core of aassioECO, blockchain technologies and smart-contracts, dramatically increase transaction speed, enhance security and eliminate agents, brokers and lawyers.

    Current real estate investment problems

    Real estate owners

    • Can’t convert the property into cash quickly.
    • Need to get bank loans to buy more real estate.


    • Must have a €100 000 or more to invest in real estate.
    • Can’t distribute their investments as they wish.

    Crypto traders

    • Do not have access to an exchange specializing in real estate.

    aassioECO has three elements solving these problems


    Licensed crypto-exchange focusing on real estate market. You can trade tokens protected by blockchain technology and have the best possible trade conditions.


    Real estate tokenization (RET) platform. Here you can kickstart a mini-ICO for your property and benefit from super liquid crypto.


    The infrastructure of the Future Living society — where everyone can invest equitably and become financially successful and independent.

    Blockchain system

    aassio tokens are based on Etherium-blockchain technology (the ERC20 protocol) — that guarantees the full safety of transactions.

    Token Details

    Starting date (pre-sale)2018-11-01
    End date (pre-sale)2019-02-14
    Starting date (main-sale)2019-03-01
    End date (main-sale)2019-04-30
    Token nameaassio token
    Token TickerAAS
    Token TypeUtility
    Token StandardERC20
    Token price. Pre-sale USD$0.10
    Token price. Main sale USD$0.10
    ETH:USD (fix)$200.00
    ETH:AAS (fix)2 000
    Minimum purchase1 ETH
    Total token supply1 000 000 000
    Total token for sale500 000 000
    Token for sale 1st round ICO10 000 000
    Soft cap (ETH)30 000
    Hard cap (ETH)50 000
    Payment MethodETH only

    Great news!

    aassio helps you avoid volatility risk of bearish market of cryptocurrencies.

    During the ICO pre-sale, we will fix the exchange rate between ETH and AAS at

    1 : 2000

    which means a fixed rate of ETH:USD at $200.

    You will get more AAS if the ETH price goes higher by the End Date of the pre-sale! Luckily, you won't suffer if the ETH price goes lower, as the same amount of AAS will be secured for you! You win in either case.

    Website https://aass.io/

    Twitter https://twitter.com/aass_io

    Telegram https://t.me/aassionews

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