​ LICHT PROJECT ( LCT) Blockchain Distribution ofSustainable Green Energy


    Using blockchain, we are creating the world’s fastest, most reliable and efficient solar systems across 20 nations, given a mandate of 3years as a target to actualize this project. Licht is an alternative energy project spreading across nations, integrating a permissionless base data layer for decentralized, transparent and world-wide provision of clean and sustainable energy all through Venezuela, Argentina, Swaziland, Lesotho, Lebanon, Haiti, Yemen, Philippine, Turkey, Chad, South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, Malawi, Liberia, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Niger and Tanzania to achieve optimal utilization of solar and reduces cost on electricity bills and to create job opportunities for citizens of every Nation we cover.

    The licht eMonitoring and management system

    The Licht e-management system is a unique feature designed using remote sensing in managing Licht’s electricity supply.

    Subscribers are monitored via our control stations and will be disconnected when due. Subscribers can also view their usage consumption via the Licht mobile application which will be available to download on android, windows and IOS stores.

    Subscription and payment can be made using LCT or Fiat payments as a payment or by codes generated by the vendor.

    Token Details and Bonus

    Total Supply

    100,000,000 LCT

    Private Sale

    20,000,000 LCT


    6,500 ETH


    18,000 ETH

    Minimum Contribution

    0.02 ETH

    1ETH = 4000 LCTNo Bonus

    5ETH = 20,000 LCT15% Bonus 3,000LCT

    6ETH = 24,000 LCT18% Bonus 4,320 LCT

    7ETH and above20% Bonus



    • Licht Solar Systems


    Renewable innovative products.


      Turnkey renewable energy solution
      • for agricultural, commercial and residential sectors.


      Application specific design
      • accurate energy assessment
      • installation services
      • training and strong product support


      implementation of sustainable solar solutions
      • that empower indigent and disconnected communities
      • with many successful projects completed.


      Advocation of the use of renewable energy
      • as a driver for acceleration
      • and socio-economic transformation.


      Methodology to standardize operations
      • for sustainable large-scale renewable energy roll-out.


      provision of off-grid solar energy into many neighbourhoods.

        JUNE 2017

        The Blockchain era of Licht.

          SEPTEMBER 2017

          Articulation of team members and partners.

            FEBRUARY 2018

            Documentation of the Licht Project.

              APRIL - JUNE, 2018

              Website programming
              • creation of Licht official Social Media platforms.

              JULY - AUGUST, 2018

              Preparing publications.

                AUGUST - NOVEMBER, 2018

                Crypto market study and Evaluation.

                  2ND WEEK OF DEC. 2018 - 1ST WEEK OF JAN. 2019

                  Airdrop Campaign
                  • (4 week)

                  2ND WEEK OF JAN. 2019 - 1ST 4TH WEEK OF JAN. 2019 (2WEEKS).

                  Private Sale
                  • (2 weeks)

                  1ST WEEK-3RD OF FEB. 2019

                  Ico sale
                  • (2 weeks)

                  4TH WEEK OF FEB., 2019

                  Distribution of tokens to qualified airdrop participants.

                    4TH WEEK OF FEB., 2019

                    withdrawal of Ico tokens to ERC20 wallets.

                      1ST WEEK OF MARCH., 2019

                      Listing on exchanges.

                        JUNE 2019

                        Execution of the first 10 Solar plant across 3 nations

                        AUGUST. 2019-2021

                        Execution of full project in all20 nations
                        Website https://licht-project.io/
                        Twitter https://twitter.com/LichtProje...
                        Whitepaper https://licht-project.io/doc/l...
                        Reddit https://reddit.com/user/licht_...

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