NANO - Dolphin RC #2 Released

  • The second Dolphin release candidate makes its way onto the beta network

    The second release candidate of our Dolphin release is now available for testing on the beta network.

    For more details on the version 18 features, swim on over to our Dolphin Deep Dive or surf through the commits in the Github release.

    Help us test

    To participate in testing on the beta network, visit For anyone with an existing node on beta please review the upgrade process details for information about impacts of the rai > nano renaming and database upgrades happening with Dolphin. We also encourage all beta node operators to join the #beta-net channel on Discord.

    We are thankful to have such a passionate community of beta testers providing feedback and filing bug reports. All your efforts are valuable and help us make Nano better with each release — thank you!

    Change Log

    Release V18.0RC2 (2019–02–05)

    Full Changelog

    The following changes are new with this version as compared to full V18.0RC1 change log.

    Implemented enhancements:

    • Exclude miniupnpc install () [#1701]
    • Factor out signature checker [#1700]
    • Configurable timer clock type [#1699]
    • Add alarm operations to memory stats RPC [#1694]
    • Factor out block processor [#1692]
    • CLI to clear online_weight & peers [#1689]
    • Add missing beta/live network helper constants [#1693]
    • Convert deserializers to use exceptions [#1584]
    • Request confirmation faster for new blocks [#1518]

    Fixed bugs:

    • Data race when upgrading sideband information [#1705]
    • State blocks subtype check for RPC “process” [#1704]
    • Deserializer changes in unchecked_info [#1703]
    • Update .gitmodules to reflect branch change for LMDB [#1702]
    • Sign windows [#1698]
    • Build/debug beta [#1696]
    • Fix handling non-UTF8 code pages on windows [#1695]
    • Info.plist generation, out-of-src build support [#1686]
    • Specify the path to the TSAN blacklist, to allow out-of-tree builds [#1655]

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