HashNet BitEco (HNB) - Empowering global enterprises through a decentralized blockchain economy

  • What is HNB?

    HNB is building a decentralized blockchain network where individuals and enterprises can exchange products and services with trust and security. The dual-token system of HNB and HGS, combined with the hybrid consensus algorithm of DPOS and Algorand provides the infrastructure for a stable and robust ecosystem.

    Dual-token structure

    The HNB token represents ownership of the HNB economic entity, while the HGS token is a stable payment medium.

    Hybrid consensus algorithm

    High security and high efficiency are achieved by combining DPOS and Algorand.

    Instant payments

    Instant transactions with no fees.

    Algorithmic Bank

    HGS token issuance fluctuates based on the scale and liquidity of the decentralized economy.

    Multi-sidechain structure

    Enterprises can integrate their own sidechains to allow for issuance of new digital assets interchangeable with the HNB main chain.

    Lightweight SDK access

    Ultra-lightweight merchant SDK access, allowing merchants to turn their product into a DApp within one day.

    Introduction Of HNB

    The Most All-Encompassing Blockchain Ecosystem

    HNB’s overall objective is to create a decentralized blockchain network tied in with an economic ecosystem. By utilizing a dual coin structure (‘HNB’ Asset coin and ‘HGS’ stable coin), users are able to both earn profits by trading the asset coin on the market whilst using the internally regulating stable coin to purchase goods and services on the HNB ecosystem


    Key Issues HNB Resolves

    1. Transaction efficiency

    Online reports indicate that popular cryptocurrency frameworks such as Bitcoin have a very long transaction confirmation time, taking on average over 10 minutes to complete a transaction and only 7 transactions/per second. Similarly, Ethereum is reported to only process 20 transactions/per second and Bitcoin. HNB will be alleviating this issue by having transactions instantaneously processed when a purchase is approved within the closed loop economy. This function is present in transactions made with either HGS or HNB tokens. By utilizing a closed loop economy, it eliminates the need for a third party (miner) to approve the transaction between a buyer and seller.

    1. High costs in ‘proof of work system’

    The proof of work system utilized by Bitcoin validates any transactions made with Bitcoin and is added to the blockchain. However, as outlined in the previous point, takes an arduous amount of time, requiring large amounts of computational power. The subsequent cost is noticeable both economically and environmentally. However, we propose to solve this solution again using the deregulated economy we created. As transactions are instantaneous within the HNB economy, an infinitesimal amount of processing power is required so there is a substantially lesser impact on the environment. Additionally, there is no additional transaction fee associated with purchases made within the HNB economy, so transactions are not economically draining.

    1. Lack of regulation

    A lack of a regulatory body within a decentralized blockchain can cause problems, such as increased illegal activity, breach of personal information, scamming and market manipulation. However, HNB will be countering the issue by introducing a system of DAO governance. Within this system, policies and decisions are made through participants within the ecosystem selected at random with the outcome attained being executed using smart contracts without any human intervention. Additionally, there are economic incentives and penalties built into the ecosystem that encourage activity within the community but also discourages any actions that may inflict negative impacts to oneself or other users.

    The HNB Ecosystem

    HNB is connecting the global economy with the decentralized digital economy.

    • E-Commerce Ecosystem

      Explore the possibilities of retail and trade in a trusted environment

    • Built-in Token Exchange

      Safely exchange tokens within your wallet through our decentralized order books

    • DApp Community

      Seamlessly build and integrate your own business with the decentralized digital economy

    • Multi-Chain Asset Wallet

      Store your digitals assets in a highly secure mobile wallet

    HNB Token Structure

    Token Issuance

    HNB Foundation proposes to generate and issue 1 Billion
    (109) HNB Tokens. The quantities of HNB Token are capped
    at 1 billion and can be indefinitely split. Further information
    about when and to whom HNB are proposed to be allocated
    can be found below.

    Allocation of HNB Token

    The HNB Token allocation for HNB team and partners
    will be subject to a long term (2 years) vesting period.
    The Token release mechanism is 10% per month
    after the 14th month of launching. These rules are programmed
    into a Smart Contract and cannot be changed.
    • Foundation is open governance of its resources together
    with other ecosystem partners, support and advance
    the technology related to HNB Blockchain networks
    implementation and are responsible for all matters
    related to ecosystem membership. Its goal is to
    transfer the right to the DAO of HNB eventually. There
    is no locking mechanism for foundation.
    • HNBs reserved for the Eco-system are held for end
    users, to jumpstart the use of HNB platform applications
    and to encourage participation in the ecosystem
    such as attracting commercial tenants and their customers
    from various industries. There is no locking
    mechanism for Eco-system.
    • The portion of Funding is 30% of total HNB issuances.
    The fund is raised from Pre-Angel investors, cornerstone
    investors and private placement. This part builds
    strong endorsement for the company and enhances great
    confidence in the market. 50% of HNB Token held by
    these group of Investors will be subject to 6 months
    vesting period.
    • Reservation portion is to be held in reserve for further
    release by the Foundation (in next 40 years). It is an
    engine for a self-developing community governed by
    HNB DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

    Fundraising Plan
    The Proceeds raised from HNB Token insurance are in form
    of ETH.
    For further information and updates regarding the Fundraising
    and Proceeds raised, prospective participants are invited
    to send a request.






    white paper:http://c.hnb.wiki/whitepaper.p...


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