Warrior Comics (WRT) the first ever decentralized blockchain based entertainment portal

  • Who We Are?

    Warrior comics is the next revolution in the field of entertainment. Its goal is the creation of a decentralized platform where our diverse consumers will get a whole new range of extraordinary animation characters in the WC Universe. And a platform for artists to showcase their creativity and monetize their prized creative works. Industry p rofessionals from the world of e ntertainment can easily lease out our well - establish ed comic characters for a variety of projects.

    Our Vision

     To Create More Collaborative Decentralized Community Our first step is developing an accessible platform using the blockchain technology . And this will be achieved by using a newly launched digi tal internal currency Warrior Token, (Symbol - WRT), in the WC ecosystem. And eventually creation of Animation Tube with WC Originals animated videos and a global content from creators all over the world

    Why Warrior Comics?

    We believe that in order to p rovide a complete entertainment , there is full need of security in this ever growing field. The world of entertainment is exclusive at its core and entrance into this field is shielded by layers of obstacles to success and getting established as an artist. And we believe in removing these hurdles. The first ever revolutionary decentralized blockchain based platform serving the entertainment field where producers, casual users, consumers and creators will work on the same platform. One platform which reduces the risk of a backdoor transaction and unauthorized intervention , all thanks to block chain technology.

    Warrior Comics Introduction || Why Warrior Comics ?

    What is Warrior Comics?

    Warrior Comics is the first ever revolutionary decentralized animation platform where
    our diverse consumers will get a whole new range of extraordinary animation characters
    in the WC Universe who are digital actors in the digitalized comic stories and a platform
    for artists to showcase their creativity and monetize their prized creative works. Also
    Industry professionals from the world of Entertainment can easily lease out our wellestablished
    comic characters for a variety of projects. Gradually, formation of first
    ANIMATION TUBE with WC Originals animated videos and a global content from creators
    all over the world. And WC believes in coming forward with the ongoing technical
    advancements. WC is committed to deliver AI enabled 2D and 3D characters for
    animation industry, providing intelligent smart characters which will have simulations of
    human intelligence processes. And these processes will include learning, reasoning and
    WC, short for Warrior Comics, will basically allow integration of entertainment with the
    new advent of easily hiring 2D and 3D characters which are AI enabled and motivation
    for fresh creators who hardly get platform to display their work. And this will be achieved
    by using a newly launched digital internal currency Warrior Token, (Symbol- WRT), in the
    WC ecosystem. Warrior Token is compatible with existing wallets and stock exchanges
    that trade in crypto-currencies and allows its easy integration into a variety of products
    and solutions. WRT can be freely exchanged at existing crypto currency exchanges or to
    revert to fiat currency.

    Further Details –

    • Unique Characters - Development of a web-based portal which will have brand
    new and unique comic series, astonishing characters like Super Heroes, Villains,
    Modernistic Empires, a futuristic civilization, breathtaking wars, new unique beings
    and 3D animated videos. And use of AI for our 2D and 3D characters is

    revolutionary groundbreaking innovation. These characters will have stored
    human simulations in them. It is like advent of characters that are technically
    advanced and have human emotions stored in them like, if one will give voice
    command to these characters, these characters will understand properly and will
    respond to the command. It’s like character which will have already stored smile
    gestures to motion to self-correction in them giving comic industry a new
    unimaginable progressive growth which will make our characters most unique.
    Also hiring these characters will be a great boon for comic industry. Industry
    professionals will have 2D and 3D AI enabled characters with predefined features
    or modes which comic industry can utilize in their various projects. It will be time
    saving and technically efficient too.

    • User Friendly- In our portal, users can come and read all our comic stories for
    free. The comics may be viewed partially for free, but if a user is interested in the
    entire comic story, they will have an option to download it for a small fee using the
    Warrior Token. Interested subscribes can subscribe for different plans where they
    will receive Warrior Tokens as a reward for their efforts in artistic submissions.

    • Leasing Out Characters- The biggest advantage of the portal is that it will integrate
    all other people in WC ecosystem as interested buyers can easily hire our wellestablished
    characters for various purposes like movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc.
    It will be good opportunity for them as they will have fans already interested in
    movie. The world of entertainment certainly has changed. We have seen how we
    went from the few seconds’ long silent, black and white film Round Hay Garden
    Scene (1888) to the current modern age of films using digital data to store the film
    footage to purely actor-less animation films. We see the same in gaming where
    entire worlds are created from scratch to involve the users globally and connect
    them in virtual wars and epic battles. Indeed, entire animation life like films has
    been created with the use of live actors and only voiceovers. The transition has
    been gradual and well received, by Hollywood as well as Bollywood. With the hit
    film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)” we saw how an animation character played
    well side by side season actors. Now we believe that animation characters will

    develop a voice of their own, with you can say unique personalities, behaviors,
    artificial intelligence fitting a wide range of utilizations that envelope their use in TV,
    motion pictures, commercials, and even the field of advertisement. They will be
    brand ambassadors no different than say a Sports figure endorsing a product or a
    famous actress doing a Chanel perfume commercial. You can even see how the
    animation characters are being utilized in certain insurance company commercials
    among other uses. And with WC platform, industry professionals can easily lease
    out our characters, though they will have to follow certain terms and conditions.

    • First Animation Tube- Along with these flabbergasted comic stories; we will be
    releasing 3D animated videos too with our Prime Characters, making our portal an
    animation tube where new talent will get opportunity and motivation to become part
    of our WC brand. How you may ask? Well we will be running a competition for
    submission of animation characters.
    Those selected will have their character become a permanent member of the
    Warrior Comics Universe and have their character utilized in a variety of projects.
    They will also receive a fixed amount of Warrior Tokens as their reward for their
    character being selected in this project. It is very similar to the well-known Project
    Greenlight with some minor differences.

    • Integration with Other Companies- Collaborating other entertainment industries
    together in the WC ecosystem to work on this decentralized animation tube by
    advertising their work too on our platform.


    Growth in digital comics is clearly expanding. This is not to say that physical, paper comics
    are not going to be used or purchase anymore. We encourage their use as well as it
    encourages reading and creativity and stimulates young minds.
    However, thanks to many recent blockbuster successes such as Marvel’s Thor and its
    sequel film that comic series movie adaptations, comic based films have dominated box
    offices globally. Some even going into 3D animation with increased revenue per film
    distribution. But even then, with all the progress in the field of digital world of comics they
    are facing a major hitch. There is a barrier for everyone including users, creators and
    easy access to a well-respected web-based portal to collaborate with others and a major
    player in the field of entertainment. The world of entertainment is exclusive at its core and
    entrance into this field is shielded by layers of obstacles to success and getting
    established as an artist.
    Lack of Transparency: There is a lack of transparency in the field of this growing digital
    comic industry. Though there are several sites providing playable as well as
    downloadable digital material yet there is no safety and transparency in their transactions.
    Users can even purchase from these sites but again these platforms are insecure as well
    as slow for transferring of financial assets. We have layers of security in allowing
    transactions with transactions taking milliseconds.
    Copyrighted Characters: Existing Comics companies own their characters and they
    always release them under their own banners. They also never interact their characters
    with each other in their respective Universes and ecosystems. Hence many potential
    smaller, more independent film-makers can never legally access such characters or
    create their own films in their vision. These Superheroes remain within the vaults of the
    large corporations as their prime properties, never sharing their digital assets. The result
    is that these characters that we grew up with and love remain the domain of a few
    companies and not accessible to the small-time developer, artist, film-maker or producer!
    Lack of Platform for New Artists: Third, new artists, capable of making advanced fresh
    comic characters but they never get any recognition or platform to present their talent.

    There isn’t any motivation for creators. There are some web-portals where creators can
    post their work but again problems exist with web security, potential for fraud, theft of
    intellectual property, access by middlemen and loss of potential profits from one’s work.
    We at Warrior Comics hope to change that culture by creating a more inclusive open
    platform giving a voice to the rising artists who can promote their work and showcase
    their digital as well as artistic talents.
    Need of Fresh Concept in Comics: Third, the Comic industry has been continuously
    dominated by a few famous names. Although globally at any given time there are literally
    hundreds of comics being produced various parts of the globe, with the graphical and info
    graphics development, there is need of a fresh start and fresh characters compiled in a
    storyline. One that will herald a new dawn for the Comic and animation industry. Warrior
    Comics is going to be that leading voice for a new set of Superheroes tied to a unique
    business model via the release of a blockchain based decentralized ICO Warrior Token
    Need of Technical Progress in Industry: No doubt, comic industry is progressing but
    still Artificial Intelligence is not in existence in this industry. Though being the latest
    innovation in Science and technology but still the comic industry is missing its technical
    advanced touch. With this concept in mind, WC has come up with the idea of AI enabled
    2D and 3D characters.


    • WC is first ever revolutionary entertainment platform which is based on a
    blockchain technology, making its working to be fully reliable, and transparent.
    Users can easily play or download material, create content, participate in
    competitions, even lease characters in the WC ecosystem and it is secured by
    crypto economics and cryptographic identification. With safe WC wallet and warrior
    token. Some limitations will exist with the use of the WC characters. WC characters
    may not be exploited for the sole purpose of promoting Pornography, or

    pornographic projects, or films that are deemed demeaning or contrary to the
    principles of the character’s essential persona or created purpose.
    • WC is a transformation in entertainment industry as interested consumer can even
    easily lease out our famous characters and can use them. After leasing out, AI
    characters can be launched under their name. The individual project script will
    have to be submitted to us for review and approval. This is done to protect the
    Marquee value of each character and prevent dilution of each character’s persona
    via overuse, improper use and projects that are deemed too sensitive.
    • Motivating ART - Under WC banner, artists, new creators will be given full
    opportunity to present their work and will be given royalty for their work too. Users
    can participate in contests being organized on WC platform for their motivation and
    their talent will be honored. In this way, a new talent will come forward and we can
    have global ideas.
    • Integration with different other related companies also increases its functioning


    Purposes of the Platform

    • The very first purpose of this platform is to provide fans with a first ever
    revolutionary ANIMATION TUBE, where one can find uncommon and terrific
    content. Comic stories, animated videos which will drive fans into newer
    advanced world. And the advantage is that it would be just a click away.
    Entertainment connecting whole globe under the umbrella of WC.
    • WC is the platform for the creation of AI enabled extraordinary comic
    characters, where consumers can lease out these unique characters and they
    will have profits from already established fans of these characters. And
    purchase will be secured with WRT internal currency.
    • Another important direction is towards motivating new fresh artists to put
    forward their work and they will earn too in form of WRT. Often these artists
    don’t get recognition and their talent remains hidden from the world. With WC
    banner, there will be a unique opportunity and chance to rise up professionally
    and gain a platform to showcase their unique talents.

    • Another and most important level to which WC will work, is its motive of
    SERVING SOCIETY by providing preset percent of profits for NGO’s serving

    Technical Advantages

    WC ecosystem works totally on its internal currency Warrior Token (AKA Warrior
    Token) token. The utilization of a blockchain technology WC guarantees reliability of
    all payment transactions. This token is compatible with existing wallets and stock
    exchange crypto currencies and allows its easy integration into a variety of products
    and solutions. It is fully working on blockchain mechanism and on this basis WRT will
    be issued and will provide a reliable platform for conduction WRT mediated
    Next important advantage exists for whole comic industry with the introduction of AI
    enabled characters in this industry. Artificial Intelligence will not only provide a push
    to comic and animation world but will rather take it to another level of development.
    And with the integration of blockchain with AI, WC platform will be technically most
    sound and creatively most innovative platform for users, consumers and whole

    Advantages for Developers of Digital Comics

    • Developers will have already established decentralized platform where they
    can advertise their products.
    • Payments based on crypto currency with full reliability.
    • Already built audience for their products.
    • New developers can become part of WC family if they won the chance to
    display their creation on WC ecosystem.

     Advantages for Token Buyers
    • Digital comic’s popularity is increasing rapidly. WC the first ever blockchain
    technology to provide a new unique platform for the creators and consumers at
    same level.
    • As our Ecosystem will keep on spreading with third party developers and
    integration with other parties, it will increase our audience as well while
    simultaneously increasing our token’s innate value.
    • All these facts ensure growth of the value of our token, it can be purchased at
    lowest during crowd sale period and after its period of time for crowd sale is
    over, it will be launched in an open market.

    Advantages for consumers
    • A Decentralized blockchain technology-based platform for consumers will have
    obvious immediately realizable benefits.
    • Consumers can easily integrate any transactions within the WC ecosystem via
    the WRT token.
    • Full reliability and anonymity in transactions with a blockchain algorithm.


    2017 Q4- The origin of WC platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
    2018 Q1 - WC Originals augmentation and concept formulation. Building up characters
    and comic storyline.
    2018 Q2 - ICO development and other documentation (Whitepaper, Fact Sheet, Terms
    and Conditions)
    2018 Q3 - WC web portal basic features development
    - Frontend Development
    - Backend Development

    - WC Wallet Development
    2018 Q4 - Continuous development on WC web portal
    - Wallet Release
    - First Ever: Art rating system development
    - Marketplace for content creator
    - Comic series launch
    - Active marketing campaign
    - WC community development
    2019 Q1 - ICO Launch
    Feb 15 - Presale
    2019 Q2- May 15 - Crowd sale
    2019 Q3- Aug 01 - Token distribution
    2019 Q4- Blockchain based development
    - Content monetization
    - Transparent rating system
    - WRT economy building

    2020 Q1- Entering animation and the 3D segment.
    2020 Q2- Marketing and promoting animation and AI enabled 2D and 3D content by
    WC Originals and created by artists
    2020 Q3- Revolutionary blockchain based Animation Tube with 2D, 3D AI enabled
    2020 Q4- Development of AI enabled 2D and 3D characters.


    WRT – ERC223 Standard Token

    WC is not just a platform, but also a smarter, more secure whole ecosystem, including a
    web-based well thought out application back by content developers, platform partners
    and millions of users. The internal economics of the ecosystem cannot exist without its
    own Digital Tool (DT), the role of which will be performed by the Warrior Token (WRT)
    token. Warrior token (WRT) will be released based on the Ethereum platform and fully
    comply with the newer ERC223 standard, adding a new layer of user security, end-toend.
    Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party
    services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.) and provides easy integration with these
    services. It’s better and updated version than the prevalent model of ERC20 which was
    utilized by many current crypto currencies. An Ethereum platform fully supports an
    integrated Solidity language for writing smart contracts that will be used to implement

    several functions in the WRT platform (DT transactions, DTs given to winners, and receipt
    of DTs for those leasing our many characters within the WC Universe).
    The release of our own tokens via an ICO is done principally to promote the use of our
    ecosystem, and testing of the ERC223 standard while we continue to develop, revise our
    security protocols, improvements of our platform, as well as a requirement for an internal
    economy of the ecosystem which helps promote our business model via our platform for
    all our clients and users. The blockchain technology is trustworthy and transparent, thus
    enabling a more efficient working model and trusted relations between participants.

    Information on WRT Token Release

    Type: ERC223
    Name: Warrior Token
    Token Symbol: WRT
    Total supply: 100,000,000
    The total emission of tokens will be distributed as follows:

    • Tokens that have not been sold at ICO stage will be re-allocated for future reutilization.
    • Tokens reserved for the project team will be blocked in the system for 6 months.
    • At the end of this period, the tokens will be uniformly distributed during 6 months.
    • Tokens belonging to partners and advisors will be blocked in the system for 12
    • Marketing bonus can be released by admin, using his owner only function.
    • Tokens associated with ICO will be used for exchange listing, Pre-promotions, ICO
    launch, ICO marketing, Transaction GAS values, etc.


    Start Date 15 February, 2019
    End Date 15 April, 2019
    Number of Tokens 5,000,000
    Exchange Rate 1 ETH =360 WRT
    Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC
    Min/Max Transactions 333 WRT / 3,50,000 WRT

    Bonus Scheme

    1st day bonus = 100%, that means 1ETH= 720 WRT
    1st week bonus = 50%, that means 1ETH=540 WRT
    2nd Week bonus = 30 %, that means 1 ETH =468 WRT
    3rd Week bonus = 15%, that means 1 ETH =414 WRT
    4th Week bonus =10%, that means 1ETH=396 WRT
    Participants who purchase in pre-sale will not be able to participate in crowd sale.


    Start on 15 May, 2019
    End on 14 July, 2019
    Acceptable Currencies ETH, BTC
    Min/ Max Transactions 360 WRT/ 3,50,000
    Number of Tokens 45,000,000
    Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 360 WRT


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