Mindsync A decentralized, community-driven AI platform

  • Mindsync is a decentralized, community-driven AI platform where everyone can participate in the growing artificial intelligence market as a customer, expert, developer or supplier to order or create and share AI services as value.

    The Problem

    1. Lack of staff. The demand for applied AI experts,
    data scientists, machine learning and deep learning
    developers is growing every day. Today these
    specialists are rare and expensive. But in spite of it
    all, highly competitive nature of business requires
    high skilled personnel to find efficient solutions in the
    shortest time. The scarcity and costs of these
    resources are a big problem for organizations using
    or trying to use AI technologies.
    2. High cost of computing power. Data science and
    machine learning tasks are usually resource-
    intensive ones and can be efficiently solved using a
    large number of CPU and/or GPUs. Using cloud
    services such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS,
    Microsoft Azure can solve that problem, though with
    an unreasonably high price.
    3. Despite the AI industry development, in pursuit of
    ready-made AI solutions applicable for solving real
    business problems, and in other areas, their
    integration and adaptation are still a complex
    4. Security problem. Lack of automated data
    integrity and version control. These verifications
    provide replicability and are crucial in applied
    machine learning algorithms with high security requirements.


    Establish the expert community of Artificial
    Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science to
    solve customer's tasks, develop ML models, share
    experience, and improve competence. 
    Exploitation of crypto mining farms and exchange of
    computing power among some participants of the
    community. This significantly reduces computation
    cost by threefold in comparison with cloud
    Creating the marketplace for ready AI solutions (ML-
    models and datasets). Placing production-ready
    solutions at the marketplace in enterprise-ready
    Deployment of a blockchain assures security and
    data integrity. Persistance of ML-models hashes,
    data, solution quality assessments, solution ratings,
    and the platform participant metadata are all saved
    in the embedded blockchain. It allows to verify
    objects and their dependencies what is crucially
    important in development of replicable and safe

    Mindsync platform

    Mindsync is an AIaaS and ExaaS* platform to solve
    customer's tasks with AI technologies competitions
    as well as a marketplace for these solutions and
    training datasets.
    Our mission is to make better AI solutions more
    available, cheaper, simplier for a wide range of
    customers and accelerate its development. 
    Mindsync is the community of professionals in
    Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine
    Learning, and a platform for competitively solving
    real-world problems by its members using mining
    power and computing power sharing what
    accumulates solutions as values and assures the
    solutions, data, and ratings authenticity using
    Our platform provides teamwork on tasks with ability
    to bound computational complexity of the solution
    and its cost. Experts solve customer's problems with
    modern industrial capabilities. 
    The platform enables experts to accumulate
    knowledge, exchange of experience, participate in
    competitions and earn money. 
    Customers will be able to attract the best specialists
    for both solving tasks and defining them. Mindsync
    platform creates fundamental conditions for further
    development and implementation of innovative ideas
    and collective creativity on the verge of the most
    advanced technologies in the field of computing
    * AIaaS and ExaaS – Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service and Expert-as-a-Service

    Road map

    • Presale


    • Public sale


    • Alpha


    • Beta


    Website https://mindsync.ai

    Whitepaper https://mindsync.ai/docs/white...

    GitHub https://github.com/mindsync-ai

    Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/mi...

    Twitter https://twitter.com/mind_sync

    Telegram http://t.me/mindsync_ai

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