BlockSafe (PreICO) - Securing the Blockchain Ecosystem: Wallets, Exchanges and Private Blockchains

  • BlockSafe Technologies Inc., has developed products that secure the blockchain 
    ecosystem (wallets, exchanges and private blockchains) from hackers. The company is
    launching an SEC-compliant STO and is targeting a raise of up to $27 million via a 506(c)
    and Reg S offering to accredited investors. The token will be called BSAFE™.

    BSAFE™ Security Tokens Compared to 
    Other ICO Tokens Offerings
    The BSAFEÔ Token holder will receive a passive income based on all sales. The typical ICO & Equity 
    token does not pay passive incomes. Every time someone purchases BlockSafe Technologies software, 
    the BSAFEÔ token holder will receive 10% of the revenue participation.
    “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. - Warren Buffet

    Business Model – Projected Sales

    CryptoDefender – Will be distributed through Crypto 
    Wallets, Crypto Exchanges & Crypto Influencers via an 
    affiliate program.
    • Opportunity – 24 Million Wallets & Growing Daily (200M 
    by 2025)
    • Monthly Subscription 5.99 (two devices) $9.99 (five 
    CryptoDefender Projected Sales (monthly subscribers):
    • 250,000 subscribers 1st year - $2.5M monthly ($30 
    Million Year)
    • 1,000,000 subscribers 2nd year - $10M monthly ($120 
    Million Year) 
    • 2,500,000 subscribers 3rd year- $25M monthly ($300 
    Million Year

    Go-to-Market Strategy
    • Crypto Wallets – We will partner with Crypto Wallets and offer 
    them a monthly revenue share for each of their users that 
    subscribe to our CryptoDefender monthly subscription service. 
    • Crypto Exchanges – We will offer Crypto Exchanges our 
    ExchangeDefender Solution to protect their internal networks
    from hackers. Additionally, Crypto Exchanges can receive a
    monthly revenue share for each of their users that subscribes to 
    CryptoDefender subscription service.
    • Blockchain Integrators – We will partner with Blockchain 
    Integrators to sell our Blockchain Defender and CryptoDefender 
    • Blockchain Platforms – We will work with all the leading 
    Blockchain Platform providers to insure BlockchainDefender 
    platform compatibility. 
    • Affiliate Ambassador Program - We are finishing up a multi￾tiered ambassador affiliate portal for the leading crypto 
    influencers & enthusiasts to offer to their followers. 
    • FusionPR – We have contracted one of the industry’s leading 
    Blockchain PR firms to create awareness thru Industry 
    Analysts, Blockchain editorials & Crypto Influencers.
    • We contracted the Blockchain company that built the Dragon 
    Coin token community (raised over $430M) to build our off￾shore token investment community





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