Tryvium A New Blockchain Way to Travel

  • The Tryvium platform is an online booking platform based on the 
    blockchain aims to operate in a more “fair and ethical” manner. Tryvium 
    platform is a big game changer offering an alternative to the current 
    OTA systems which often see hotel crippled by very high commissions. 
    The problem is solved by the Tryvium structure availing these hotels to 
    lower their room rates without bearing any loss. Tryvium enables you, as a 
    client to book through our platform and you get the best available rate. Every 
    time you book an accommodation online, you get the best possible price since 
    we apply 0 fees.
    The business will thrive because of its flat 8 percent commision 
    charged from the hotels. The minimalist charges will help hotels to 
    give out better offers and invest in quality service to the guests as 
    well. Tryvium Platform is an all in one dynamic booking integrated 
    platform based on the blockchain which allows travelers and hotel owners 
    to come together in a complete ecosystem. This codependency is 
    intended to reduce commissions and earn tokens (rewards, loyalty 
    points, and bounty tokens) by using the platform while you are traveling. 
    Using a smart contract system, we will change way for users to book their 
    ideal accommodation. 

    Goal and Mission

    The Tryvium solutions will provide an integrated one-stop system to make 
    hassle-free bookings that can be verified and secured through the smart 
    contract’s distributed ledger. If associated with Tryvium platform, the hotel 
    owner will receive a so-called all in one solution to their business requirements. 
    Tryvium all-in-one is an innovative software which includes: the most flexible 
    reservation system you’ll ever find. Hotel owners have a fully integrated system 
    software so that you don’t have to buy a single software for managing the daily 
    activities of your hotel.
    Goal and Mission
    “Over the longer term, the growth of the Travel & Tourism 
    sector will continue to be strong so long as the subscription and 
    development take place in an open and sustainable manner.” 

    The conventional blockchain booking system 
    face the following challenges:
    Ripple effect schedule disruptions.
    Floating exchange rates systems.
    Multiple loyalty point systems that are not 
    synchronized with one another.
    Economies in perpetual flux are likely to change 
    considerably due to the experience of a growing 
    consumer base.
    Tryvium Platform is dedicated to deliver up to people’s expectations 
    and meet their demands and requirements. The platform will enhance 
    the travel industry through specific funding and commercial 
    development. The decentralized network chain will create a dedicated 
    community of people to support, transact, and contribute to the 
    business. Using the upgraded technology people from all around the 
    world will come together to change the industry across the globe.

    ICO Round

    Project Name: TRYVIUM

    Token Symbol: TYM

    Token Starting Price: 1 TYM = 0,04 $

    Tokens Issued: 900,000,000

    Tokens Available for Sale: 540,000,000

    Additional Emission: No

    Accepted Currencies: ETH-BTC

    Soft Cap: $ 1,300,000

    Hard Cap: $ 21,600,000

    Jurisdiction: Malta

    Pre-ICO Round

    Allocation of funds and tokens allocation Fund allocation will begin with a Private Sale of 10%: costing about 54,000,000 tokens. The Pre ICO Rounds will deliver discounts upto a maximum of 30% for a total sum of 162,000,000 tokens. The tokens will have a subsequent Discount of 25% for the second week followed by 20% in next two weeks.

    WEEK 1            DISCOUNT    30%            PRICE $     0.028

    WEEK 2            DISCOUNT    25 %           PRICE $     0.030

    WEEK 3/4        DISCOUNT    20 %           PRICE $     0.032

    Main-ICO Round

    The next round of Token sale, will sell the remaining tokens to reach 60% of the total.

    That is, a total of 324,000,000 tokens.

    WEEK 1            DISCOUNT   15%            PRICE $     0.034

    WEEK 2            DISCOUNT   10 %           PRICE $     0.036

    WEEK 3/4        DISCOUNT     5 %           PRICE $     0.038

    Token Allocation

    Token availability and Distribution
    60% will be initially released for the sale through crowdsale ICO Rounds. In addition, 10% of the total tokens will be distributed as bounty and early supporters to ensure buyer loyalty and excellent platform support. 20% of the tokens will be reserved for team and advisors and the remaining 10% of the tokens will be reserved funds, locked up to 24 m


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