Saturn Black – Liquidity provider for crypto markets Cross-chain Exchange & OTC trading Platform

  • Today I found a very interesting project that has been proven well for you. Therefore, try taking a few minutes to read this review, I promise you will like this project and its amazing ideas. In addition, this review will be different from the same one made for carbon copies, I will try to enter the maximum amount of information and details, so you can better understand all project details, past experience of team members, analogues and competitors.

    A standout amongst the most difficult ideas in the realm of cypto is more likely than not the possibility of a decentralized self-sufficient organization.A DAO is a novel hierarchical plan therefore it was intended to work a lot by fiddling but beside that it was easy as expected.

    Utilizing blockchain based database technology,a DAO is an association that can copy countless same elements of a customary company or business however the thing that matters is that it does thus without being hampered in the administration borne by the advisory group administration.

    What is saturn?

    Saturn is an exchange which is a symbiosis of comfort and security, exchanging these atoms directly from crypto assets and providing guarantees to third parties.

    Saturn was created with the aim of creating a new market atmosphere that is liquid and guarantees its security on the table.

    Saturn is an Exchange Trading Platform and OTC designated Cryptocurrency which stands on the cross cross chain protocol. Our Saturn team has plans to be able to provide P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies and brokers.

    Saturn Network is a decentralized DAO trade that is very good with all EVM blockchains. Our mission is to make a more enjoyable future for digital currency trading, where each broker can realize that he is working at an equal stage. Where a lot of market information cannot be improved and records cannot be suspended.

    Each exchange is made completely on-chain and each exchange is recorded on the blockchain, but don't trust us: let's investigate the proof of our idea. Radex zero decentralized trade costs for exchanging ethereum tokens.

    Therefore, we will make a whole and long-term biological decentralization exchange system towards the definite goal of cross-chain decentralized trade. We created DAO which allows you to end the basic part of the group, and you will have the capacity to vote on the main choices such as adding new tokens to the Saturn Protocol. To expand or reduce exchange costs to ensure we remain competitive. Or even pay profits to SATURN holders.

    Saturn's benefits

    The Swap Protocol is only made to transition atoms with commissions only blockchain transactions. well, you will find different services on Saturn, where there will be additional commissions, which reaches 0.2% for each transit transaction, 0.5 - 5% for each free transaction and 1 - 5% for auction transactions. The final provisions of this commission will be approved upon approval and the release of Saturn. In addition, Saturn will provide two directions for several independent assets. This can provide benefits in the form of price spreads.

    Features of the Saturn Black project

    • Trade across
    • OTC chains OTC auction
    • Exchange of atomic trade
    • Transactions with EURO and USD

    XSAT tokens are tokens that can play an important role in Saturn assigned to Saturn's infrastructure and business model. while the task of the Saturn Team itself is to be able to achieve liquidity tokens, and use tokens as payment instruments that can be used to buy goods.

    This XSAT will also be used as quotation assets on the following Saturn services: exchange and counter, auction and escrow transactions.

    Token information

    Token XSAT

    Platform Ethereum

    Type ERC-20

    Price in ICO 0.1300 USD T

    okens for sale 750,000,000

    Investment information

    Accepting ETH

    Distributed in ICO 75>#/p###

    Hard cap 97,500,000 USD


    The project team did everything in its power to support and improve this project. They like to answer all questions from the community and investors. Because this project has a very good ranking on most lists, and this is justified, considering almost unique ideas and professional application.

    I am very happy that you have read my review to the end, and this means you like my review and this project.

    And maybe this is the main thing I want to achieve by working on this review. I tried to convey all the information I collected in the shortest and simplest form, the easiest to understand!

    Thank you very much for being with me.

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