LivenPay (LVN) ICO - Spend and Earn Cryptocurrency Instantly

  • Crypto Payments Aren’t Made for People

    Inaccessibility, uncertainty of value, and lack of consumer centric design make it impractical to use blockchain for business cases.

    • Blocked Chain

      Cryptocurrencies are functionally inaccessible to businesses and consumers for regular use.

    • Paid Out

      Payment networks are not consumer centric, and offer little more than utility in the transaction process.

    • Price Volatility

      Market volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them impractical for business operational use day to day.


    Currently used by over 350,000 people


    Explore thousands of amazing partner venues through the app. Discover somewhere new or return to favourites to spend your rewards.


    Pay instantly, with a single button tap using Fiat currency or LVN. Link a credit card or precharge by depositing fiat, BTC, ETH, or XEM.


    Every single transaction made on the Liven network earns the customer between 10 ~ 30% of the total spend back as LVN, which has real purchasing power within the network.


    Send LVN to your friends using your unique @handles, spend it within our network or save it up for future purchases - all from the Liven Wallet.



    What’s Unique About the LVN Token

    • One Tap Crypto-Payments

      Press a single button to process truly instant crypto-payments at point of sale. No shapeshift, no hedging.

    • Instant, Free P2P Transfer

      Using a private sidechain, P2P transfers are instant, fee free, and easy as entering the recipient's username, and hitting send.

    • Backed by Real Businesses

      LVN has its own exchange rate when spent at Liven merchants, dictated by the reward protocol.

    • Rewards Currency

      LVN is rewarded transactionally, when this happens, the reward cache drains and the value of LVN adjusts.

    Scalable Tech Stack

    The LivenPay Platform enables instant, point-of-sale crypto-payments through our unique payment rails. Our network is infinitely scalable through public API access where ecommerce business, mobile wallets, and processing networks can integrate to receive payments in, and reward out, LVN Tokens.

    Third party integration partners include:

    10,000+ Merchants

    2000+ Merchants

    2000+ Merchants


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