(PreICO) Bartcoin (BARC) - The first Ewallet combining the payments and trading functionalities all-in-one.

  • About Us

    Octave-UCME is a pioneer Tokenised Marketplace and community concept for consumers and businesses worldwide. It enables a totally decentralised commercial relationship between businesses and users, based on proximity. It offers a user-friendly, new and unique communication and payment model.
    Octave-UCME operates its own payment platform for FIAT and CRYPTOCURRENCIES. It enables traditional payments and mobile E-Wallets transactions, for next generation Mobile Commerce Applications.
    We own and operate two mobile applications. The Youseeme, a marketplace using an eWallet to trade goods and services, and the Bartwallet, a trading platform an application, specifically developed for cryptocurrency trading.
    For economy of scale, both use one unique and secure technical back office.

    Users (Bartcoiners) receive Bartcoin tokens (BARC) for every purchase they make through the Youseeme app. Those are delivered into the user’s Youseeme wallet, as loyalty points. Bartcoiners can subsequently use these loyalty Bartcoins to make purchases, or they can convert them into fiat.
    Alternatively, using their Bartwallet, they can trade them for other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum
    To gain exposure in the Youseeme mobile marketplace, businesses can build their Mobile commerce page, free-of-charge, with the user-friendly app inbuilt tool. They can immediately use the Youseeme payment platform, for credit card or e-Wallet payments and participate in the Youseeme worldwide loyalty program.
    Users and Merchants members of the community can access those services at more competitive pricing than any other mobile commerce service.
    The Octave-UCME payment platform, including The Market Place, The E-Wallet and the Trading Wallet (Bartwallet) eliminates the need for outsourcing and drastically reduces costs to members.
    The Wallet also enables touchless payments of up to 30 €uros using credit cards terminals, or up to 100 €uros for Cash-Back. It holds multiple currencies, including Euros, dollars, and GBP.

    Our Vision

    Octave-UCME’s offer is leveraged on the following recent breakthrough regulatory changes.
    1. The DSP2 regulation in the banking sector, which enables start-ups to launch new electronic payment and account management tools
    2. Cryptocurrencies wallets now offer asset and commodities trading.
    3. Regulations to control transactions are now being implemented by regulators worldwide. Those might get included in the Electronic Money Licensing needed for the DSP2 regulation,
    4. The fact that Blockchain technology and tokenisation are not limited to the financial sector. Blockchain has opened a whole new word for creative business minds to explore.
    The Uber model has galvanized mobile commerce. Similar platforms are now widely used for all kinds of food, tickets and day-to-day essentials deliveries.
    The E-commerce platform has tangible proof of success all over the world, but it also has limitations. It’s exclusively affordable to large corporations who have the financial clout to spend very large amounts on site and app design, development, and sales and marketing.
    In parallel, Mobile Applications have significantly evolved. They have enabled access to a plethora of information. Thanks to Apple Pay and Google Play, buyers are now using their mobiles to purchase music, books, etc., and to pay for various transactions and services.
    Although mobile applications platforms are currently in very high demand, they’re still quite expensive. The overall cost of developing an app and a business, branding, online and offline marketing requirements are prohibitive for an average company or business.
    Payment platforms are indeed becoming more ubiquitous. They are, however, still exclusively in the realm of large corporations. They were developed following the deregulation of the banking sector and its opening to competition.

    The popularity of electronic money has coincided with the growth of the highly speculative cryptocurrency market, as well as the mergers of several E-wallet applications, or trading platforms.
    The Octave-UCME project addresses and resolves several of these issues:
    • No investment is necessary to take advantage of the system.
    • Affordable flat monthly membership fee paid with Bartcoins.
    • Worldwide loyalty program available to all users.
    • The E-shop is linked to the merchants’ ERP software or Point of Sales software.
    • Highly scalable in terms of marketing and communications.
    • Customer relationships software is integrated in the solution.
    • Opens the doors to SMEs and gives them access to a challenging new market.

    Business Model

    The Youseeme Marketplace
    Youseeme is a mobile application and a pioneer tokenised marketplace platform in the Reciprocal Trade Industry and sharing economy. It provides reach to a vast new market and distribution channels for products, services, excess capacity, media and accommodations, amongst others.
    The Youseeme Exchange enables businesses and entrepreneurs to pay and receive BARTCOINS (proprietary virtual currency), thus increasing sales to new customers locally and globally.
    The BARTCOIN economy is built on a network of merchants and consumers forming a community. We provide buyers and sellers with a stable and fast settlement currency to transact day-to-day business affairs at very low fees. The BARTCOIN economy also provides access to the digital currency markets through selected investments on the Blockchain network. We aim to be a user-friendly surplus economy that provides security, and value appreciation.

    About Bartcoins

     Users EARN Bartcoins as a redeem, the equivalent 2 to 4% of the total amount paid2 every time they purchase from any partner shop or business,
     When goods are purchased from a partner, the Bartcoin reward is paid.
     Partner-traders will offer to the Bartcoin community special deals that can be paid only with Bartcoins, therefore buyers can accumulate more of them.
     A wide array of products and services is available for purchase with Bartcoins in the online marketplace.
     Traders create the Bartcoin community.
     Traders are part of the Bartcoin strategy because they create their own loyalty programs.
     Traders control the relationship with their users, thanks to the CRM at their disposal to manage their customers’ base and send regular updates and deals.

    The Bartwallet : E-wallet and trading Platform.

     Payment platform built-in.
     Crypto-currencies payment platform built-in
     Crypto-currencies trading platform built-in
     One unique wallet with multi- fiat currencies and crypto
     Low-cost transaction fees.
     Crypto bank for cryptocurrencies deposit.

    Marketing Tools

     Marketing and advertising tools are integrated in the app.
     Loyalty and cash back programs are also integrated
     Business applications and solutions are available upon request.
    Integrated services:
     Digital identity management interface for ID KYC database and updates.
     Money Laundering-safe process and tools.
     Real-time database update on questionable individuals.
     Enterprise Fraud Prevention Solution.
     Protection against Terrorism financing.
     Applications enabling small businesses to rapidly develop and launch Mobile Shops.

    Loyalty Program

     There are a number of reasons why conventionally designed loyalty rewards programs are unpopular, and soon to be obsolete. Those include, lack of intrinsic or perceived value, lack of transparency, and difficulty to transfer or use the reward points. The result is that loyalty programs and reward points often end up unused by discouraged consumers, due to their complicated and rigid points redeeming policies.
     The Youseeme loyalty program is, on the other hand, clear, straightforward, and highly rewarding. It was developed on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, a decentralized platform featuring smart contract functionality
     Our program was designed to connect the fragmented loyalty market and increase its efficiency, decentralising data and authorisations and reducing costs associated with data management and security. It also decreases the risk of attacks and data theft, or mishandling.


     Cryptocurrencies and FIAT currency wallets and trading.
     Exchange from FIAT into crypto coins and back.
     No intermediary banks.
     Minimal transfer fee
     No installation fees.
     Traders can accept payments in any currency and receive them in their local currency.

    High Levels of Security

    The security of data is a number one Youseeme ® priority. At Youseeme the storage of information is compliant with the very strict European rules.
    All of Youseeme’s fileservers function in a controlled and isolated OVH Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) state. A continuous audit of the system is done, which allows for the actions of scammers to be instantaneously discovered and thwarted. File server are certified ISO27001. Attestations SOC 1 TYPE II ET SOC 2 TYPE II
    The security of personal user data is ensured through the use of modern high-security encryption technology.
    In parallel, 98% of all assets within the bounds of the platform are stored on Internal System cold storage wallets.

    Loyalty Programs

    Our competitors include Carrefour MyClub, City Card – Time Out Dubai, Sirius, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, Amazon Prime, Connector Loyalty Card, Amber, Tamayaz – Union Coop, Club Apparel, Habtoor Hotels Loyal, Love My Points, Shukran Card, Snapp and Blu.
    Competition disadvantages
     Most of our competitors have no wallet for payment, and don’t offer cash back
     They offer points for spending on a ratio 1:5
     They offer discounts only
     Their points have an expiration date
     Their points are redeemable only at selected or limited partners

     Their points are redeemable only in store

    Wallet Providers

    Most Wallet Service Providers focus on speculative transactions into the crypto-currency market. Very few have wallet participating merchants who accept wallet payments, even if it’s only in crypto tokens
    Mobile Applications
    Mobile applications, such as Deliveroo and UberEats, bill the user and get paid directly. Merchants receive the money several weeks later. The cost is around 25 %, which is very high and not sustainable on the long run.
    Business Challenges Resolved
    Normally, traders must develop their own dedicated application, integrate a payment platform and hire a digital marketing service provider. They also must promote their own loyalty program, install their marketing software and tools, and compete with big corporations. Youseeme provides all of the above in one turnkey, lost-cost solution.

    Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications, such as Deliveroo and UberEats, bill the user and get paid directly. Merchants receive the money several weeks later. The cost is around 25 %, which is very high and not sustainable on the long run.

    Business Challenges Resolved

    Normally, traders must develop their own dedicated application, integrate a payment platform and hire a digital marketing service provider. They also must promote their own loyalty program, install their marketing software and tools, and compete with big corporations. Youseeme provides all of the above in one turnkey, lost-cost solution


    Octave-UCME was created in 2016. It has now completed the main technical developments at a cost of over 600 000 £á. The purpose of the ICO is to cover marketing and communication costs to launch the first applications in Europe and USA, and to hire more employees and engineers for future developments.

    „X November 2018: Launching in France of the first market place application powered by OCTAVE-UCME platform, Youseeme
    „X February/May 2019: ICO with the aim to raise 5 140 000 BARC
    „X November 2019 Registration and securing an E-Money license in Europe
    „X December 2019: Aggressive launch of the applications in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Belgium.
    „X January 2020: Registration/Securing an E-Money license in the USA
    „X March 2020: Launch the application in the North American markets, United States, Canada, and Mexico.
    „X May 2020: Registration and procuring of PSP license in Asia

    Token Details:

    During the ICO, the Octave UCME Bartwallet will issue and distribute the BARTCOIN tokens.
    Octave UCME token
    Token name BARC
    Platform Ethereum
    Standard ERC-20
    Price: 1 €/ BARC
    Hard cap: 5,140 000.00 BARC
    Maximum number of tokens to be released 165,000,000.00 BARC
    Bonus pre-ICO 2 M BARC: 25% = 0.25 €/ BARC
    Bonus ICO M 1 1.640 M BARC: 15% = 0.15 € / BARC
    Bonus ICO M2 1.5 M BARC: 5% = 0.05 € / BARC
    PS: Bartcoins are available to purchase here
    1 BARTCOIN = €UR 1 / U$D 1, 20 / £0, 85 GB

    A number of tokens will be eliminated to compensate for the discount made at the ICO as follows:
    Year 1 to 3 year: 2 000 000 x 0.25 = 500 000 BARC
    Year Four: 1 640 000 x 0.15 = 246 000 BARC
    Year Five: 1 500 000 x 0.05 = 75 000 BARC
    This will restore the amount of the discounted Bartcoins to their initial value of 1 (One) €uro each.
    Additionally, 25% of the company’s net profits will be amortised in order to increase the value of the remaining Bartcoins on the market.

    Use of Funds

     Marketing & Branding:
    o Logo, image and website redesign to better appeal to target market
    o Marketing of apps.
    o Online and offline advertising
    o Email marketing
    o Social media
    o Gamification marketing
     Launching Youseeme app in the US market
     Opening the UK and other European markets
     Engaging sales executives and technical support
     Participation in industry events
     Copywriting, and various required licenses and legal fees
     On-going research and technical development






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