(PreICO) Globiance (GBEX) - The Next generation Exchange & Payment Solution

  • Our vision:

    Globiance vision is to provide financial services for professional and personal customers.The Globiance platform covers exchange and trading of Crypto and Fiat currencies, payment solutions and worldwide money transfers.

    The goal is to make it so simple and attractive to use these services that customers will keep their money on the platform and use it for many everyday matters. Globiance would like to offer a platform to reward investors and traders via cashback, rebates and discounts.

    Personal & Business Services

    We offer a platform to reward investors and traders via cashback, rebates and discounts

    Unlike many blockchain startups, we already have an established business which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap. Our solution make the market more effective, with higher volume and highest liquidity.

    Current Account

    Open a personal or business account in less than 5 minutes

    Payment Cards

    Get your physical and virtual cards and use it at anytime, anywhere

    Money Transfers

    Send money instantly and for free within the network

    Exchange Platform

    Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies

    KYC Data Bank

    Offer a user-friendly KYC service to your clients

    Secure Wallets

    Globiance keeps your crypto assets safe by using a combination of hot and cold wallets

    KYC Payment Module

    Payment solution for high-risk industries (Gambling, iGaming, Adult, Tourism, Cryptocurrencies…)

    Our token

    We offer a platform to reward investors and traders via cashback, rebates and discounts

    The virtual financial asset is a utility token, from now on referred to as a “coin”. The name of the coin is GBEX (GloBiance EXchange) Coin and it is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

    The coin can be used on the Globiance platform to pay for transaction fees, listing fees and for payments to connected merchants. When paying for the exchange fees using the GBEX Coin, users will benefit from a 30% discount in the first year, a 15% discount in the second year, and a 10% discount from the third year and all following years.

    The prices for the various coin sale programs as part of Globiance’s ICO are:


    Public Sale

    In the pre-sale phase 200,000,000 bonus coins will be issued. There will be restrictions of transferability on such bonus coins.

    Token sale Terms:

    Fiat<>Crypto Trading

    Integrated individual IBAN Accounts SEPA/SWIFT


    KYC Platform

    Virtual and Plastic cards (Visa or Mastercard)

    Security Token Trading

    Traditional Assets Trading


    0.02 EUR per GBEX - Pre Sales (18th February until 4th March or sold out) - 33% discount

    0.03 EUR per GBEX - Public Sales (from 5th March until 31st March) - no discount

    1st April - Go-Live of the Platform

    Token info




    Timeline and Milestones:

    Token ICO Private Sales started on May 1st 2018 – Pre Sales started on February 18th 2019

    2018 – Q3/Q4

    Globiance has already finished a roadshow in Asia and successfully exhibited at Malta Blockchain Summit. All license applications have been initiated and the cryptocurrency exchange system is functional.

    2019 – Q1

    The plan is to complete the Pre-Sales of Globiance Coins. The cryptocurrency exchange, KYC System and payment gateway will be launched to work with the GBEX coin as soon as the token is approved.

    2019 – Q2

    The public sale phase of our ICO is completed and the Globiance Coin (GBEX) will start trading on the Globiance exchange. Finalizing the financial services integration.

    2019 – Q3/Q4

    Further expansion of the cryptocurrency exchange, KYC System, financial services and payment gateway.




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