These are the Top 5 Crypto Trends for 2019 - You can't miss out.

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    1. Decantralized Exchange: It will dominate 2019, with a Decantralized Exchange we can keep our own funds so we can use them directly with our own private key and keep the funds with ourself.

    2. Institutional money: It has been really pushed this year. We have products ike backed being launched and it's done by the people who ran New York stock exchange.

    3. Security Token Offerings: 2019 is the year of Security Token Offerings. That's because STO solved a ot of issue that were happening in the ICO space. STO allow companies that can issue STO to directly give percentages of their profit into a Security token and fixes the problem of new Token Economy.

    4. Gaming Projects: Crypto kitties sold 12 Million Dollars worth of Kitties as a demo game. 

    5. Lightning Network and Layer to Scaling solutions: Etherium and Bitcoin need scaling, as it's not performed well like it did to it's previous year. The growth of lightning network was slow, however. it's gaining pace and have around 2030 Nodes and 500 capacity for the network.

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