Pieta (PITC) An Ecosystem for Solar Powered Crypto Mining on Blockchain

  • Pieta is the world’s first blockchain project that aims to minimize the cost of cryptocurrency mining and make it more accessible and environment-friendly. It will be done with the use of the new X20 algorithm which reduces energy consumption in blockchain mining by keeping the mining hardware cool. The low energy (carbon) emission will also have a positive impact on the environment. In addition, Pieta is also committed to encouraging the use of renewable solar energy in the crypto mining process to further reduce its cost and save the environment.

    Pieta is a different kind of blockchain project founded with the purpose of increasing the use of solar energy in
    blockchain mining and other related industries worldwide. The aim is to reduce the cost of crypto mining and
    power consumption in the mining process in order to protect the environment from the adverse impacts of carbon
    release. Pieta utilizes the new X20 algorithm to minimize energy consumption in blockchain mining and make it
    more affordable for everyone.
    The true vision of any decentralised solution provider should be to put the interest of one and all participants
    ahead of itself. This philosophy is embedded at the very heart of the PIETA Coin. Powered by the new X20 Algorithm,
    the Pieta Coin reduces mining electricity consumption by 50%. This coupled with the Pieta’s core objective
    of accelerating renewable energy adoption rate among common people, industries and investors makes Pieta the
    game changing innovative blockchain solution that benefits Pieta Token Owners, Pieta Token Miners, Business
    Owners, and most importantly society and environment at large


    The thing to note is that blockchain mining consumes a lot of power. According to a research report, the Bitcoin
    mining network consumes over 2.55 gigawatts electricity, which is nearly equal to the electricity required to power
    a small country like Ireland (3.1 gigawatts).

    High Cost of Electricity and Mining Hardware is limiting Mining Rewards

    Today mining has evolved from being a single-room operation to an enterprise structure in itself. If you want to
    become a miner today the upfront cost for high-powered computer equipment coupled with the cooling environment
    setup requirement will make it difficult to turn profitable within the first few years. Hence, unlike the early
    stages of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, today mining is a expensive affair and beyond the scale and capability
    of SMEs.
    Miners earn in cryptocurrencies based on a preset ratio against the total coins mined by them. This prompts them
    to employ maximum computing capabilities for maximum profits. However, this is a strategy employed by one
    and all within the mining community and hence turns the entire effort and investment into a futile event. Mining
    rewards are limited which are further crippled by growing competition and towering electricity bills. As per reports,
    the last year alone saw 700% increase in mining power consumpt

    High Co2 Emission

    Co2 Emission is one problem that tops the list of all template warnings released by global environmental watch
    dogs each year. In fact, the concern is so high that climate change and Co2 emission has dominated G20 World
    summit for the last few years. The 2018 G20 Summit saw declaration for focussed commitments on 2015 Paris
    Agreement by countries across the globe.
    Primary energy sources for electricity include coal, natural gas, uranium, the sun, wind or water.
    In developing and underdeveloped economies coal is used extensively over other sources because of its abundant
    supply and low cost. But a primary byproduct of producing electricity from coal is Co2. 41% of the Co2 emission
    is a result of electricity generation. This is alarming and catastrophic for current and future generations.
    Blockchain supporters refer it as a technology of the people, for the people and by the people. But for it to be the
    true people’s technology it must face the current mining woes head on without delay

    Limited Accessibility

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in their nascent stage. The crypto wallets are still an alien concept for a
    larger section of the global audience. A primary reason behind this is the technological know-how that users need
    to educate themselves with. This can be a big deal breaker considering the larger picture of global blockchain
    adoption. Especially in developing and under-developed economies where even traditional commerce and finance
    institutions are in a lacklustre state, expecting the general populace to adopt blockchain solution with immediate
    effect will definitely be a shot in the dark


    The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies demands a blockchain platform which is not only easy to adopt but also
    makes cryptocurrency mining cost effective. Pieta Blockchain Solution puts Customer and Miner interest ahead of
    its own for an all-inclusive blockchain solution. Affordable Mining coupled with cost-effectiveness will fastrack
    mainstream blockchain adoptibility with operational profitability for Miners.

    At a time when wide scale adoption of renewable energy sources remains a much needed step for the greater
    good of the present and future generation, Pieta hopes to be the torchbearer for faster adoption of smart solar
    power and other renewal energy solutions that benefits daily platform users, traders, businesses, and miners
    alike. A part of the accrues from Pieta coin pre-sale and ICO will be used for putting into place a renewable
    energy solution that is economical, sustainable and most importantly socially fair.

    While part of Pieta’s energy efficient blockchain solution will be driven by energy efficient Mining Hardware like
    ASIC from bitmain, a primary part of it will be software based too. At the core of the Pieta Solution is the X20 algorithm.
    The X20 Algorithm will not only make transaction fast, secure and scalable benefiting businesses and daily
    token users alike , it will also make mining an overly simplified process. The click and mine process will not only
    encourage common people with minimum technical aptitude to invest in Mining operation but also reduce the
    operational cost by a good factor for profitability. For starters, the X20 Algorithm coupled with the ASIC Solar

    Hardware will reduce electricity consumption by nearly half for miners. This subsequently will mean lower transaction

    rate which will drive Pieta Coin usage and this demand will accelerate the token value and the in the process
    benefit token owners, investors, and the miners.

    Low-cost, Renewable, Eco-friendly Solar Energy for Blockchain Mining

    As the world moves towards a greener future powered by Solar and Wind energy, Blockchain Industry, though still
    in its infant stages, must take steps now than later. Mining with each passing day is becoming an affair reserved
    for the status quo. In the long run, this can lead to a situation where a handful of few are in control of the entire
    cryptocurrency market. A single most demolishing threat today for the decentralised blockchain framework is the
    rise and rise of Mining oligarchy. Add to this the comparatively cheaper electricity rates in SouthEast Asia and
    China which could force migration of cryptocurrency powercenters to places where regulations and sanctions are
    neither fair nor trustable. Keeping these in mind Low-cost, Renewable, Eco-friendly Solar Energy for Blockchain
    Mining will save than just a few key fronts for the Blockchain Industry in the present and the future.
    Mining Accessible to One and All.
    Reduce Electricity Consumption for Making Mining Operations Cost-Effective.
    Preventing Mining Oligarchy and Centralisation of Cryptocurrency Economy.

    X20 Hashing algorithm to keep Mining Hardware Cooler (Reduce Power Consumption)
    The X20 Algorithm has following two primary function and benefi

    X20 Function

    Reduces Maximum Block size to 2 MB and Block processing/execution time to 20 seconds. This cryptic
    fragmentation allows for scalability and speed in transactions. Simultaneously runs/executes 20 Round of
    Hashes for real time transaction verifications. Makes mining speed 20 times faster than other blockchains.

    X20 benefits

    Mining Efficiency: The reduced block sizes and block time can overburden standard Mining Hardware
    leading to processor overloading and heating. But with the X20 Algorithm the processor stays cooler
    irrespective of the size and scale of the transaction pool. This renders a double advantage to miner
    with prolonged life for mining devices and reduced power consumption.

    Lower Transaction Fees: As the block verification process is cooler and faster, Pieta can offer its platform
    services at nearly zero-costs. This means greater accessibility and adoption for blockchain and
    cryptocurren cies among masses

    Pieta Coin is a new-age digital asset with features apt to dominate the current landscape of decentralized
    cryptocurrencies and products. Powered by the revolutionary X20 algorithm, Pieta offers a blockchain
    envi ronment that is not only self-sustaining but also offers inclusive growth opportunities for one and all. In
    sharp contrast to the current line of blockchain solution providers, Pieta offers an all-encompassing
    blockchain environment that rewards ICO participants, early investors, miners, service providers and
    seekers alike. Here’s a table that lists the Pieta Solution against other blockchain Solutions.

    An Easy, User-friendly Mining Experience
    One of the aims of the Pieta platform is to deliver a simplified and secure mining experience to all the users
    through an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed and used by anyone irrespective of their technical knowledge,
    skills and mining experience. This is to ensure that everyone can benefit from the cryptocurrency economy 
    and earn Pieta tokens through efficient and cost-effective mining


    To drive adoption of blockchain powered renewable and efficient energy solution for businesses of all scale and
    size. At the same time, Pieta envisions to make Mining a profitable and attractive affair for everyone irrespective of
    the individuals technological and financial prowess.


    Ensure fasttrack adoption of Green Energy Sources.
    Make Solar Energy the key energy source for efficient businesses operations.
    Drive Awareness Programmes to educate one and all about the present and future benefits of a smart,
    sustainable and comprehensive energy system.
    Solar (Renewable) Energy Power Plants and Projects
    An important part of the Pieta Roadmap is to fund promising solar projects spread across the global map. This
    world together drive wide scale awareness and adoption of renewable as well as eco-friendly traditional energy

    Cryptocurrency Mining

    Unlike the early stages when cryptocurrency transactions were far and few, today the transactions have multiplied
    by a significant factor. Accordingly, the miners community has witnessed a population explosion of some sort. This
    explosion has forced miners with limited finance and resources out of business. On the contrary, the community is
    now dominated by mining oligarchs which is a threat to the mining community and the blockchain-cryptocurrency
    model at large.
    Pieta’s X20 Algorithm offers a efficient and cost effective solution to the mining crisis. It does this by reducing block
    size and block execution time to 20 seconds. This offers a wide transaction pool for miners. Secondly, it shoots 20
    rounds of hashes for a particular transaction. This makes verification process faster while subsequently reducing
    processing load on the mining resources. The cooler mining resources cut energy cost by a big factor which makes
    the whole mining operation affordable as well as accessible for everyone.


    The Pieta token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency. It will be the loyalty token for the project investors and will also work
    as the supporting token for completing the roadmap tasks of the project. The buyers will be rewarded with tokens
    for their positive contribution to the growth of the platform. Pieta token will also be accepted as payment/currency
    by participating businesses and it can also be exchanged for Ethereum (ETH) through a number of supporting exchanges.

    Pieta token will be developed on the (Ethereum) blockchain network in order to make it easy to access and use by
    the investors. The token will have many features such as low energy consumption, low transaction fees, faster
    transactions and a high level of securit

    Termination of Inflation

    Adequate steps have been taken to avoid inflation of Pieta token by keeping the available supply lower than
    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A limited 18,00,000 available supply of Pieta tokens will be released. Also,
    there will be a restriction on the maximum number of tokens each user can buy. This is to avoid complete
    domination and control of the token by a single entity, as Pieta coin seeks the interest of the entire community
    through a sustainable economic strategy.
    A specific percentage of the total token supply will be kept in reserve to ensure there is no market control issue in
    the future

    Who Would Benefit From Pieta Coin?

    Anyone who is interested in joining the cryptocurrency revolution and looking for a reliable blockchain project to
    invest in is going to benefit by investing in the Pieta Coin. These include:
    Merchants and businesses who want to increase their sales and lower their costs through Pieta’s features
    like low energy consumption, lower transaction fees and faster transactions and a higher level of security;
    Investors and token enthusiasts who want help in driving cryptocurrency adoption and increasing cross-op
    erational ability and earn handsome returns;
    The users who are looking for a low-cost entry point into the cryptocurrency market


    Pieta will launch a fully-featured digital wallet platform and application by November 2019. The Pieta wallet will
    have the basic functionalities and features, including the ability to store and manage tokens. The wallet will enable
    its users to effectively manage all their tokens in a single place and use them for various kinds of transactions. The
    focus will be on keeping the transaction speed high and the transaction cost low to ensure that everyone can use it
    for secure and affordable payments.
    The Pieta wallet app will have a user-friendly interface along with a very easy to use panel where the wallet users
    can hold their tokens, check balance, track their spendings, send/receive money and more.
    The Pieta cryptocurrency wallet will be created for each user as a part of the account creation process. The wallet
    will make it easy for the users to spend or exchange their tokens, as well as use them in mining


    There are already multiple mining-based ICOs in process out there, so it is obvious for potential investors to wonder
    as to how Pieta is better in terms of investor benefits and token applications. Here’s how.

    Multiple Revenue Streams

    Pieta business model provides multiple revenue opportunities to its investors in the following ways:
    1. Integration with another blockchain network
    The pieta system is being designed with the future capability to integrate with other blockchain solutions to maximise
    the worldwide adoption of tokens. This will enable the holders of pieta tokens to use their coins on other supported
    networks as well.
    2. Point of sale integration between customers and merchants/businesses
    Pieta coin is planning the development of a new point-of-sale network to increase usage and adoption of cryptocurrencies.
    Partnerships with local merchants/businesses will begin during the launch of the project and will be expanded
    to other countries over time. All the merchants and businesses in the Pieta PoS network will be empowered to
    provide their products/services in exchange for Pieta tokens.

    Earn from Mining

    The best revenue mechanism on the Pieta Platform is governed by its ability as a blockchain mining platform. Users
    as well as investors of the project can maximize their earnings by mining Pieta tokens through our simple and
    cost-effective mining system. The low cost of solar energy ensures high profitability. Miners are get paid 12 tokens
    for each block they creat

    The best revenue mechanism on the Pieta Platform is governed by its ability as a blockchain mining platform. Users
    as well as investors of the project can maximize their earnings by mining Pieta tokens through our simple and
    cost-effective mining system. The low cost of solar energy ensures high profitability. Miners are get paid 12 tokens
    for each block they create

    Bonus and Airdrop

    33% of the total supply of Pieta tokens will be used for bonus purpose. Bonus is a specific token pool reserved for
    the early investors and users of the Pieta Network. Bonus will be distributed according to pre-specified terms during
    the ICO sales as well as through the Airdrop program.
    Wondering why we are giving out so many tokens in bonus? This is with the aim to re-instill investors’ trust in the
    ICO market. In the recent time, ICOs have become badly popular for scam and failed projects. While many investors
    have already lost their money in bad token sales, others have simply decided to avoid investing in this market.
    Pieta wants to improve the market situation through a reliable project that believes in sharing its profits with the
    investors and users

    Trading on Exchanges

    Pieta is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency which has been enabled to trade against other ERC20 tokens via top crypto
    exchanges. The token will be listed on a number of exchanges soon after the ICO is finished.
    In order to trade Pieta tokens via an external exchange, the user will have to register on that exchange and search
    for Pieta token there. The trading will be available only with supported tokens and at the live price at the time

    Earn Money While Saving Nature By Joining Pieta Network

    Our Smart Contract

    pragma solidity ^0.4.25;
    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    // 'Pieta' token contract
    // Deployed to : 0xf5673c0ad28ca6a0064670ce1fe2a73ce847c74f
    // Symbol      : PITC
    // Name        : Pieta
    // Total supply: 18000000
    // Decimals    : 4
    // Enjoy.







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