Weave ICO - the universal cryptocurrency for Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • What is Weave?

    WEARVR is uniquely and advantageously positioned as the only completely independent app store within the virtual and augmented reality ecosystem and community. We have long-standing relationships and a strong reputation with the users (mostly gamers) and developers of VR/AR apps as well as a growing number of VR/AR headset (HMD) manufacturers. These different stakeholder groups are interrelated and face friction and adoption obstacles that can be greatly improved by the integration of both blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, for the benefit of themselves individually as well as the market as a whole.

    We have a clear vision and a defined plan to leverage our market position to introduce the de-facto cryptocurrency to power the entire ecosystem and utilise blockchain protocols to drive increased usage of VR/AR, create new (and needed) content, reduce copyright theft and super-charge new business models within the markets.

    For a token to be successful it needs to have participants (people willing to purchase and use it)- we already have deep business relationships with all key stakeholders in the VR/AR market, which will be greatly enhanced by our blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives. We are launching Weave with a clear mission - to create the universal cryptocurrency for VR/AR markets.

    Product Strategy

    Existing Centralised App Store

    We're going to super-charge our existing app store, of over 3000 apps,
    by integrating Weave as a reward and payment mechanic. We'll be
    airdropping Weave to all our users, with bonuses for site engagement
    (rating apps, commenting, recommending friends). Also, apps will be
    discounted if purchased with Weave.

    New Decentralised App Store

    Sitting alongside our existing store, we'll be launching a blockchain
    powered decentralized app store. This links developers closer to users,
    with zero commission fees, discounted app prices and smart contracts to
    secure asset ownership.

    Crowdfunded VR Content

    WEAVE will be used by the community to fund exciting new VR projects,
    this gives the community a voice on what’s made, as well as a great
    opportunity for content creators to raise funding. Once the app is
    funded the investors will receive a portion of the revenue generated.

    Mixed Reality Goods Store

    Our MRG (Mixed Reality Goods) market will allow creators,
    buyers and sellers to exchange digital assets, using Weave as
    the exclusive currency. We will create and manage this exchange,
    which will be blockchain-driven and supported by smart contracts
    to provide proof of ownership

    The VR Ecosystem

    We've spent over three years laying the foundations and business relationships to be the best placed company to launch a dedicated cryptocurrency for the VR/AR market. Our partnerships include HMD manufacturers, developers, expo organisations and several others.

    Token details

    Token name





    Built on Stellar

    Total token supply


    Tokens available for sale


    Soft cap


    Hard cap



    1 Weave = $0.10 USD

    Private sale starts

    12th September, 2018

    Public sale starts

    March, 2019

    Sign Up For The Weave Airdrop


    Starting from the 5,000th registrant, every 500th airdrop sign-up will receive a Weave bonus equivalent to $500 and every 1000th sign-up will receive a Weave bonus equivalent to $1,000.

    If you refer a friend and they register for our airdrop then you also get a Weave referral bonus of the same amount. For example, if you refer the 5,500 person who joins our airdrop then you and the person you referred both get a $500 Weave reward.

    How to participate in the Weave airdrop

    Join our Telegram group and remain a member until the airdrop takes place. You will also need to let us know your Telegram ID

    Sign Up For The Weave Airdrop:https://weave.wearvr.com/en/ai...






    white paper:https://weave.wearvr.com/white...

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