Factom’s 1st Anniversary

  • Our quest to secure the world's systems and data has been exciting and challenging so far. The simple, yet powerful idea of Factom has led us to travel all over the world. We have been blessed to speak with leaders from almost every industry.

    It has become clear that data and system integrity is a significant problem worth solving. There is a strong need for permanent, unchangeable data across both public and private sectors.

    Over the last two years, we have been working hard to make Factom a reality. We have come a long way from our very first speech on Factom by Brian Deery, our chief scientist.

    We are building Factom so that developers can utilize permanent and unchangeable data, at scale, in any application. The first pioneers have been DataYes, Ancun, Intrinio, and Poloniex helping us secure stock market data, notarize documents, and build a digital history that developers can build on.

    We are launching an updated brand and website on our anniversary. The new website integrates Factom.com and Factom.org websites, giving us a clean, unified look and feel. The website has a dedicated section devoted to our development community. We will be rolling out new resources and tools to support our valued community over the next few weeks. Our Acolyte service for Smart Contract oracle creation is available for alpha testing now.

    We have also added the Factom Live Network Usage ticker. This exciting new feature allows anyone to see how many records, entries, and anchors have been placed into the Factom network in real time.

    If you come across mistakes or things that just don’t feel right, while exploring our newly branded website, please let us know. You can send us reports about bugs you find to to our contact page here.

    Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community.

    The Factom Team

    Also, here are photos of our little celebration.

    Factom Ann 1 4Factom Ann 1 3

    Factom Ann 1 2Factom Ann 1 1

    By Tiana Laurence – CMO

    A serial entrepreneur, Tiana started her first business at 16. Most recently, Tiana co-founded Digital Aptitude, a marketing agency. After selling her company, Tiana joined the Factom Inc. team. Tiana loves helping young aspiring entrepreneurs learn about business. She has spent time volunteering with Rotary, Young Entrepreneurs Business Week, and The Portland State Entrepreneurs Club. Tiana has a BA in Business and Leadership from Portland State University.

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