WOX ICO - Hybrid Intelligence Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange & Payment System

  • WOX will be the foremost decentralized platform whose
    objective is to change the current status quo of the
    cryptocurrency exchange industry with it native blockchain
    and native coin.
    WOX coin is a peer-to-peer coin that is be operated and
    protected with the cryptographic technology of the WOX
    blockchain based on the WOX protocol to ensure the highest
    level of security and will be used to incentive platform users.
    With WOX you can having transaction between 2 different
    public and private blockchains with a unique address which
    defined in WOX protocol.


    We understand that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies need to be presented to the whole world so that people can be adequately informed about the opportunities and strength that abounds in them. Interestingly, this can only be achieved if financial companies and start-ups active in the field are ready to aid them. As such, BTCBear is on a mission to grow into the number one P2P decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. That aids the expansion of the us e of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To achieve this BTCBear Company has already initiated its activity by presenting a unique and professional, yet simple and user-friendly system.

    We strive to create a platform that unites the world of traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market, so as to become one the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in the next 2 years and improve on our ranking until we become the first and go-to P2P decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. We also aim to ensure the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies for daily activities such as online buying and selling and facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon using our novel BTCBear payment system and Hybrid Exchange and payment Apart from this, we also plan to be the first company on the mind of everyone for instant and secure conversion of cryptocurrencies to their local currency of our users. This is not all, since BTCBear facilitate cryptocurrency trading, we hold in high esteem the minimization of the loss that is usually experienced by traders and at the same time ensure profitability of our cryptocurrency trading systems via using new and up-to-date technologies.

    With this, all newbie traders can easily initiate their transactions by using appropriate strategies and professional traders can multiply their profit through using the appropriate leverage provided by our platform. We are also attempting to provide a great comprehensive service for all people around the world to allow them to make use of cryptocurrency in the simplest possible way anywhere in the world where they have access to Internet and to buy or sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin and achieve high profitability in return. BTCBear Company also seek to establish the largest cryptocurrency payment systems as well as create a Bitcoin payment and receiving plug-ins with the highest security possible , while also ensuring the availability of such in multiple languages such as English, Russian and Korean. BTCBear Company has a strong financial team throughout Europe and Asia to help achieve this and this is a positive point for financial affairs.

    What Makes BTCBear Unique / Why Use BTCBear

    Companies that carry out crypto trading and exchange already exists but out greatest weapon for the success of BTCBear is the great enthusiasm among its teams to successfully achieve the short and long-term goals of the company. With us, decentralized P2P Lending can be carried out seamlessly and users can lend their money to traders without any risks and reasonable daily profit. We also create leverage which is set to help professional traders with technical analytical knowledge of the industry trade with higher balance. 2. What Makes BTCBear Unique / Why Use BTCBear The company has the potential of huge profitability in short term (3-7 years) owning to the long-term experience and expertise of our team in the cyptocurrency and financial trading space. It is worthy to note that the company already has initial validation as it already attracts a significant number of members without prior advertisement.

    Highlighted and explained below are some key factors that
    make BTCBear unique:

    BTCBear is the first online cryptocurrency exchange company in the
    world that uses the Mirro r Trading.
    BTCBear uses leverage to attract multiple traders around the world.
    The company has initiated its a ctivity as a Cryptocurrency Tra ding
    System and a payment gateway.
    The company aims to cover a large number of online stores aro und the
    world in the future and provide cryptocurrency payment plug-in as well as
    payment invoice to increase adoption and facilitat e safety of their money
    through using Hybrid Exchange Innovation.
    BTC bear also aim to provide professional trading services in
    mobile-based apps so that pl atform users can manage their trading from
    anywhere in the world. This will include the use of online charts along with
    a variety of indicato rs: last price, user panel, online wallets of
    cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Neo etc. All
    compatible with operating systems such as iOS, And roid and Windows.
    To ensure the security of users’ crypto assets, at least 95% of users’
    cryptocurrencies balance is stored in very safe Cold Storage Wallet.
    The Company has the potential to include other currencies in the near
    future, such as yen, pound, rubles, rail, Canadian dollar and New Zealand
    dollar etc.
    There is also the option of management strategy and trading with
    sub-accounts for corporate and institutional clients.
    Finally, the company has a dedicated support team which provides strong
    24/7 support to respond to clients and resolve their problems in some
    world’s major languages s

      Funds Allocation

    • Market Liquidity:55%
    • Development:13%
    • Marketing Plans and PR: 11%
    • Legal Cost :4%
    • Security:9%
    • Int Expansion:8%
    • Private Sale Price:$0.025
    • Public Sale Price:$0.035 - $0.050

      Token Distribution

    • Total Token Supply:1 Billion WOX
    • Private Sale:12%
    • Public Sale:50%
    • Foundation:8%
    • Retained By Company:22%
    • Advisors:5%
    • Reward Pool:3%
    • Pre-sale Minimum Purchase Amount:$50,000

    WOX Network is BTCBear crowdsale event to funding discovering something new on the blockchain space and development a high-quality decentralize and centralize exchangeand payment system.






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