Big Airdrop - up to 1000 ATPC Tokens

  • Get generous rewards from 40 to 1000 ATPC tokens for simple tasks. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 250.

    Estimate Value: $40 - $1000
    Estimated Token Cost: 1 ATPC ~ $1.00
    Circulating Supply: 500 000 ATPC
    Max Supply: 3 000 000 ATPC

    Open Airdrop Form*

    1) Join Telegram Group.
    2) Subscribe Reddit.
    3) In your twitter write tweet with a link and hashtags.
    4) In your facebook write post with a link and hashtags.
    5) Submit Waves wallet address, only from the service
    6) You can earn an additional 20 ATPC for every referral.
    Submit your details to the airdrop form (usernames, tweet link, post link, Waves address).

    Referral Contest!

    Invite a lot of friends and get extra big rewards!

    Winners receive:

    1. Place 1000 ATPC

    2. Place 500 ATPC

    3. Place 100 ATPC

  • Fill out the form for airdrop without errors!

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