Omni State of the Layer: All Hands Sep 06 2016

  • State of the Layer: All Hands – Sep 06 2016


    1.Updates on new integrators

    2.Omniwallet DEx interface status

    3.Omni Core / Bitcoin Core 0.13 updates

    4.Taking AmbiSafe ethereum issuance / Omni on Ethereum

    1. Need someone to coordinate with Andrey

    5.Single-Funding address

    6.Updates to Python scripts for Class C compatibility



    1.Getting back up to speed and reviewing tickets with Marv

    2.Added couple new support articles to knowledge base


    1.Blog post on server set-up

    2.Testing Omniwallet – closing in on final UI-level bugs before we activate MetaDex, could be a few days

    3.Close to DEx trading system live testing

    4.Started an incorporation to issue a token for PARK


    1.Helped out to retrieve stuck tokens from multisig wallets

    2.Setup a new test server with Patrick

    3.Working on 0.13 port



    1.Bugfixes for current v6 prod

    2.Lots of work towards v7 development


    1.Helped Marv with resolving private key export

    2. OmniJ

    1.Added pluggable FeeCalculator interface — almost ready for 0.4.0 release

    2.Fixed and re-enabled 2 disabled Omni Core integration tests

    3.Sidechain work

    1.Can now debug bitcoind/omnicored with Xcode

    2.Dependency updates to DexX7’s java-libbitcoinconsensus



    1.Some progress on OmniPortfolio. Most time this week was spent understanding the Bitcoin Core code and tests and segregated witness



    1.User support while Adam was away

    1.(spiceworks seems to be a useful support tool)

    2.Discovering opportunities to prevent users from making trouble for themselves


    1.Found and reported a bug to Zathras

    2.DEx question – do any state or federal government regulations/restrictions apply?


    1.Ongoing Communication with projects

    2.Preparing for hackathon

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