{ANN} BitLuckCoin [BTLC]

  • ABOUT BitLuckCoin

    BitLuckCoin is a new cryptocurrency, it was launched in 2016 by a restricted team of passionate crypto-enthusiasts. It is based on the promising Ethereum technology (currently the 2nd most valued cryptocurrency in the World after Bitcoin) and aims to provide its own ecosystem thanks to a different vision. Over the months, and after various events in the life of a young product such as a cryptocurrency, BitLuckCoin is now moving to a bright future thanks to an ever growing team of talented people.

    BitLuckCoin funding is done via an operation called premine. All of the funds are secured and distributed over a long period of time to ensure long term development.

    What is the blockchain?

    The blockchain is a kind of database shared between all people around the world, inherited from bitcoin technology. BitLuckCoin blockchain is amongst the most advanced type of blockchain.

    Where can I get BitLuckCoin?

    You can buy BitLuckCoin in a place called an Exchange. Click on the

    EXCHANGES link at the top of this page, and choose an exchange to buy from


    POS INTEREST: PoS (Proof-of-Stake) 3% yearly (from non-reserved wallet balance)

    ALGORITHM: Scrypt


    BLOCK TIME: 60 sec

    LAST POW BLOCK: 3600

    TOTAL MONEY SUPPLY: 5,000,000,000 BTL

    BLOCK REWARD: BLOCKS 1-10 (premine): each 500,000,000 BTL / BLOCKS 11~3600: 100 BTL

    COIN POS AGE: Min. 1 hour / Max. unlimited

    RPC PORT: 24288 (testnet 34288 )

    P2P PORT: 24289 (testnet 34289 )

    Coin maturity: 100 confirmations


    BitLuckCoin Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT.


    EXPLORER: http://bitluckcoin.info/

    Exchange: https://c-cex.com/?p=btlc-btc

    BitLuck Coin Services

    Global accessibility

    BitLuckCoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. BitLuckCoin proof-of-stake system was developed to address the high energy consumption of Bitcoin.

    Secure transactions

    BitLuckCoin uses public-key cryptography, in which a pair of a public and a private cryptographic key is generated. The core network is maintained by coin holders and the proof-of-stake algorithm reduces the risk of 51% attacks.

    Energy and Cost Efficiency

    BitLuckCoin use Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and hit the PoS only stage. PoS is a highly energy efficient method of securing a coin's block chain. PoS mining does not require the intense computing to secure the block chain, it instead requires a small amount of CPU power, and some coins, to create new blocks within the network.

    Global peer-to-peer network

    These are the core functions of BitLuckCoin and further research is being conducted and new features will be added and existing features will be improved and expanded.

    Our Support

    BitLuckCoin employs a range of advanced privacy strategies to keep your transactions private, away from prying eyes and safe from attackers. The network will ultimately run entirely within the Tor Network to protect your true identity. BitLuckCoin will employ Native Stealth Addresses, a decentralised ‘Coin Mixing’ function that are run through the BitLuckCoin masternodes,. In the near future BitLuckCoin will also employ some form of Confidential Transactions to further obscure transaction amounts on the blockchain. This will ensure complete peace of mind for the user. Click the links below for in depth resources if you want to explore these features in more detail. Please also see the Terms of use in regards to privacy features in BitLuckCoin.

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