Lisk Community Update   September 10th, 2016

  • Country Ambassadors

    Country Ambassadors continue being a crucial part of our community, constantly providing support to incoming members. Becoming an ambassador has become tougher than ever, most people interested in becoming an ambassador dropout from the reviewing process. There are those, however, that persevere and display their commitment to the Lisk platform. Today, we would like to congratulate Daniel Vassilev (aka. danvass) as our newest country representatives!

    Australia Country Ambassador — Daniel Vassilev

    Daniel has been interested in tech since a young age and is currently studying Computer Science whilst working on his mobile applications. Over the last year he has grown two mobile apps to over 5 million users combined. Whilst participating in a startup accelerator he gained a keen interest for digital currencies and as he is primarily a JS developer Lisk stood out from the rest as the way forward for mass adoption of decentralized networks. Daniel wants to see decentralized apps make a particular impact on the mobile scene.

    How can the community help?

    One of the most common questions right now is, how can I help? Well, here are some ideas on how a community member can help the Lisk project:

    Contributing to Development

    Lisk is an open-sourced project publicly visible through our GitHub account ( Anyone with programming skills (doesn't matter if you’re a beginner or an expert) can support the project by providing possible fixes to the code. If you can read or write Javascript, Lisk will be very familiar as the core is completely written in Javascript.

    Spreading Awareness

    Do you a have knack for social media? Then this is for you. Spreading awareness might be one of the most important aspect at this moment. And even though the platform is continually updated, we believe the potential for blockchain application using sidechain is great. You can tweet, write blogs and/or articles, start a website or even speak about Lisk during blockchain meetups! There are countless ways to spread awareness, and these are just some examples.

    Looking for Vulnerabilities/Using the Test Network

    The Lisk team has a test network for Lisk running which you can find our official nodes here. Have fun playing around with the network, send transactions, create a blockchain application or even test automated scripts from the community, here are a few:

    • lisk-autoVote— a script which automatically votes on delegates from text files with delegate names, addresses and public keys
    • LiskMonitor a stand-alone PowerShell script to do end-user monitoring on Lisk Main-net and Test-net nodes and delegates.
    •— a Lisk toolset for maintaining a Lisk server
    • Lisk Army Knife— a forging failover and command line Lisk
    • LiskMonitor (app) — An Android application to monitor delegate account status

    The involvement of the community is as important as the updates provided by the Lisk team. The team is working hard in order to stabilize the main network so that forging rewards can be enabled.

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