Project Radium Update #12: Radium 1.4.5, RadiumTools, and

  • This week we bring you several new developments, including Radium Core 1.4.5, RadiumTools, and Radium trading on

    After much work and anticipation, we are happy to announce Radium Core 1.4.5. As everyone should recall, a few weeks ago we had some issues with our average fee protocol, necessitating an emergency switch back to the standard fee code. Now after several weeks of testing and patching on the testnet, we are ready to re-activate the average fee code on the main network. Radium Core 1.4.5 activates the fixed spread fees protocol with a hard fork on approximately September 25, at block 682240.

    More information regarding the average fee protocol and how it relates to SmartChain 3.0 can be found here:

    You can easily install the latest Radium wallet using the new RadiumTools utility discussed below, or download the wallet directly from Github:

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