Mycelium – Dash Integration Update 09.16

  • Dear Project Sponsor and Community Members,
    Let me share the next status update of the Mycelium Integration project.

    General Information

    • Project is on track, no changes in budget, scope and timelines.
    • Project Plan has been updated (additional task “Integrate support for sending and receiving funds with UI” created) without impact on the timelines and goals.Project Charter (v.1.1) and current Project Plan (v.1.3) are available in the following location:
    • Handover to a new Project Manager (Balazs Kiraly) in progress (Robert Wiecko to be focused on Dash Evolution development)

    Progress and changes

    • Changes in dashj implementation required to fit the Mycelium changes developed
    • Leo (Mycelium) works on sharing data between SPV servers and UI layers
    • Testing of SPV integration done by Tomasz

    Planned activities (next reporting period):

    • Add support for sending funds
    • Add support for receiving funds
    • Testing of SPV integration

    Current project status is presented by the dashboard below:

    The original dashboard file is available in this location:

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