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    MAKE was created by Sonikgal Croplums With ultimate feature MAKE have everything you need to bring you to success, with the platform created at

    this Effect, you are take by the hand all the way down to the success road. Coaching & learning Distribution System



    What is Learn & Earn Distribution System

    Learn & Earn:

    Learn & Earn involve an expert teacher who imparts knowledge to their students.

    Although the best teachers will use participative and interactive techniques, like coaching, there is very definitely an imbalance of knowledge, with the teacher as expert knowing the ‘right answer’.

    The Point here is the fact about the Learning & the Earning:

    MAKE is spendable to obtain Trading coaching services .

    MAKE's platform have been create to be use with services and tool to teach people how to do Trading.

    MAKE Platform is offering:

    How to be a coach lessons
    Coach services
    Trading lessons
    Plus lot more diferrent kind of lesson

    Available to all who wants to participate, MAKE is offering the opportunitty to learn and earn.

    Learn & Earn Platform
    Exclusive distribution system, rewarding you when you evoluate into it.


    Below you can find the final terms for the MAKE ICO. The terms explained here are the only valid ones.

    All ICO participants together will receive 111,000,000 MAKE in exchange for their Bitcoin

    All the funds accumulated with the Ico will be used for infrastructure, Platform development over the next years, for devices & Materials, advertisements & promotions, sponsoring and more.

    The ICO takes place on the 08/30/2016 and will end on the 10/21/2016.

    In our ICO we accept Bitcoin.

    There will be 5 stages in which people can earn different bonuses for their exchanged .


    Stage 1

    Bonus for day one MAKE ICO the 08/30/2016 to the 31/08/2016

    Participate in the ICO from day one we will distribute 2,000,000 MAKE between all day one ICO participants according to their exchanged.

    Day one if we collect 1000 BTC from 5 users (1/2/3/4/5):

    User 1 sends 50 BTC, he will receive 100,000 MAKE from the day one ico reward.

    User 2 sends 100 BTC, he will receive 200,000 MAKE from the day one ico reward.

    User 3 sends 200 BTC, he will receive 400,000 MAKE from the day one ico reward.

    User 4 sends 250 BTC, he will receive 500,000 MAKE from the day one ico reward.

    User 5 sends 400 BTC, he will receive 800,000 MAKE from the day one ico reward.

    Stage 2

    Between the 08/31/2016 and the 09/13/2016 12% Bonus Supply

    Stage 3

    Between the 09/14/2016 and the 09/26/2016 9% Bonus Supply

    Stage 4

    Between the 09/26/2016 and the 10/05/2016 4% Bonus Supply

    Stage 5

    Between the 10/06/2016 and the 10/20/2016 0% Bonus Supply


    1.Create a New account here :

    2.Deposit Bitcoin in your wallet

    3.Send a payment to this address : 1Ks5ap9XCYSmpvn8DcA4jCx2g6W3Xiumxq

    4.Receive your MAKE ICO



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    Learn & Earn is a financial awareness program developed by MAKE Team

    This project sees students operate in a community

    Initially, students receive a base weekly payment for the work they complete

    The students who undertake leadership roles within the classroom are able to receive additional payments

    Students also pay fee through the money they earn

    MAKE encompasses many domains of the Trading Learning Standards and reflects a variety of attributes

    Students need to ensure the documentation is completed each week to ensure the Pay

    This encourages and supports students to take responsibility for their learning

    Students work together in teams to manage their businesses to build skills of productive collaboration

    Virtual art and publishing applications can be use to generate signage for their Trading

    Applications are used to monitor their income and expenditure

    Learn & Earn capitalises on students experience

    By introducing this project to MAKE Platform this will increase quality of work and assessment results

    Learn & Earn Empowers Low To Moderate Income Students To Successfully Complete trading course

    Enlisting our students as investors in Trading course success gives them a personal stake in their success

    Empower them with financial literacy to ensure they can navigate their financial responsibility

    It is a groundbreaking approach with remarkable results


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    Posts need to be reasonably constructive and no spam

    Payments will be made every week on MONDAY from the address PXJHspFjqx3HBpemLJn6oVtyrs924fB5oZ

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    Member are required to use this avatar

    Participant must need to reply add me with a comment and add the Avatar and text to your profile

    If you use the Avatar only without text message please note reward is going to be split in half

    0.75 MAKE per Post

    Payment are made every week, one time a week

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