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  • Integration to the Future!

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    Forming the idea of the development of the PostCoin, we turned to the experiences of successful
    projects outside the crypto-area, in the real world. For the project to become commercially successful needs
    a clear plan and resources to implement it in the reality. Unfortunately, most startups and the cryptocurrency poorly
    represent the realization of their ideas.
    Unlike the most other startups, we have a specific goal to create a commercially successful project.
    This approach fully reflects the interests of PostCoin investors. To achieve the goal, we have decided to combine
    new technologies and schemes of creating successful business projects.
    Development of the PostCoin is based on the mutual integration in information projects and business portals.
    Much attention is paid to supporting the long-term investors. This approach makes the less profitable short-term
    speculation and more attractive long-term investments.

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    Integration in information projects
    The main purpose of the information resource Crypto-Compass is acquainting the people with the possibilities of the Crypto-universe. Less than 1% of the people who are living on the planet are familiar with the cryptocurrency. Between the developers, startups and the ordinary people, a vast gulf of a misunderstanding has formed.
    The purpose of the information and training resources is eliminating this abyss, becoming the connecting bridge between new technologies and the world, outside of the crypto audience. The projects will get profits from the advertising, content placements and other services. A part of the profits will be distributed among the holders of the PostCoin who belongs to the three higher ranks. The transparency and the public control of payments are guaranteed by the blockchain.


    Mining: Pure POS
    Ticker: POST
    Block Time : 60 sec
    Minimum Stake Age: 12 hours
    Maximum Stake Age : 14 days
    Stake Rate: 1% Fixed
    Initial Supply : 30.000.000 POST
    Supply after burning the leftover coins from Free Distribution : ~15.081.003 POST



    Stay tuned, soon there will be more

  • The following month, the price close to 500 sat = 1 Postcoin. Regardless of the course of Bitcoin
    Today, just over a million coins in the market. see schedule Postсoin 6 months

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