Coming Soon, PinIdea X11 ASIC Miner DU-1

  • A USB Version 8.5 MH/s Hashrate, 7 Watts of power usage (1.4A at 5V)

    The price of the X11 USB miner DU-1 is set at 9 to 10 DASH or about $65 to 72.22$ USD with the current exchange rate of DASH/USD include shipping cost with shipping scheduled to start on May 24th.

    small X11 USB ASIC miners should help provide the decentralization that X11 crypto coins need after the first large ASIC miners hit the market with a lot of hashpower in the hands of a few users. Not to mention that many people will probably get these miners just for fun and not considering ROI time and such as even though they are not that much powerful, they are still something fun to play with if crypto mining is your hobby.

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