More Stake Pools For Decred (DCR) Are Launching

  • Here is Some Information about Pool

    Network Name: Mainnet

    Fees of Pool: 7.5%

    source code will be posted at a later on GitHub.

    Email: [email protected]


  • @cryptoking

    Hi, thanks for posting information about our stakepool, which can be found directly at and j5lo7vgmgrz5xoi3.onion. We're featuring a secure cloud-based solution with redundant wallets on 5 continents using multiple service providers, 24/7 monitoring, and missed ticket investigation.

    As for how fees are determined... We're capped right now at a maximum of 5% of the total stakepool ticket volume. Also one must consider the low payout of the vote reward and the fact that there are only 5 per block. Once all these factors are taken into account in addition to the current pricing of USD/DCR and the level of service we provide, the fee is determined. As the USD/DCR goes up and eventually when the 5% cap is lifted, the fees will get lower and lower. Unfortunately, we are not able to purchase hosting services using DCR yet, so the risk is entirely on us.

    Also important to mention is how stake mining works for Decred. Stake pool operators are delegated the right to vote on a ticket you purchase. In order for this to take place, one must only supply the public key for the wallet and import a script. It is impossible for stake pools to issue transactions on your behalf, and can only issue a vote. In addition, the pool fee comes from the reward portion only, and all staked coins are returned whether a vote happens or not. The only true risk is the miniscule transaction fee used to purchase the ticket, other than that... it's free money!

    In an effort to offer value-add services, we have a beta site that should be opened to the public soon which will offer a whole new look, locale translations, tools and alerts! More planned after this release as well.

    If there are any further questions regarding stake mining on Decred, feel free to reach out at [email protected] or join freenode #stakeminer.

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