Dash 12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

  • Hello Everyone,

    I’m pleased to announce the second phase of public testnet testing for version 12.1. In phase one we’ve been working on merging upstream changes from Bitcoin into Dash-core. This included many changes to the way blocks are handled, nodes are handled and improvements to memory management and locking issues we’ve experienced.

    12.1 is the first version of the software that is the hint at what everyone can expect from evolution. 12.1 can be thought of as a pre-alpha of the evolution software, where all eventual functionalities will be accessible through low level APIs, allowing users to integrate existing software and experiment with Dash before it goes completely live and is accessible through friendly interfaces.

    To begin we’re going to introduce superblocks, proposals and contracts in the 12.1 software. This means that we will have mirrored the software capabilities in 12.0, with the budget system, but using a brand new decentralized governance system created purely for dash evolution.

    So what can you do for Dash testing? We want users to come in and test all of the basic functionality, such as mixing coins, instantly sending monies, even creating our brand new shiny governance proposals, then sentinel superblocks. This system is completely autonomous, therefore to test it you’ll need to follow a guide to setup the masternode correctly.

    Besides the many changes below, the system also uses a brand new signaling mechanism which allows the masternodes to form a collective opinion about various states of governance objects, such as funding, validity and many more. This is an extendable system which allows the network to custom design it’s own infrastructure, while only updating dashd yearly at most. This will allow quick resolution of new ideas, implementation and release without risking network security by over releasing versions of the primary network protocol.

    New Software Configuration for 12.1:

    • Dash full node
    • 1000 testnet Dash (faucet)
    • Sentinel : Running from crontab
    • MySQL

    Functional changes to 12.1 since our last testnet session:

    • Sentinel system which uses hourly superblocks on testnet
    • Masternode sync improvements
    • PrivateSend to mix with 3 participants on testnet for a more realistic testnet phase
    • Change extended key version bytes to BIP32
    • Support for transaction lock ZMQ messages to allow event based instant transaction support for easier implementation of external hardware/software systems
    • Update DNS seeds
    • Autobackup enhancements
    • Merged bitcoin upstream v12
    • New CLI for proposals through Sentinel

    Want to help us test and launch 12.1? Simply follow the guides and test operations that we have below, then bring up any issues you find here.

    Sentinel 12.1 Documentation:


    Dash Daemon + Sentinel Installation/Usage Documentation:


    Latest builds (v0.12.1.0-b9bd116) of v0.12.1.x branch

    Linux –> https://dashpay.atlassian.net/builds/browse/DASHL-DEV-644/artifact/JOB1/gitian-linux-dash-dist/
    Windows –> https://dashpay.atlassian.net/builds/browse/DASHW-DEV-591/artifact/JOB1/gitian-win-dash-dist/
    MacOS X –> https://dashpay.atlassian.net/builds/browse/DASHM-DEV-600/artifact/JOB1/gitian-osx-dash-dist/
    Raspberry –> https://dashpay.atlassian.net/builds/browse/DASHP-DEV-596/artifact/JOB1/gitian-RPi2-dash-dist/

    Testnet tools (explorers, faucets, pools) –> https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/testnet-tools-resources.1768/

    – What is TestNet
    – How to

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