Nav coin Navtech Whitepaper 2016

  • We are very proud to release the Navtech Whitepaper which covers how the whole Anonymous System “Navtech” is working for beta release. There are important changes between this system and the previous which we believe make the system stronger and also prepares us for the upcoming decentralisation of the processing servers.

    Keep in mind, this is a beta version of the whitepaper and amendments may be made as we fine tune the system over the testing period.

    Navtech Whitepaper 2016

    Financial privacy is one of the cornerstones of any democracy. As valuable to a democracy’s function as the freedom of speech. If fact, we argue that in a monetised society, without financial privacy, there can be no freedom of speech.

    Nav Coin’s Navtech system provides users with a simple way to protect their financial privacy. It is easy to use, and transactions arrive at their destination within minutes of being sent. Just tick the box and send the coins, Navtech handles the rest.

    Behind the simplicity, Navtech is powered by cutting edge technology that processes and anonymises transactions using a secondary blockchain known as the Subchain.

    Fast confirmation times and borderless transactions make Nav Coin the ideal vehicle for modern international private value transfers.

    Read the full Navtech Whitepaper

    Or go to our downloads page:
    I am very happy with this outcome. I hope that after reading this, even if you only absorb the high level solution, that you walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what we are creating.

    I also want to affirm that we are in a good position to being the beta test phase 1 this Wednesday as previously scheduled. We have a good amount of interest from people wanting to participate and the code is in a good place. The participants will be notified on Wednesday and given a link to the wallet download and the setup instructions. Stay tuned for that and if you’re interested in participating, head over to ours slack channel #navtech-anon-beta

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