Nav Coin Details + Nav’s New White Paper: the Cheat Sheet

  • What is NAV Coin?

    NAV Coin is a digital currency which is based on Satoshi Nakamoto's open source Bitcoin Core. The system is peer-to-peer; users can transact directly without needing a centralized authority like a bank or credit card issuer to verify transactions.

    How does it work?

    When a transaction takes place, it is recorded on a decentralized public ledger called a block chain. These transactions are peer verified by other users of NAV Coin through a process called mining. Anyone who opts into mining is rewarded with NAV Coin for their efforts.

    Why should I use it?

    With NAV Coin, you are able to send money to anyone, anywhere in the world within 30 seconds and all for only 0.001 NAV Coins per transaction.

    What is the NAV Anonymous Network?

    NAV Coin is the worlds first fully anonymous cryptocurrency. NAV Coin offers optional anonymous transactions that are sent through our double encrypted network of servers which all run on decentralized block chain technology.

    How do I know my money will be safe?

    NAV Coin has been a publicly traded cryptocurrency since Mid 2014. We have successfully processed trillions of coins worth of transactions without a hitch. Our anonymous system has been fully operational since it launch in March 2015 with an unclaimed Bitcoin bounty for anyone who can crack its system.

    Where can I trade NAV Coin?


    Coin can be purchased from most major alt-coin exchanges, see the exchanges page for more info



    MIN Age:2hours

    Max Age:24 hours

    BLocks Materity:60

    Nav Coin Projects:

  • Nav’s New White Paper: The Cheat Sheet

    On the 26th of September Nav Coin released the Navtech Whitepaper for the re-release of their anonymous network. The 23-page document was written in impressive detail and explained the design, technology, and math, behind the simple tick-box anonymous send system. The groundbreaking design uses double blockchain technology and coin sending methods together to form an advanced anonymous sending system not before seen in the Cryptocurrency world.

    Want to know the scoop and don’t have time?

    Here’s my cheat sheet for the busy crypto cereal muncher…

    For ease I’ve divided the white paper into 5 parts:

    The white paper consists of five parts. The first being an introduction describing the core values and perspectives of the development team behind the anonymous sending system. Part two provides us with a high-level overview of anonymity within the realm of cryptocurrencies. Discussed are current methods used for anonymous transactions and their associated problems. Part Three gives us an overview of Nav Coins solution to these problems. In Part Four we get down to the real technical stuff. Broken down into 11 subsections are details of every aspect of Nav Coin’s system right down to error handling. Part Five outlines the key benefits of the system and gives us valuable insight into the future growth and uses cases of the anonymous system. This section concludes with a summary.

    5 minute summary of parts

    1. Introduction:

    The Nav Coin team firmly believe that financial privacy is a democratic right, and aim to provide a way for everyone to have this economic freedom. They cite the example of journalists working in an oppressive country who can be persecuted for publishing dissenting views.

    2. The problem: Trust vs Anonymity

    In this section, the paper talks about the need to create truly anonymous transactions whilst retaining the decentralised values that cryptocurrencies are built on. This is no easy task. Blockchain technology is by nature a public ledger. This poses a problem for those who want financial privacy, and that should be all of us. The blockchain is a piece of autonomous financial technology. Furthermore, it’s a peer-reviewed publicly available transaction record.

    ‘All transactions on the Nav Coin network are recorded on the public blockchain so the network can validate them as being correct.’

    The white paper goes on to examine current anonymising solutions. These include Tor, which Nav Coin offers as an added layer of security. Coin mixing and coin joining solutions are also discussed alongside other more complicated methods of obfuscating the sender’s details. The white paper describes how methods are vulnerable to attack and do not completely solves the problem of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions

    ‘The main issue with most of these methods is that they are either eventually traceable through the public blockchain (if you have enough computing power), or they rely on insecure and unreliable means (like a database) to keep track of who is supposed to end up with the coins, or both!’ – Nav Coin white paper

    Highlighted are the two main dangers associated with a central database. I’ve put them under 1 & 2.

    1. ‘When a database is introduced to the system, it means that someone can fake transactions and extract money by simply adding a row to the database table which keeps track of who to send money out to.’
    1. ‘Secondly the system becomes vulnerable to data loss. If the database were somehow corrupted, destroyed or otherwise disabled, the whole system has to roll back to the last backup point which can mean thousands of dollars of missing transactions.’

    A centralised database is of course at odds with the decentralised nature of the blockchain.

    3. The high-level solution: Navtech

    This section of the white paper involves some pretty complicated theoretical concepts. I’ll try to break them down into chunks. The Nav Coin anonymous send system or ‘Navtech’ as it’s dubbed in the whitepaper uses a unique technique to disconnect the sender and receiver. The essence of Nav’s anonymous system is the use of a secondary blockchain or ‘Subchain’. In simple terms, your Nav Coins are sent to the Subchain rather than straight to the receiver. You could think of this like exchanging currencies. You hand coins of one currency over to a teller and receive completely random new coins of a different currency from a large pool. It is through this process that the link between the sent and received coins is broken.

    Here are the three most important paragraphs from the white paper if you want to understand how Navtech processes anonymous transactions

    ‘Instead of sending NAV directly to the receiver, the wallet encrypts the receiver’s address and sends the transaction to one of the addresses provided by the randomly selected processing server. When this server receives this transaction, it creates a transaction of arbitrary size on the Subchain which it sends to a randomly selected outgoing server.

    This Subchain transaction has the receiver’s address and the amount of NAV to send encrypted and attached to it. When the outgoing server receives the Subchain transaction, it decrypts the data, randomizes the transaction amounts and sends the NAV to their intended recipient from a preloaded pool of NAV that is waiting on the outgoing server.

    After the outgoing server has sent out the randomized NAV to the intended recipient, the incoming server will join together any NAV which has been processed and on the next transaction cycle send it to the outgoing server to replenish the preloaded pool of NAV for future transactions.’

    Any questions before we keeping going?

    What’s encryption?

    Encryption is a way of encoding data so that only the intended recipient can use it. Navtech uses RSA encryption which is extremely secure and is a favored method for making sure data is secure.

    What are these random servers?

    The Nav Coin team offer multiple incoming and outgoing servers which are picked at random to make the trail even harder to follow. Once the system is decentralized, other people will be able to set up their own processing groups to increase choice and higher levels of redundancy.

    Why does it create a transaction of arbitrary size?

    This is to prevent an outsider watching the blockchain. Drawing circumstantial evidence by matching sent and received amounts.

    So there’s two random servers?

    Yes the random incoming server is selected when your wallet creates the transaction. The random outgoing server is selected when the incoming server processes the transactions.

    The traveling coins carry a secret bag of info?

    Yup, that’s how the right amount of Nav eventually ends up in the right address. Encryption information attached the transaction that the subchain let’s the Nav pool know about. Even with the most powerful supercomputer in the world cannot crack this encryption.

    So the Nav they receive isn’t the same Nav I send?

    Correct! The receiver of the anonymous transaction will be paid out of a large pool of coins on the Subchain before that pool even receives the sender’s Nav coins. This means speed and security.

    Are multiple transactions lumped together and sent at the same time?

    Yes. Again this prevents circumstantial inference. All transactions sent within one transaction cycle will be lumped together and travel across the Subchain as one sum to replenish the Nav pool.

    What’s a transaction cycle and how’s it relevant?

    A transaction cycle is simply how often the servers check for and process the waiting transactions. Currently, the transactions are processed every 2 minutes on each server, giving the whole system a round trip time of approximately 5 minutes.

    So what happens at the end?

    Harry potter wins. Sorry for the spoiler.

    4. The techie stuff

    Don’t worry if you get overwhelmed here. Some parts are just troubleshooting. The Nav Coin Developers have a very thorough process of safeguarding their work. They start with the high-level problems then work their way down to ‘what if ant crawls into a server?’ etc. This section is definitely for the kids that want to do further reading. I’ve given a brief description and clarified a few terms. I’d highly recommend checking out the diagrams if nothing else as it gives clarifying visuals of the system outlined above. Let’s look at the main points from the Solution Details section below.

    Technologies used

    For the coders among us. This section lists the languages, frameworks and platforms used to create Navtech.

    System Overview & Navtech set up

    These two sections are largely relevant for people wishing to be part of this awesome technology and set up a Navtech processing server group.

    Note: The d in ‘navcoind’ and ‘subchaind’. Navcoind is the command line version of the Nav Coin wallet, it is what the processing scripts give instructions to when reading and sending transactions.

    Wallet Config

    From this section, it is important to note that users wanting to send Nav Coins anonymously must set up the addresses of the anonymous servers they want to use. This choice will be a selection from the pool of Navtech servers offered by the Nav Coin team. Navtech API

    The important thing to note here is that each server runs its own API, so there is no single Navtech API and hence no single point of failure.

    Step by step through the transaction process

    We will group with following sections together. Creating the Wallet Transaction; Receiving and Processing the NAV on the Incoming Server; Sending the SUB to the Outgoing Server; Receiving and Processing the SUB on the Outgoing Server; Sending the NAV to the Receiver; Returning the SUB and Replenishing the NAV Pool; Error Handling.

    These sections explain with great depth and detail the entire transaction processing system. As mentioned above the diagrams are of immense value to help understand how the transaction system works. I’ve pulled out the last diagram in the series of five. Although the arrows are illustrating the replenishing of the Nav Coin pool, you can see a layout of the whole subchain system, the sender, and receiver.

    Figure 1.5 Returning the SUB and
    Replenishing the NAV Pool

    The SUB are returned to the incoming
    server they originated from and the NAV are sent from the to the Outgoing
    Server which requires refilling.

    5. Technical benefits, business benefits
    and future growth

    The technical benefits sections talks about the advantages of using this new
    cutting edge technology vs the old or ‘legacy’ technology. The genius of the
    blockchain, which Nav Coin itself is built on as are all cryptocurrencies is
    elegant indeed for many reasons. But mainly the reasons we’ve always loved it.
    It’s trustless and reliable. Notice the term ‘trustless’ is used in the context
    of the blockchain; this does not mean cannot be trusted but in fact that you do
    not need to trust it because it verifiably works.

    ‘there is no need to trust a third party because the rules are impossible
    to break’

    As for the business benefits and growth:

    ‘All of the technical benefits add up to a system which is fast,
    redundant (as in easily restorable), resilient, trustless and completely
    anonymous. This will lead to higher user confidence and wider adoption.’

    There are a few interesting things to note here. One being that
    Navtech servers contributing to the anonymous system will gain a small payment
    from each transaction fee. This could add up to significant volumes if a lot of
    transactions are processed. Secondly, that Navtech can be adapted to be used by
    other cryptocurrencies.

    What does this mean? (Investors skip to
    the end)

    The real summary

    Nav coin will release a new world class uncrackable anonymous system within
    the next few weeks. The anonymous sending feature will be compatible with
    decentralisation, meaning there is no central server (single point of failure).
    Nav Coin having rebuilt their anonymous send service with this development in
    mind will likely decentralise it in the weeks following its release.

    It will be the first cryptocurrency in the world to create a decentralised
    fully anonymous sending system running purely on blockchains. The white paper
    shows as that Navtech is utterly real and actionable. Also, other developers
    have the opportunity for peer review. From a technology point of view, it is
    exciting. From an investment point of view it portends an increase in value.

  • Beta Testing Is Proving The System Is Rock Solid

    Last week the Nav
    Coin team released the white paper
    for their new anonymous send system
    and began beta testing. The relaunch of the anonymous network is scheduled for
    public release later this month. Nav Coin developer Craig MacGregor announced
    that the first round of beta testing has been successful. The Nav team
    are currently expanding
    the test group for phase two.

  • Nav Coin Announce Relaunch Release Date

    The Nav Coin Foundation announced today on their forum that they would release their new anonymous send system on November 1st.

    The Nav Coin Foundation rarely gives set dates for their
    technology releases,
    which have been numerous in the past few months but
    wish to share this moment and have digital champagne with the Nav Coin
    community. Nav Coin developer Craig Macgregor has been working on the
    since January this year, and states the technology will be a
    game-changer for private transactions in cryptocurrency.

    Last month Macgregor released a comprehensive white paper
    outlining the charter for Nav Coin and detailing the technology of the
    anonymous send system. This allowed time for the technology to be peer
    reviewed by other developers, which followed with unit and user testing
    to prepare the transaction system for public release.

    In the past, Nav Coin has offered a bitcoin bounty for anyone
    that could trace a transaction. The old anonymous system was never
    cracked, and the bounty was never claimed. The new anonymous send system
    has a greater level of data obfuscation, is built with the latest
    bitcoin code and has the capacity to be decentralized; which would be a
    world first. The Nav Coin team are aiming to decentralize the anon
    system early December.

    The Nav Coin dev team have also added new volunteer developers
    from the Nav community to work on side projects. The Nav Coin team is
    committed to innovative cryptocurrency; upcoming projects are posted

  • Navtech Anonymous Network Goes Live

    The Nav Coin Foundation, the anon-system test team, and Nav
    Coin’s highly supportive community are proud to announce the release of
    the newly upgraded network. Dubbed ‘Navtech,’ the network boasts a
    dual-blockchain powered, anonymizing, value transfer system.

    The Nav Coin team has spent the last two months putting the
    final touches on the new anonymous system. This is big news not just for
    Nav Coin enthusiasts, but online communities as a whole that are
    interested in anonymity, blockchain tech, and value transfer solutions.

    Today’s launch was a critical piece of the puzzle for Nav Coin
    in preparation for the upcoming decentralization of the anonymous
    network. The decentralization work will continue immediately with the
    Decentralisation Whitepaper slated for release in early November. When
    the system is ready, trusted server operators will join the
    decentralized network testing process. Shortly after testing is
    completed and the new system is running in a truly anonymous,
    decentralized manner, the network source-code will be released. Once
    decentralized, members of the public will be able to host their own
    processing servers and earn Nav Coins for the transactions the process.

    In addition to the optional anonymous transaction service, Nav
    Coin’s biggest strength is it’s super fast network speed. It’s no secret
    that Bitcoin has an average transaction time of 10 minutes, with
    transactions over heavy periods taking much longer. With a block time of
    30 seconds combined and a scalable block size of up to 20MB, the Nav
    Coin network is able to handle 1300 transactions per second. Nav Coin
    fills a niche where the giant that is Bitcoin can’t at present, almost
    instant transactions and the ability for anonymity with the simple click
    of a tick box.

    This has been a big year for Nav Coin, however, the next few
    months will really be NAV’s time to shine. Here’s what we have planned
    for the coming weeks after today’s Navtech launch, and the soon to be
    decentralization network upgrade:

    Official NAV Web Wallet: 95%

    An X13 capable, custom Electrum server that can create
    fully-qualified wallets, and will be released with the option for
    self-hosting. The NAV team will provide a website and service
    integration support if you need.

    Raspberry-Pi: 95%

    A low-energy NAV PoS Staking solution based on the Raspberry-Pi
    platform. NAV’s highly anticipated touch-screen staking unit, offers a
    more energy efficient way to setup wallet a address, view your
    balance, and an easy to use withdraw option.

    Decentralization Implementation: 85%

    The release of the new Navtech value-transfer system, was a key
    piece of the decentralization network implementation. The new
    architecture allows Navtech servers to operate in trusted clusters and
    form their own private mesh network of processing servers which anyone
    will be able to run and earn rewards from.

    These status numbers represent an agreed completion grade given
    to the project by the core devs, volunteer community devs, and when
    necessary, the community test participants. This method of voting by
    group has helped the NAV team meet every goal earlier than expected, and
    within a reasonable two-week period when releasing later than expected.

    To learn more about the design of the new network head over to
    and have a look at the whitepaper. If you’re not very technical or you
    just don’t have the time, please take a look at the whitepaper cheat
    sheet. Any questions or concerns about the current or future iterations
    of Nav Coin can be addressed in the Nav Coin bitcointalk forum thread,
    Slack channel, or Twitter.

    The is open for any and all questions
    regarding user or node setup. Join the channel #navajocoin-faq if you’re
    a new user or maybe you’re just curious and would like some
    information. For guides and general help regarding NAV wallets, nodes,
    source-code, or platform-specific guides, please visit
    Although highly-technical questions are welcomed, and encouraged,
    please understand that the NAV team will only answer these types of
    questions in the official NAV BitcoinTalk thread
    . This is so there’s a public record of all technical related responses
    regarding NAV, Navtech, and the upcoming network upgrade.

    Don’t be discouraged to join yet another site. Come ask
    questions, play around, or even troll our community. As long as it’s all
    in good spirit, we need more people to try and break our code, network,
    wallets, and anything else you can think of. Rewards are granted for
    bug-hunters, cryptographers, network specialists, professional security
    researchers, or just some wise guy with skills, so feel free to collect
    the bounties listed on the official NAV website at

  • Nav coin Weekly Update; Decentralisation Whitepaper

    It’s time for the weekly update! This one is absolutely jammed with good news.

    We are very proud to release the Navtech Decentralisation White paper
    which covers how we plan to decentralise the Navtech System. How we
    will provide a safe and secure environment for both server operators and
    users alike.

    Navtech Decentralisation Whitepaper

    Cryptocurrency technology is decentralised by design. It
    is believed that rigorous truth is a natural byproduct of an open source
    platform run by the public. The decentralisation and automation of
    systems enable people to make informed choices
    about the systems in
    which they choose to participate and provides an even playing field as
    never seen before in history.

    As well as the inherently democratic nature of decentralised systems,
    they offer protection to the participants by providing a safety in
    numbers hypothesis. This limits the ability of malicious actors to
    threaten or attack participants in the system due to the number of
    people involved and the global nature of their relationships.

    Another advantage is that they are extremely robust. Once a piece of
    software has entered the public domain, it becomes impractical and
    virtually impossible to shut down completely. This enables security to
    the future of the system and knowledge that if the public deems it
    valuable it will persist.

    Read Navtech Decentralisation Whitepaper

    Please keep in mind this is a beta document. The rest of the team
    still need to refine it with me but that will be very minor tweaks at
    this stage.

    Nav Coin Store

    With Nav Coin now on we really wanted to

    showcase how easy it is to use NAV during checkout in your online

    store. We have officially opened a merchandise store for Nav Coin which

    accepts NAV as a functioning showcase of the gateway!

    So far there are only NAV stickers available and also a donation
    option. I have also added two colours of t-shirts and hats but I am
    still waiting on some companies to come back to me with some prices of
    each I would expect them to become available within the week. The
    donation option is a cheap and easy way to check out the payment gateway
    and it will be put towards future development and server costs.

    Go to the Nav Coin Store

    I have also put together a guide explaining the steps I took to get
    the store up and running. You will need to know some basic web
    development or wordpress at least:

    The interesting thing here is that I have trialled purchasing some
    donations using the Navtech Anonymous System and it worked except it was
    hard to get the amount exact because of the way the tx-fees work with
    the random amount of transactions generated by the anon system. I spent
    some time today coding an update for the Navtech servers which means the
    tx-fees are taken from the anon processing fee instead of from the
    senders coins. This means that the amount you get out will be exactly
    the amount you put in minus the processing fee (0.5%).

    I created a calculator to help people figure out how much they need to send:

    For example, if you want to send 1000 NAV through a server with a
    0.5% processing fee, it will tell you that you need to send
    1005.02512563 NAV in total. Pretty handy, especially for these merchant
    tool situations.

    Anonymous Merchant Gateway

    With the Navtech script update deployed and the fee calculator, I can
    say that we now have not just a Merchant integration, but in fact an
    Anonymous Merchant Integration!!
    I have skipped the Anonymous Merchant Integration project from pending to complete on our projects page:

    Other Merchants

    Myself and Mark and Sophia are making contact with business owners in
    our city of Auckland who are interested in using and
    NAV for payments with the Point of Sale tools. One bar owner has already
    positively responded and we are meeting with him tomorrow to work out
    the details of implementing NAV at his premesis.
    Petros Anagnostou has advised us that he is setting up a web hosting
    company and that he will accept NAV through Petros
    will be offering a discount for services when paid for in NAV. There
    will be more details on this as the service goes online later this week.

    Decentralisation Beta

    Petros is also going to be one of the first 3rd party network
    operators of the decentralised Navtech system. He has offered to help
    beta test the system as a network operator and help us get it ready for
    You can check out more about him on his linked in profile, he has
    quite the resume and I am really pleased to have him on board for this.
    Petros Anagnostou

    We are still looking for at least 1 more network operator to take
    part in the beta test of decentralisation over early December. If you
    have access to some web servers, you know your way around linux and you
    want help, please send me a PM.

    Ambassador Program

    Petros is actually being amazingly helpful. He has suggested that we
    start up an Ambassador program for NAV. We have had the translations of
    the OP which is a good start but now we are looking to place ambassadors
    for NAV Coin all around the world. There will be some NAV bounties
    dished out to ambassadors, but it is mainly a role for someone who is
    invested in NAV and wants to see it succeed.
    If you’re interested in becoming a NAV Ambassador for your region,
    please jump on our slack channel and we can discuss the details in
    Sign up to the Nav Coin Slack

    That’s about everything i think. We will be publishing some articles
    on the news blog and also across some of the news sites later in the
    week to support the whitepaper release and the store launch. Keep your
    eyes peeled for those.

    I gotta go, its almost 6am here. I will post this update and some of the articles up tomorrow after I have big sleep!

    Talk Soon,


  • Nav Coin Now With Merchant Backing

    Shop online with Nav Coin at

    The NAV Coin team and NAV community are happy to announce a new
    merchant gateway integration. 77,000 and growing,
    online and offline
    retailers now have the option to use NAV Coin as a payment method. This
    has been made possible by and their retail partners who
    allowed the public to vote for NAV Coin to join the payment processing

    CoinPayments are at the cutting edge of this exciting frontier
    and have opened up a vast range of new spending avenues for people
    interested in cryptocurrency. Online decentralized marketplaces are
    exploding in popularity, and NAV Coin with its super fast speeds and
    anonymous transactions is the perfect digital currency for this new
    generation of e-commerce.

    Using the mobile NAV Coin wallet, you can make in-store purchases
    using your phone or tablet at all retail partner locations. Online
    purchases can be made with any wallet of your choice, at your
    convenience. Users also have the option to purchase from online
    merchants with complete anonymity by using the NAVTech wallet and
    dedicated Nav Coin Tor nodes.

    For a full list of supported stores, please visit the CoinPayments store directory ( If you’re looking to add NAV Coin as a payment method for your store(s), you can do so by going to the merchant tools page (, and then letting your users know that your store now accepts NAV.

    As more people learn about why NAV is important, both inside
    and outside the Fintech industry, more people will be willing to use it
    for everyday purchases. With this new merchant integration, new and
    existing NAV Coin users will be able to benefit from the large selection
    of sellers now available. Please try using NAV Coin and let us know if
    there’s anything we can do to improve your overall experience.

    This year was a great year for Nav Coin, however, there’s more
    to come in the following months. Here’s what we have planned for the
    coming weeks.

    Official NAV Web Wallet: 95% Complete

    An X13 capable, custom Electrum server that can create
    fully-qualified wallets, and will be released with self-hosting options
    along with integration services.

    Raspberry-Pi: 95% Complete

    This touch-screen staking unit offers a wallet address setup, a balance viewer, and some transfer options.

    Decentralization Implementation: 95% Complete

    The new architecture allows NAVTech servers to operate in
    trusted clusters and form their own private mesh network of processing
    servers which anyone will be able to run and earn rewards from.

    Thanks for reading and please visit to learn more about the Nav Coin network.

    Official Guides:

    Technical Inquiries:

    Slack Help Channel: ( #navajocoin-faq

    Twitter: @NAVcoin

    Official Bug Bounty Program:

    White Paper:

  • Weekly Update; LiteBit, Obfuscation and more

    We are very busy at Nav Coin HQ working on the wallet and anon
    scripts preparing them for decentralisation. Despite decentralisation
    being our focus, we have managed to achieve some other pretty cool
    things this week.

    We have seen a large amount of attention come from last week’s
    release of the Decentralisation Whitepaper and the Nav Coin Merchandise
    Store. Our retweets and mentions are going through the roof. On twitter
    alone we’ve had almost 2000 interactions reaching nearly half a million
    people since the 14th of November.

    Nav Coin Coming to LiteBit

    LiteBit offers Euro / Crypto trading pairs and will be Nav Coin’s
    first addition to a large fiat based exchange. LiteBit has over 25,000
    users and also more than 600 merchants using their LitePaid service. As
    well as the LiteBit exchange, this means NAV will also have its second
    option for merchant gateway with reconciliation options in BTC and Euro.

    Go to

    As soon as I get the launch date for LiteBit I will let you all know but i would expect it to be a matter of days.

    Navtech Metadata Obfuscation

    Alongside working on the decentralisation implementation we are
    always looking for ways to improve our Navtech system. One improvement
    which has been on my agenda is to find further ways to obfuscate
    possible metadata inference by state level actors. One part of the
    solution is to add delta to the Navtech throughput to make it
    exponentially harder to infer cash in cash out.
    I am working on a solution which would allow users to send 1
    transaction into the Navtech system with a user specified number of
    output addresses (1 – 6 NAV Addresses). These output addresses are
    attached to the incoming transaction in the exact same way as when there
    was just 1 address specified and it is impossible to tell how many
    addresses were attached without decrypting the data. The Navtech system
    would then process the transaction and randomly split the input amount
    between the addresses which were attached. Because the number of
    attached addresses is user defined, it makes monitoring the throughput
    exponentially more arduous.
    Watch #NAV002-multi-address-anon on Github

    Beyond this delta obfuscation, I would also like to program a feature
    that continuously sends Navtech Anon transactions through the system to
    help mask inference during times of low throughput. I am hoping to have
    these things done by the time we decentralise but decentralisation is
    the priority and we will continue to release updates after the genie is
    out of the bottle.

    Nav Coin Promotional Videos

    Planning is complete and we are now moving into the production phase
    of our Promotional Videos. The strategy is to produce one main
    “Introduction to Nav Coin” promotional video followed by 3 or 4
    whiteboard style videos to explain the various different technologies
    and features which make Nav Coin awesome. Our writers, animators and
    editors will be working hard to complete these as soon as possible. We
    are hoping to have these ready for release in the lead up to the
    decentralisation of the Navtech network.

    Nav Coin now with Merchant Backing

    The NAV Coin team and NAV community are happy to announce
    a new merchant gateway integration. 77,000 and growing, online and
    offline retailers now have the option to use NAV Coin as a payment
    method. This has been made possible by and their retail
    partners who allowed the public to vote for NAV Coin to join the
    payment processing platform.

    Read Press Release

    Navtech Infographic

    Colvano has put together an amazing infographic which helps to
    visualise how the Navtech System processes transactions. The infographic
    has been added to our official Nav Coin media kit on github. Feel free
    to use this infographic or anything from the media kit however you like.
    If you want to help create some awesome content like this, join us on
    slack and share your skills!
    Get the Infographic

    Nav Coin Store

    We have received quotes back from our printers to design and print
    the Nav Coin branded t-shirts. They will be launched at $21.50 USD +
    shipping. I will get a shipping quote tomorrow and then setup pre-orders
    for the t-shirts. They take 10 working days to print, so you will be
    able to lock in your order now and we will dispatch them as soon as they
    are ready. Moving forward we aim to have them in stock so they will be
    able to dispatch immediately. I will attempt to do the same with the
    hats when the quote comes through, so keep your eyes peeled and put in
    your pre-orders when they are available.
    Go to the Nav Coin Store

    Nav Coin Projects

    We realise that there have been some projects on our list which have
    been stuck at near complete for quite some time. Right now our primary
    focus is on the Navtech decentralisation, but we will continue to try
    and finish these projects and get them released as soon as possible.
    Soopy and Shahim should come with an update on the status of the syncing
    issue, raspberry pi and web wallet in the next few days. So please hold
    tight and watch for their updates.
    View Nav Coin Projects

    As you can see, we are not letting up on the gas pedal here at Nav
    Coin HQ. We continue to work hard and bring as many cool things to the
    table every single week we work on this project. We still have some
    exciting things up our sleeves leading up to the decentralisation of the
    Navtech network so stay tuned!

    Talk Soon,


  • Weekly Update; Decentralisation, Nav Coin Conference

    It’s time for the weekly update! We are tracking well towards our
    primary goal of decentralising and open sourcing the Navtech Anon
    Network. I also have some exciting news about a Nav Coin event we are
    hosting in December!

    Decentralisation Update

    This week I’ve made some good progress towards
    decentralising the Navtech Network. I’ve added the capability to enter
    the Navtech MD5 hash value to the rpc and config protocols in the
    wallet. You can see the commits for the hash input here: NAV#001-decentralisation
    I’ve also got the Navtech JS scripts to successfully minify to one
    file using webpack. This means the next step is to hash the minified
    file and send it back with as part of the API request from the wallet to
    the server and do the comparison in the wallet.
    I also want to do some refinement around refilling the NAV Pool on
    the outgoing server. Beyond that its just general refinements and as
    always more unit tests! At this point we are on track with my estimates
    to finish this before Christmas.

    Nav Coin Conference – 14 December 2016 – Auckland, New Zealand

    We’ve been in contact with some local businesses here in
    my hometown of Auckland New Zealand and one of the local pubs is wanting
    to accept Nav Coin via as one of their Point of Sale
    methods. To celebrate our first physical merchant accepting NAV we are
    going to host New Zealand’s first Nav Coin Conference at the pub on the
    14th of December 2016 in Auckland New Zealand.
    The full details of the conference will be released tomorrow! I can
    tell you that it is going to be a great showcase of the Nav Coin Point
    of Sale offering. It will be a great end of year celebration for the Nav
    Coin community, we really have come a long way this year. We will also
    use it as a platform for the development team to announce the roadmap
    for 2017 and to celebrate the upcoming release of the Decentralised
    Navtech Network all things going well.
    I have bumped the decentralisation progress indicator to 90% on the website:

    Full Node Wallet Sync Fix

    If you’ve been using the full node wallet you will have noticed that
    it often only gets a few connections and sometimes even no connections.
    Soopy and Shahim have been working hard to put together a fix for this.
    The fix consists of two parts; implementation of the i2p protocol and
    fixing the dns seeder scripts which seed the p2p information to the
    The i2p protocol has been implemented into the wallet and they are
    now looking into fixing the dns seeder. We are hopeful to release a new
    version of the wallet with these protocol updates in the next few days.
    If you want to read more about the i2p protocol, you can do so here:

    New Merchants accepting Nav Coin

    We now have 4 merchants accepting Nav Coin via I
    have myself purchased a VPN service through Tor Guard with NAV and it
    all seems to be working great. I have added a page to the website which
    displays all known merchants who accept Nav Coin. We will attempt to
    keep this list up to date, but if you know of a business which isn’t on
    the list please email us and we will add it: [email protected].
    Nav Coin Merchants

    Website Update

    I have started to port the Nav Coin website over to use as
    its CMS. It’s a really nifty free form JSON based CMS system which fits
    perfectly into our use case. Our website is quite bespoke and other
    options would just take too long to integrate. I have only managed to
    port a few of the pages over to the new system so far, but I will
    continue to chip away at it over the next few weeks. Once it is all
    transitioned the marketing team will take the reigns of the website a
    bit more and work towards making the content on there amazing.
    I have also added an “On Hold” category to the projects listings.
    This is a category for things which we have started but have put on the
    back burner while we clear more important tasks from our In Progress
    list. I figured it was better to be more transparent about what we’re
    specifically working on rather than having a lot of projects sitting at
    the same percentages for a long time even though we’ve started on them.
    Nav Coin Website

    Navtech Bounty

    We had some issues with the Navtech bounty page not displaying the
    correct balances of the bounty wallets. This has been updated and now
    the correct balances are showing. I have personally donated 1 BTC to the
    bounty wallet as incentive and as a way for me to put my money
    where my
    mouth is. I have also donated to the NAV balance here, rounding it up
    to 50,000 NAV. So that makes the bounty currently worth approximately 3
    BTC in total. You are welcome to add your donations to the bounty
    program to add incentive for people to help us improve the system.
    Remember that the point of bounty systems is not to tear the system
    down if an issue is found, but to fix the issue and move forward. We are
    grateful for all the help we received over the beta testing phase and
    we are optimistic that when we release the code to the public the
    development community will review the code and make suggestions for
    improvements which will make it even stronger.
    Navtech Bounty

    Raspberry Pi and Web Wallet

    These have been sitting at 95% on our progress chart for some time
    now, the main reason being that we have been so busy with core and anon
    work we had to deprioritise finishing them over other work. I can tell
    you however that they are indeed very close to being completed. I have
    just had play on the preview version of the Web Wallet and I do have to
    say that it is looking great. I am really excited about this and i think
    it will make a great addition to our family of options.
    The Raspberry Pi Staking Unit is currently being blocked by the Full
    Node Sync Fix. Once the fix is in place it should clear the road to
    finish the Raspberry Pi unit quite quickly. I am hopeful we will get
    both of these projects squared away this side of the holidays.
    That’s it from the team this week. We hope to have more news about
    decentralisation, the ambassador programme and the new version of the
    wallet to you soon.

  • Nav Coin Conference Date Announced:

    To celebrate our first physical merchant accepting NAV and the
    upcoming decentralisation of the Navtech Anoymous Transaction System we
    are hosting New Zealand’s first Nav Coin Conference!

    The first 50 Android users to enter the venue will be gifted 500 NAV
    each (~$25) to spend over the bar as we showcase the Nav Coin Point of
    Sale offering.Craig MacGregor will be giving short presentations on the following subjects:– The Basics of Bitcoin & Blockchains.– How Nav Coin and Navtech Anonymous Transactions Work.Followed by the live streamed announcement of Nav Coin’s feature road map for 2017.This will be a great end of year celebration for the Nav Coin community, we really have come a long way this year.If you want to find out more about Bitcoin, Blockchains or Nav Coin then come on down and celebrate with us!

  • Weekly Update; Conference, Decentralisation, PayPal

    It’s time for the weekly update! In parallel to Navtech Decentralisation
    and the Nav Coin Conference we have been making amazing progress with
    some other work which I will share with you here.

  • Nav Coin’s PayPal Purchasing System

    NAV can now be bought quickly and easily with any fiat currency through PayPal. This option is ideal for non-technical investors who don’t want to sign up for a trading account.

    We have been working hard to make Nav Coin more accessible, bringing users a Euros to NAV purchasing option through LiteBit ( on November 30th and merchant integration via CoinPayments on November 20th. You can now purchase bundles of either 100 or 1000 NAV, through the new Nav Coin store. To buy NAV with PayPal first download either our Mobile Wallet for Android ( or thin wallet for Mac or PC ( . After installing a Wallet head the Nav Coin store ( and choose an option of either 100 or 1000 Coins. In the checkout fill in your details and enter your NAV Wallet address into the “additional information” field. Choose the PayPal option, then “Proceed to PayPal”. You will be given the option to pay with credit card or your PayPal account. It’s important to note that orders over $20 USD require higher levels of verification. You will need to verify here

  • Nav Coin Make Waves With Conference Announcement

    Nav Coin aims to end the year on a high note with the
    decentralization of their NAVTech network and a Conference in Auckland.
    At the Conference, Nav Developers will live-stream the platforms 2017
    roadmap which includes a new feature that is expected to be a
    game-changer for the coin.

    The Nav Coin Conference will be held in Auckland, New
    Zealand on the 14th of December with the live-stream of the feature
    roadmap beginning at 7 am UTC. The special announcement will be kept
    under wraps until the live stream; however, the Nav Developers have
    indicated that it expands the use cases and potential market of the
    platform.Guests at the event will be able to purchase food and beverages
    with NAV using the Nav Coin Mobile Wallet. The venue is the world’s
    first physical location to accept NAV as a payment method. Also to be
    live streamed will be two presentations on; ‘The Basics of Bitcoin &
    Blockchains’ and ‘An Overview of Nav Coin and the Navtech System.’

    It’s been a huge year for Nav Coin, with the team
    delivering a ton of new features, integrations, and improvements
    including; anonymous merchant integration, NAVTech anon 2.0, Thin Client
    for Desktop and X13 Mobile Wallet. Stay tuned for more from Nav Coin in



  • Hi everyone,

    We're pretty busy organising the conference this week but we have still managed to work on some things in parallel.


    We have been accepted onto and will be trading on there very shortly. C-CEX accepts USD and will be putting up a USD/NAV Pair for us.

    We have also been accepted on to Nova Exchange and will be traded there in the coming days

    We have been put up for vote onto please sign up and submit some votes so we can get on their exchange!


    We have been added to! This is the merchant tools service run by the LiteBit team. They offer integrations for wordpress and other website shops. They allow you to get paid out in EUR or convert to other cryptos as well.



    Lots of positive posts and articles about the Nav Coin Conference. I can't wait to show you guys what we have planned for 2017! All will be revealed tomorrow!!!

    News BTC - Major Conference Being Held at First Venue Accepting NAV Tokens

    Medium - NAV Coin Conference will Reveal Special Announcement and 2017 Roadmap on December 14th

    EconoTimes - NAV Coin to organize conference in Auckland

    That is about all for this weekly update.

    We will be of course revealing a lot more tomorrow. Watch our Twitter for the live stream or subscribe directly to our Periscope profile:

    Full details posted soon!

    Talk soon,

  • Nav Coin Partners With Changelly To Anonymize 25+ Cryptocurrencies

    Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand today and
    live streamed their feature roadmap for 2017. The biggest news from the
    event was the announcement that Nav Coin is officially partnering with
    cryptocurrency exchange Changelly. In what is undoubtedly a world first,
    Changelly and Nav Coin will combine their strengths to create a service
    to anonymize all cryptocurrencies on the Changelly platform called
    ‘Navtech Polymorph.’Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows
    users to exchange any of their listed coins to any other coin (e.g. NAV
    to BTC). NAVTech is Nav Coin’s anonymous transaction system. Its
    dual-blockchain architecture removes the link between sent and received
    coins as well as allowing integrations where coins of different types
    can be processed through the network.NAVTech Polymorph is a fusion of the two platforms. Users will
    be able to anonymize any Changelly listed coin by sending it through
    NAVTech Polymorph. They will even be able to specify different input and
    output currencies to exchange any Changelly listed coins with the extra
    privacy that the NAVTech system provides. “I’m excited to give other cryptocurrencies the same financial
    privacy that many Nav Coin users are now choosing.” Said Craig
    MacGregor, the creator of Navtech.2016 has seen tremendous growth from Nav Coin and now with
    greater resources the platforms future trajectory is looking very
    strong. Changelly also has new features to be announced before the year
    ends and together with Nav Coin the new partnership is set to produce
    some serious innovation in the new year.

  • Nav Coin Conference Announces Exciting New Roadmap

    Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the 14th of December and streamed their feature roadmap for 2017. The biggest news from the event was the announcement that Nav Coin is officially partnering with cryptocurrency exchangeChangelly. In what is undoubtedly a world first, Changelly and Nav Coin will combine their strengths to create a service to anonymize all cryptocurrencies on the Changelly platform called ‘NAVTech Polymorph.’

    Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to exchange any of their listed coins to any other coin (e.g. NAV to BTC). NAVTech is Nav Coin’s anonymous transaction system. Its dual-blockchain architecture removes the link between sent and received coins as well as allowing integrations where coins of different types are processed through the network. NAVTech Polymorph is a fusion of the two platforms. It will enable users to send any one of 25+ cryptocurrencies anonymously through the dual blockchain powered NAVTech anonymous transaction system. They will even be able to specify different input and output currencies to exchange any Changelly listed coins with the extra privacy that the NAVTech system provides.

    “I’m excited to give other cryptocurrencies the same financial privacy that many Nav Coin users are now choosing.” Said Craig MacGregor, the creator of Navtech.

    2016 has seen tremendous growth from Nav Coin and now with greater resources Nav Coin’s future trajectory is looking strong. Craig MacGregor also announced at the Conference that the Nav Team is looking to include two new developers and a bigger marketing team in the new year. Always keen to stay at the cutting edge to improve their existing services, Nav also included two research projects relating to their signature subchain in the roadmap. The first will allow new kinds of NAVTech decentralized apps and the second will consolidate NAVTech and the Subchain into a multichain wallet. MacGregor spoke about the popularity of purchasing NAV bundles on the Nav Coin store and further removing obstacles for those wanting to invest in Nav coin with fiat currency. To give greater access in 2017 the roadmap includes

    an enterprise grade purchasing platform called ‘Nav Coin Direct’ which allows users to purchase NAV using PayPal or other fiat currency services. Purchasers can also expect to see iphone thin client, android & iphone full node wallets released, and all wallets to contain NAVTech next year.

    The conference was also a celebration of Nav coin’s successful relaunch of the anonymous transaction system, known as NAVTech. Macgregor announced thatNAVTech would be decentralised on the 21st of December.

    View Nav coins full road map for 2017 here

  • NAVTech Decentralisation Will Be Released Before Christmas

    Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the
    14th of December and streamed their feature roadmap for 2017. They
    announced that their anonymous send system known as NAVTech will be
    decentralised before Christmas.NAVTech was re-launched by MacGregor on the 1st of November
    after a series of successful tests. The technology was a hit for coin,
    with an increase in investors and trades.There is a demand for coins offering greater financial privacy,
    and Nav Coin has developed the only system that does not rely on a coin
    scrambler but in fact breaks the connection between the incoming and
    outgoing coins by using a secondary blockchain.Currently Navtech processes transactions through a cluster of
    servers owned by the Nav team. The team admit that while this is very
    secure, is does introduce a single point of failure. NAVTech developer Craig Macgregor says he’s ‘concerned about
    anonymous transactions systems in crypto running through a central
    server owned and operated by the coin because they are in conflict with
    the open source, peer to peer distributed, and decentralised nature of
    cryptocurrencies.’ The decentralisation of Navtech will mark the first time any
    cryptocurrency has launched a decentralised anonymous transaction system
    using subchains. Making it Nav Coin’s 3rd world first for introducing
    new technology.The Decentralisation phase which is been in extensive beta
    testing for the last month, will involve inviting users to set up their
    own server clusters to run Nav tech. Customers will then have the option
    to select which cluster they wish to process their anonymous
    transaction, including the Official NavTech cluster. Server clusters
    will gain trust through customers reviews which can be found on the
    NAVTechAnon subreddit. For more information and to read the Whitepapers, visit our website.

  • Aucklanders Buy Beer With Nav Coin

    Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the
    14th of December to announce their feature roadmap for 2017. The first
    50 people to arrive were given 500 free NAV to spend over the bar with
    Nav’s new merchant gateway.Nav was added to the merchant gateway coinpayments on the 21st
    of November and set up an online shop where you can buy branded t shirts
    and hat with NAV andpurchase bundles of Nav using PayPal. Merchants
    around the world have already come forward to accept Nav in their online
    stores including DrApis raw honey in Portugal. The above board
    merchants confirm Nav’s growing reputation as a legitimately used
    anonymous currency. On wednesday night at Dogs Bollocks Pub in Auckland the
    purchasing was all about beer and Nachos. The transactions were handled
    through Craig macgregor gave a presentation on the basics of Bitcoin,
    Nav Coin, NavTech, and the 2017 road map for Nav coin. He announced that
    NavTech would be decentralised on the 21st of December to a large cheer
    from the audience, and livestreamed next years road map to an
    international audience. The biggest news from the event was the
    announcement that Nav Coin is officially partnering with cryptocurrency
    exchange Changelly. In what is undoubtedly a world first, Changelly and
    Nav Coin will combine their strengths to create a service to anonymize
    all cryptocurrencies on the Changelly platform called ‘NAVTech

  • Nav Coin Full Node Setup guide

    The Nav
    Coin Full Node wallets are the most comprehensive Nav Coin wallets
    available. They store the entire block chain on your system and are not
    reliant on any other services to operate. If you want to send Anonymous
    Transactions and have your Nav Coin's earn stake rewards by
    participating in block mining, this is the option for you.

    Choose Your Platform

    We have a full range of options which cover Linux, Windows and OSX. You can download the full node client here:
    you're installing on Windows, we have two options available. The
    Windows Wallet Zip contains all the files needed to run the Nav Coin
    Full Node. The Windows Installer will install the Nav Coin Full Node
    wallet to your system and also download a recent version of the block
    chain to your system so you can skip boostrapping the blockchain and go
    directly to Adding P2P Network Nodes.Once
    you've downloaded the Nav Coin Full Node wallet for your operating
    system, we can either attempt to sync the blockchain from the beginning
    through the network or we can bootstrap the blockchain to a more recent
    version which we provide as a download. If you want to sync the
    blockchain through the network skip you can skip boostrapping the
    blockchain and go directly to Adding P2P Network Nodes.Please
    note that syncing the entire blockchain through the network can take up
    to a few days because there is a lot of data to process. We recommend
    bootstrapping the blockchain where possible.

    Bootstrapping the Blockchain

    Step 1. Download the Nav Coin Blockchain Data zip from the downloads page and unzip it.

    Step 2.
    Find your NavCoin2 folder in your users %AppData% directory. The
    AppData folder is hidden on most operating systems, so make sure you can
    view hidden files.

    • Windows this is usually C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/NavCoin2/
      (replacing <USERNAME> with your actual computer's username)
    • OSX this is usually ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin2
    • Linux this is usually ~/.NavCoin2/

    If you can't find this folder, please google for where this is on your particular operating system.

    Step 3. Inside this directory, delete all the files and folders except your wallet.dat file.

    Step 4. Copy and paste the contents of the Nav Coin Blockchain Data zip into this directory.

    Adding P2P Network Nodes

    Step 1.
    Find your NavCoin2 folder in your users %AppData% directory. The
    AppData folder is hidden on most operating systems, so make sure you can
    view hidden files.

    • Windows this is usually C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/NavCoin2/
      (replacing <USERNAME> with your actual computer's username)
    • OSX this is usually ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin2
    • Linux this is usually ~/.NavCoin2/

    Step 2. In this directory create a plain text file called "navcoin.conf", or open this file if it already exists.

    Step 3. Replace the contents of this file (if any) with the following:


    The nodes we add here are ones which we've provided. We will add more from the public network in the following steps

    Step 4.
    Replace <USERNAME> and <PASSWORD> with your chosen username
    and password. These credentials are for RPC access only which is an
    advanced feature not accessed by most users. It's not used for
    encrypting your wallet, you'll need to do that seperately.

    Step 5. Open your browser and navigate to the network page of our block explorer:!network

    Step 6.
    Click the [node list] button next to the latest NavCoin subversion.
    This will pop up an overlay which contains a list of the latest visible
    network nodes in the following format:


    Step 7. Copy all these lines and paste them into your "navcoin.conf" at the end of the file.

    Step 8. Save and close this file. Restart your Nav Coin Full Node Wallet.

    in the future you find that your Wallet is having a low number of
    connections, replace your addnode lines in the navcoin.conf file with
    the latest list from the block explorer.

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