Nav Coin Details + Nav’s New White Paper: the Cheat Sheet

  • Nav Coin’s Q1 Software Launch

    Nav Coin continues to earn its place in the market as the currency goes from strength to strength. In 2016, they released the innovative NAVTech private payment platform and NAV became the 3rd most profitable cryptocurrency of the year. 2017 is already another record year for Nav Coin and they round out Q1 with a bundle of great software releases, a fresh new look and a strong project roadmap filled with premium projects.

    Nav Coin Core 4.0.0

    This is the big ticket item for the Q1 releases.

    Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 is a complete wallet rebuild that has been forked from Bitcoin 0.13. It has modernised Nav Coin’s core with lots of new features, and provides a great base for the Nav Coin Development Team to continue with the 2017 Roadmap.

    The upgrade gives Nav Coin Core all the latest API commands which Bitcoin implements. This makes it compatible with more software and services than ever before. This includes the API’s necessary for Nav Coin to start their Copay fork which will end with a beautiful set of Mobile and Web Wallets that are also capable of sending NAVTech Private Payments.

    The new wallet focuses on simplicity. A lot of the complicated, unnecessary features have been removed and it has been streamlined with an installer. There is also now a graphical way to set up & manage the NAVTech server list which was previously managed through the configuration file.

    The Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 wallet will be available for download on the 31st of March from the Nav Coin website:

    Key updates

    • First Bitcoin 0.13-based fork with POS consensus algorithm.
    • Faster and more robust syncing between nodes.
    • Multi-signature addresses.
    • New GUI with cleaner design.
    • Easier Tor integration.


    Nav Coin have developed the NavPi — a Raspberry Pi that runs the latest version of Nav Coin Core.

    The Raspberry Pi is an energy efficient and convenient way to earn your Proof of Stake rewards without having your laptop or desktop constantly on. You plug it in, send it your coins, and it earns you money 24 hours a day — while only using minuscule amounts of power.

    Mining Nav Coin has never been simpler or more cost effective.

    It comes with a web interface which can be accessed from your network, and will allow you to send & receive NAV, encrypt your wallet, and stake coins — all the functionality you get from a full node wallet.

    You can even send NAVTech private payments directly from the NavPi!

    Here’s why this is a great way to grow your NAV investment:

    • You’ll earn a 5% return on the amount of NAV you have.
    • It’s always on and cheap to run
    • Includes the latest version of Nav Coin 4.0.0 — which has been updated with all the latest features in Bitcoin 0.13.

    The NavPi image will be available for download on the 31st of March from the Nav Coin website:

    NAVTech 1.1

    NAVTech is Nav Coin’s private payment platform which is decentralised, open source and and completely anonymous. Transactions are encrypted and broadcast over our secondary blockchain called the Subchain — which provides full anonymity.

    Since NAVTech was decentralised in December, the Development Team have been refining the code and increasing test coverage. This updated software has been tested and deployed on the official NAVTech servers and will be distributed to the public on the 31st of March.

    These improvements pave the way for Nav Coin’s ultimate goal of combining the Nav Coin & Subchain blockchains along with the NAVTech processing scripts into the Multi-chain NAVTech Wallet as seen on the project roadmap.

    When this Multi-Chain NAVTech Wallet is completed later this year, running a NAVTech node will be as easy as checking a box inside your Nav Coin wallet and you will be able to earn extra rewards for participating in the Private Payment Network.

    Website Redesign

    Nav Coin have also released a new version of the Nav Coin website today, which aims to support their wider marketing activities going forward.

    The main changes have been updating the visuals, and tidying the content to be more user friendly & easier to understand.

    There is still a long list of refinements, which will be rolled out over the coming months — including new content, how-to guides, and more regular posts from the team. But this relaunch will help give the brand momentum to move forward with.

    A standout new feature of the website is the addition of instant Credit Card purchasing of NAV using Changelly’s Instant Exchange Service.

    Check it out at


    It’s been a busy few months for Nav Coin, but their hard work is paying off.

    With some new hires in the team, and lots of new energy, Nav Coin is kicking things up a notch as they move onto some really exciting projects which will really continue to set them apart.

    To make sure you stay in the loop, by getting involved in the Nav Coin community channels (Slack and Telegram), and follow them on Twitter & Facebook.

  • Nav Coin Raspberry Pi Stakebox tutorial

    In this tutorial is shown how to setup a Nav Coin Raspberry Pi Stakebox.
    The tutorial is done in Windows 10 and using a different OS might come
    with minor differences.

    The software needed is:

    Win32 disk imager: Putty: SD Formatter:

    You can download the .ISO file from:

    Used commands: sudo raspi-config (2:38) sudo iwlist wlan0 scan (3:17) sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf (3:28)

    network={    ssid=”The_ESSID_from_earlier in my case DREAMFALL”    psk=”Your_wifi_password” } (3:49)

  • NAVcoin The Wheels Keep on Turning at Nav Coin HQ

    It really has been a massive week for Nav Coin this week. We have seen the release of our 4.0.0 Core wallet, NAVTech 1.1 and the NavPi from the development team. Alongside our great new website, Q1 press release and the social media competition from by our awesome new marketing team.

    We have moved a lot of projects from in progress to completed and have also started on our next batch of projects.

    You can have a look at what we’ve ticked off here:

    Alex has begun work on our full suite of Mobile & Web Wallets based on the Copay source code. Copay is an amazing javascript based wallet which will provide us with a great platform to build our Nav Coin wallets on top of.

    Victor is going to look at improving our NavPi, streamlining the interface and improving performance. This means a full redevelopment using Angular2 served by NodeJS.

    Guy is comparing supplier options for sourcing and supplying NAV branded NavPi units on the Nav Coin Store. These will ship with the image pre-loaded onto the memory card so all you will need to do is plug them in and send the coins.

    Craig is busy preparing to present his talk “Exploring Private Cryptocurrencies” for the Bloktex conference this weekend in Kuala Lumpur. Once he gets back from KL, he will begin to work rebuilding the Subchain aligning it with the new core code base. This will mean restarting that blockchain and is a vital step toward integrating the Subchain into the Nav Coin wallet.

    If you’re near KL, you should definitely head along to the conference:

    Kieren has been largely focused on helping with the Q1 release schedule since being onboarded. He has been a huge help with our new website, the Q1 press releases and also our very successful social media campaign. With that pressure off, the marketing team can now refocus on the wider branding message and marketing strategy. The first step is to formalise a marketing roadmap and present our marketing plan.

    You can see all the things we’ve started this week here:

    We may have been a bit quieter than usual this week online due to the team having a couple days of hard earned rest after our successful (but very demanding) Q1 launch. As you can see, we still have made a lot of progress and as always, the wheels keep turning at Nav Coin HQ.

    We have a lot of great projects in the works and lots of amazing things lined up for the rest of the year. So stick around and come on this journey with us.

    Talk soon, Nav Coin Team

  • Navcoin Updates To The Wallet & Marketing Progress

    Even with Craig away at the Bloktex conference, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes.

    Update from the Dev team

    We’ve made available a revised version of our wallets, which provides fixes to some of the network issues we’ve had in the last week. Every 4.x user is required to update to this version to attach its node to the right chain. Update of 3.x clients is not strictly required but highly recommended.

    How to Update:


    • Backup your wallet.
    • Close NavCoin Core if it is open.
    • Remove the folders ‘chainstate’ and ‘blocks’ from:
    •      WINDOWS ->  C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/NavCoin4/
    •      MAC -> ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin4
    •      LINUX -> ~/.NavCoin4/
    • Download new version from, install and run.


    • Backup your wallet.
    • Close NavCoin Core if it is open.
    • Remove the folders ‘chainstate’ and ‘blocks’ from:
    •      WINDOWS ->  C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/NavCoin2/
    •      MAC -> ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin2
    •      LINUX -> ~/.NavCoin2/
    • Download new version from, install and run.


    Update from the Marketing team

    After the successful release of the new website & the competition which drove nearly 5,000 actions (tweets, likes, etc), we took a step back to strategise and plan our marketing approach over the coming 6 months.

    Our key focuses over this time:

    • How we will connect with influencers in the industry.
    • Developing a content strategy for how & where we put out content, to reach new audiences.
    • Optimising our existing channels (such as Facebook, Twitter) to gain as much exposure as possible.

    We’re putting all the pieces into place, so that going forward we have a solid plan to make the Nav Coin brand much more visible. We’ve lined up the next few pieces of content, so will be starting to create these shortly.

    Update from Craig

    As you may know, Craig gave a talk at the Bloktex conference in Kuala Lumpur in the weekend, and from the reports of things it went very well! He’s taking a few well deserved days off, and then will be back into the full swing of things at the end of the week.

    Talk soon,

    Nav Coin team

  • Navcoin Important Wallet Update & Weekly Report

    This week the development team have been focused on optimizing the new Nav Coin Core and making sure that it is providing the network stability we need to move forward. We were hoping to move onto some new projects this week but with our primary focus on the core optimization, we will be kicking off our next projects over the coming days.

    We have recently released v4.0.1.1 which has improved network stability. If you are using any other 4.0.x or 3.x version can you please immediately update to the latest version and begin staking your coins to help the network.

    Apart from working on the core optimization, we have also been busy chipping away at a couple other objectives.

    Guy has been pricing up options for us to stock pre-built & pre-configured NAV branded NavPi units in our online store. So far his research has come up with some good options and we are hoping to finalize a price and order our first batch in the coming weeks. This will make earning NAV staking rewards even easier as you will be able to order the complete unit from the store. All you will need to do is plug in the power and send it some NAV to stake.

    One of the contacts Craig made at the Bloktex conference was with Wirex who provide cryptocurrency charged MasterCards. Wirex have shown interest in getting Nav Coin onto their debit card platform and have offered their assistance to make it happen. We have opened a dialog with Wirex who are powered by Shapeshift behind the scenes. Hopefully this leads to Nav Coin getting added to Shapeshift and subsequently to the Wirex debit card platform. We can’t guarantee an outcome at this stage but it is an avenue we are keenly pursuing.

    The projects we will start to plan and work on next week are;

    The CoPay Fork which gives us fully functional web and mobile wallets.

    Rebuilding the subchain to align its core with the new Nav Coin core and prepare to bring both chains into a single multi-chain wallet.

    Rebuilding the front end of the NavPi StakeBox using JavaScript instead of the PHP & Apache service which is currently running on there. This will lead to better performance of the front end and also a less cluttered User Interface to make it even simpler and easier to use and keep up to date.

    Our marketing team continues to work on our overall branding and marketing strategy while preparing press releases for our upcoming features.

    That is all we have to report for this week. Expect a more productive week next week as our Lead Developer Craig leads the charge after returning from Kuala Lumpur.

    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Team.

  • NAVCOIN - SegWit Update, New Full Time Staff, Polymorph Underway

    This week has been very busy for the Nav Coin team. We have made some big steps toward increasing our productivity and expanding the team. The support ticket system from last week has shown a marked improvement in efficiency of responses and our SegWit vote has entered its second voting period.

    Our first period of SegWit voting closed without successfully locking in SegWit. This was unsurprising given the slow start to voting due to the teething issues we experienced at the beginning of last week. Period two is now over 50% of the way to confirming SegWit lock in with plenty of time to go before it closes. The current votes are showing 97.8% YES in the last 800 blocks, making lock in during this period a near certainty.

    We have opened our first official office space here in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a modest start with two full time desks and a hot desk for our part time and casual staff. Largely this space is for our Auckland based Development Team to collaborate on our upcoming projects.

    We have hired our first full time Junior Developer Matt Paul to join Craig MacGregor as our second full time staff member. Matt’s role is to build the front end interface for NavTech Polymorph as well as provide support on projects for our senior developers; Craig, Alex & Victor.

    With the addition of Matt to the team, we have kicked off the NavTech Polymorph project and moved it from Pending to In Progress. You can track its overall progress on our Project Roadmap page or at a more granular level on our github page.

    We have moved all our Github repositories from the navcoindev account to be part of the NAVCoin organisation. This allows our devs to more easily create and collaborate on projects instead of having them run through an individual account. You can see all the things we are developing on our organisation’s page.

    We are diving into the Nav Pi 2.0 build this weekend with Victor hotdesking in the office to lay the foundations with Craig & Paul. More on that next week.

    Craig’s function in the short term will be to focus more on planning and mentoring than development as he scaffolds out the Polymorph & NavPi 2.0 projects for Matt & Victor. Once we have enough planning headroom on those projects, Craig will return his focus to rebuilding the subchain to allow for smart contracts and eventually the ADapp platform.

    Alex has finished an updated version of Nav Coin Core (v4.0.3) which is now available for download. The new version simply adds some extra information about the voting statistics to the SegWit data retrieved by the getblockchaininfo command. This is not a vital update and is only necessary to download if you want to monitor the SegWit vote through your own client.

    Guy has sourced and ordered the necessary parts to build and ship pre-built, Nav Coin branded NavPi StakeBox units. When we receive confirmation of the arrival date, we will be opening pre-orders on the Nav Coin store. We are aiming to provide these at a competitive rate and by pre-installing the software, we will make it even easier for people earn Nav Coin rewards.

    As you can see, the team working hard and we are setting the stage to hit the accelerator. We look forward to ramping up our progress over the coming weeks as we settle into the new office space and productivity processes.

    If you want to be the first to hear all the latest Nav Coin News, sign up to our mailing list!

    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Team.

  • NavCoin SegWit Locked In, Polymorph and NavPi Update

    It’s been a productive week for the Nav Coin Development team as we settle into the new office space and workflow processes. SegWit has officially been accepted on the network and is pending activation at the end of the next block period. Nav Coin has also been confirmed as an upcoming addition to the UQuid cryptocurrency debit card platform.

    Segregated Witness has been officially locked in with the closing of our last period with the YES votes coming in at over 95%. An overwhelming victory for SegWit which only required 75% YES votes to achieve lock in and a resounding victory for the governance power of Proof of Stake coins. Since the votes are cast when a user mints a Proof of Stake block, the vote ends up in the hands of Nav Coin owners rather being decided by corporate mining institutions. The activation of SegWit on the network will occur when our chain reaches block 1068480 which is expected to happen approximately Sun May 21 2017 08:45:10 GMT.

    The team has kicked off the NavPi 2.0 project and laid out the base framework for the new version. NavPi 2.0 will be written using NodeJS and Angular2 rather than the existing Apache and PHP stack. From our preliminary testing this is going to give the NavPi much better performance and stability as well as the possibility of adding many more useful features. To keep track of this project’s progress, you can follow it or submit suggestions its github.

    The dev team have also made a good start on the Polymorph project, completing the first weekly sprint cycle with 21 story points achieved. Again a lot of this has been setting up the framework and choosing which technologies to use. We will be running a similar stack to the NavPi project with NodeJS and Angular2 being the main components. To keep track of this project’s progress, you can follow it or submit suggestions its github.

    Both these projects are following the new coding standards, unit testing, git flow and productivity workflow as laid out by our lead developer Craig MacGregor. Victor and Matt are both working to these guidelines and it should see these projects even more organized and transparent than we have previously achieved.

    Our fork of Copay is also progressing with Alex in the process of setting up the back end services required to support the lite wallets. He has entered the phase of refining and adapting the front end of the web and mobile wallets to be ready for deployment. This project is split across multiple repositories on the NAVCoin organisation so it is a little bit more difficult to track its progress directly. We have updated this and all our current projects to new completed percentages on the Nav Coin website.

    Aside from making great progress on our two active projects, Nav Coin has also been officially announced as an upcoming addition to the Uquid cryptocurrency debit card platform.

    Uquid is a debit card platform which allows you to spend any one of 35+ digital currencies as if they were GBP, USD or EUR on any terminal or service which accepts Visa. Nav Coin is a welcomed addition to their offering and we look forward to bringing you another great way to conveniently spend your NAV.

    The shipment of Raspberry Pi’s for our pre-built NavPi’s to be sold on the Nav Coin Store have left their shipping dock. We are hoping to open these up for pre-order as soon as they land. Keep an eye on the store for updates to stock.

    We have added wildcard SSL certificates to the Nav Coin websites alongside upgrading the web server to a new host. The SSL certificate is now valid on the main website and the forum. It will also be available on the store, wiki and paperwallet subdomains as we migrate them across to the new host.

    As always, a lot of progress from the team and things are really starting to speed up with the addition of our extra development resource. We look forward to the results of this continued momentum and the activation of Segregated Witness this week.

    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Team.

  • NavCoin SegWit Activated, Polymorph Progress, NavPi Parts Arriving

    It seems we repeat this sentence in almost every weekly update lately, but; it’s been another huge week for Nav Coin. We have successfully activated Segregated Witness on our blockchain, we broke through our previous all time high on the markets and we’ve been making good progress on our top development projects.

    Segregated Witness was activated on the Nav Coin blockchain at approximately 3:00AM GMT on Sunday 21 May 2017 after the mandatory 1 week lock in phase. The activation has gone smoothly, SegWit addresses have been created and sent coins. We are currently working on a wallet update which will make it easier for users send SegWit transactions as currently it is largely handled only in the command line interface. While users will soon be able to easily send SegWit transactions, the real power will become apparent as we build and run smart contracts on the Nav Coin blockchain in the future.

    The activation of SegWit has seen a lot of activity on the Nav Coin markets with NAV’s market cap reaching $28M USD, a price of $0.46 USD per coin. Frustrations were felt by some users as our highest volume exchange Poloniex had their NAV wallets in maintenance mode over the lead up to SegWit activation, preventing deposits and withdrawals. We have attempted to clarify the reason, but at time the time of this publication we have not received a response from Poloniex on the matter. I can now confirm that the NAV wallet is out of maintenance mode and is again open for deposits and withdrawals.

    The dev team is making good progress on the first stage of the Polymorph project in the Auckland office. If you’ve been following the #development channel in slack or our github you will have seen their daily progress on the project as commits and pull requests fire off. They have closed Sprint 2 with 20 points achieved compared to 21 points in Sprint 1. Showing that their pointing of stories and pace of work has been consistent thus far which suggests this method of working will provide to be a good measure for completion times for future features.

    We have also received a lot of interest from open source developers interested in contributing to Nav Coin or building surrounding platform tools and services. This is a great sign for the future of Nav Coin’s software ecosystem and we encourage all developers who would like to get involved in our project to join us on slack and talk with the team.

    The SD Cards for the branded NavPi’s have arrived to Auckland and Guy has been busy trying to source the best shipping rates and packaging for the units. We are still waiting on the actual boards and cases to arrive and will open pre-orders as soon as we have all the parts on the ground.

    Our marketing team have been testing some Facebook ad buys over the last week which are proving to have cost effective results. For a relatively small expense we have increased the reach of our Facebook posts by about 3000%. This plays into the wider strategy the team is building to get the Nav Coin brand to be a household name.

    Project Roadmap:

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