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  • Nav Coin Release Wallet V4.2.1


  • NavCoin Core 4.2.1 Hotfix & NavCoin Community Twitter

    Last week the Core Developers discovered and fixed an issue that prevented NavPi’s updating 4.2.0 and signal their support for the community fund accumulation soft fork. It was good to see Core Developers rallying to fulfill the objectives laid out in the Developer Manifesto — ensuring the stability of the network takes priority over all other tasks. So thanks to everyone who helped out — and burned the midnight oil for the greater good of the NavCoin network.

    What’s happening in the community

    Are you following the NavCoin Community Twitter account @NavCoin_Global yet? It’s a great place to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the wide world of NavCoin.

    NavCoin Community (@NavCoin_Global) | Twitter
    The latest Tweets from NavCoin Community (@NavCoin_Global). @NavCoin & @ValencePlatform development & protocol updates…

    They’re doing a great job of helping to spread adoption of NavCoin in the wider community and how to encourage merchants to accept NavCoin. If you have any other ideas about how to get NavCoin accepted at your favourite merchants, please let the community hear about it. Post your ideas in the #community-action channel on Discord.

    CoinPayments helps everyone in the NavCoin community by making it easy to pay using NAV. This week they’ve gone a step further with this Tweet promoting NavCoin to their followers.

    To support Coin Payments, start by checking out their directory of stores accepting NAV, then get out your NavCoin wallet and buy something.

    In Iceland on his way to Berlin, Rowan was rocking his NavCoin t-shirt. Where are some exotic locations you’ve worn your NavCoin gear? Share your pics with the community on your favourite social media with the hashtag #NavCoin.

    Core Developer Craig @proletesseract (on Twitter) shared his story on the evolution of NavCoin over the past few years with New Zealand online magazine The Spinoff. Read it here:

    The Kiwi behind the 'cheaper, faster, more eco-friendly' alternative to Bitcoin
    Every week on The Primer we ask a local business or product to introduce themselves in eight simple takes. This week we…

    Core developer Paul @Red01 (on Twitter) gave this video interview to The Futurist Project on why businesses should accept digital currencies. Watch it here.

    Exploring Cryptocurrencies with NavCoin
    Should businesses be exploring how they can accept cryptocurrencies today? Keran explores this with Paul from

    Technical updates

    Last week NavCoin Core 4.2.0 was released which includes the Community Fund accumulation soft fork. Uptake by the network was slowed due to an issue in the NTP sync calculation on 32 bit systems which included the NavPi. The issue has now been resolved and the NavCoin Core 4.2.1 NTP Hotfix is ready to download. The full list of new binaries to download are available on Github here.:

    navcoin-core - bitcoin-core 0.13 fork ported for

    If you agree with the consensus change and want to signal your support for the community fund accumulation soft fork, make sure you download this new version of NavCoin Core and resume staking blocks.

    Congratulations to Sakdeniz (on Discord) for releasing the 1.0.2 alpha version of his NEXT wallet for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu. It looks fantastic. Check out the release notes here:

    NEXT 1.0.2 Alpha Released
    NEXT 1.0.2 Alpha build for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu

    hash512 (on Discord) has been working with Sakdeniz to get NEXT running on his NavCoin m8. It should be ready to go on sale in early July, after a little more burn in testing.

    NavCoin m8 will be deployed with the NavCoin software, the NEXT wallet, and a bitcoin wallet installed. Any other Proof of Stake coin wallets that have been tested will also go out at launch, or be added at a later date.

    For more info on this awesome community project check out the m8 channel on Discord and visit the NavCoin m8 website:

    Content updates

    Social media was a big focus last week, with the creation of a series of posts on the NavCoin Core 4.2.0 release, the 4.2.1 hotfix, CoinPayments, and the Developer and Content Manifestos. There is now a large pool of social posts buffered and ready to go, meaning NavCoin will have a continuous presence on the key social channels.

    The Core Content Collective continued their work on updating content in the refreshed developer site and community site. You can see more detail on how the Community Fund will operate here.

    NavCoin Community Hub
    Following the community suggestion to enable contributors to receive funding from the network for their work, the…
    introduce the concept of the Fund and invite community members to
    signal their agreement to the NavCoin Core 4.2.0 soft fork, a short
    animated video was created. Look out for it soon in our 

    social channels and on

    And if developing the awesome NEXT wallet wasn’t enough Sakdeniz has been experimenting with another batch of NAV logo animations called ‘Dust’ and ‘Bling’, which you can check out here:

  • NavCoin - Updated Roadmap and Kauri Wallet

    First up this week is a reminder about the latest version of the NavCoin Wallet that is available for download.

    When you download this update you’ll add your vote to the 75% consensus necessary to enable accumulation of NAV into the Community Fund. You can read more about how this works at the community fund project page:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    Following the community suggestion to enable contributors to receive funding from the network for their work, the…

    Download NavCoin Core 4.2.1 here:

    NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or…

    You can also see the progress of how many votes the soft fork has with Prodpeak’s block explorer:

    Nav Explorer - Soft Forks
    NavCoin Block Explorer. Tracking Nav blocks, transactions, and addresses

    In other news this week, Encrypt S have updated their projects on the NavCoin Community Roadmap to include the Kauri Wallet project, Craig embarks on a tough charity challenge, and community members have posted handy tips on choosing the right NavCoin wallet and updating to NavCoin Core 4.2.1.

    What’s happening in the community

    It’s always interesting hearing how people got into crypto. With that in mind, xVicious started this fascinating thread on Reddit — asking community members to share how they first became aware of NavCoin. What’s your NavCoin story? Join the conversation here.

    In this latest post at Nio (on Discord) talks (in Italian) about SEC regulations and what they could mean for decentralised cryptocurrencies. Watch it here.

    NAVcoin Italia
    NAVcoin Italia è il più grande sito di criptovalute italiano. Entra nel mondo della Blockchain.

    If you’re unsure about the differences between the NavCoin wallet options then this infographic by @NavTechServers has the answers. Get full details of their respective features here:

    Keith from @CryptoCoinMind posted this step by step video on Youtube
    that shows how easy it is to update to the new NavCoin Core 4.2.1

    Globe-trotting NavCoin Core developers Matt and Rowan caught up over a beer with community moderator Jonathan in Berlin.

    It looks like Rowan definitely earned that beer — here’s another perspective from his visit to Iceland on his way to Berlin.

    By now NavCoin Core Developer Craig (prole on Discord) is a few days into his Oxfam Refugee Ration Challenge. Over the course of the week, he will discover what it’s like to survive on the strictly limited amount of very basic rations Syrian refugees are issued, Craig’s aim is to raise $10,000 NZD for the cause. You can show your support by following his journey on his Instagram and Twitter.

    Or you can sign up as a sponsor here.

    Ration Challenge New Zealand 2018
    I'm taking the Ration Challenge raising funds for refugees. Sponsor me by clicking the link. Thanks so much for your…

    Technical updates

    There are a few updates to the projects Encrypt S works on in the roadmap on the NavCoin community site. The main changes involve the addition of the Kauri Wallet, including the extended features that are being built on top of it. You can see the changes here:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    Cryptocurrencies are complicated, and it's NavCoin's mission to change that. As a community we are striving to make…

    And the full details about the new Kauri Wallet here:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    The first stage of the project is to build Kauri as a cross-platform thin client which supports NAV, BTC and ETH. At…

    The Kauri wallet is a new open-source multi-currency wallet that is being developed by Encrypt S. NavCoin will be the first coin to get access to the wallet’s advanced features.

    You can read more about how the Kauri wallet came about in this post by Craig:

    Riding the shifting dunes of the blockchain landscape
    The last six months have seen some huge changes in the cryptocurrency industry, including the NavCoin Community and…

    The latest work by developers on Kauri has included:

    • Added automatic testing of the app size so it doesn’t grow too large, unnoticed.
    • Added performance benchmarking.
    • Merging translations into the build and deployment processes, so Kauri can work across all platforms in multiple languages.
    • Investigation and testing of different library options for the core Kauri Wallet blockchain code, including bcoin, bitcoin-js and bitcore-core libraries.
    • Research and discussions about the wallet UX.
    • Research how to create a decentralized exchange that works seamlessly with Kauri and other platforms.
    • Development of a feature for Kauri API that allows it to be run with zero-configuration. Developers will be able to run the binary on their machines and the Kauri API will automatically download, extract, configure, and start the navcoind daemon utilising a custom data directory, so that the default nav configuration directory is left intact. This will allow for a smooth development workflow as devs connect front-end Kauri wallet UI elements to the API while working via localhost.
    • Set up a pipeline for translating the app.
    • Setting the base translation solution to enable automated updating of translation files when text is changed in the app.
    • Creation of a tool to check how many lines in app are untranslated for each of the supported languages.

    Look out for more updates and information as work on this project proceeds over the coming months.

    Prodpeak made a post on Reddit asking for ideas on new features to add to the NavExplorer block explorer tool. Read his post and chip in your thoughts via the comments section.

    Alternatively you can collaborate with him on GitHub.

    navexplorer-frontend - Frontend website for

    Have you taken a look at community developer Sakdeniz’ NEXT wallet yet? Last week he released the the 1.0.2 alpha version for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu. You can see the release notes here.

    Work continued on NavCoin Core to allow the creation of unit tests for the Community Fund and testing of upcoming new cold staking features, and Docker releases were created for both 4.2.0 and 4.2.1.

    Content updates

    Have you seen the NavCoin Brand Guidelines? It’s a great place to start when you want to start developing your own material for NavCoin. It’s comprehensive and everything is laid out clearly, making it easy to create great looking videos, banners, infographics or whatever else you want to create.

    Download your copy the Navcoin Brand Guidelines here.

    NavCoin Community Hub
    NavCoin is a community initiative and the Community Hub will help you learn about the range of NavCoin projects, and…

    Last week this animated video introducing NavCoin 4.2.1 was created and launched on social media. The aim was to:

    • Generate awareness of the update to the NavCoin Core protocol.
    • Let NavCoin stakers know where to download the new wallet if they agree to the consensus change.
    • Show how accumulation of NAV in the Community Fund will work.

    If you haven’t already downloaded the new NavCoin Core 4.2.1 wallet to add your vote to the 75% consensus necessary to begin accumulating funds, you can get it here.

    NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or…

    That’s all for this week,

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