Nav Coin Details + Nav’s New White Paper: the Cheat Sheet

  • Nav Coin Tor Network Setup

    The Nav Coin Full Node Wallet is compatiable with usage through the Tor Network. BitcoinTalk User BitcoinFX has configured a series of Tor Nodes for connecting to and sending Nav Coin transactions through the Tor Netowrk.If you're unsure what TOR is, please head over to their website to learn all about their great service: basic terms, the TOR network is robust method of hiding your IP address from unwanted third parties.Currently Nav Coin is secure, but just like any other Crypto Currencies because it is a public network, it is possible for third parties to see which IP addresses are connected at any given time. This does mean users lose an amount of anonymity because with some effort, it could be possible to trace a transaction back to an IP address and potentially infer who owns a wallet, or at least where they were broadcasting from.Connecting your Nav Coin wallet through the TOR network, hides your IP address from the public record and stops this meta data inference from occuring. With this configuration you would be syncing the block chain, sending and receiving coins all through the TOR network rather than over the regular internet.

    Install Tor

    Step 1. Download and install the Tor Browser:

    Step 2. Open the TOR browser and allow it to connect to the TOR network.

    Adding P2P Tor Network Nodes

    Step 1. Find your NavCoin2 folder in your users %AppData% directory. The AppData folder is hidden on most operating systems, so make sure you can view hidden files.Windows this is usually C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/NavCoin2/
    (replacing <USERNAME> with your actual computer's username)OSX this is usually ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin2Linux this is usually ~/.NavCoin2/

    Step 2. In this directory create and open a plain text file called "navcoin.conf". If this file already exists, save a copy of it for when you want to switch back to the regular setup and open the file.

    Step 3. Replace the contents of this file (if any) with the following:


    Step 4. Replace <USERNAME> and <PASSWORD> with your chosen username and password. These credentials are for RPC access only which is an advanced feature not accessed by most users. It's not used for encrypting your wallet, you'll need to do that seperately.

    Step 5. Save and close this file. Restart your Nav Coin Full Node Wallet.

    You should see your wallet now says "tor" in the bottom right corner, indicating it has picked up this setup.

    This really is a great service the BitcoinFX has setup for us all to use. It provides an extremely high level of anonymity even when just performing regular Nav Coin transactions. Please be so kind as to donate to BitcoinFX to help keep this service running: NWeyG7jpQm1wWeYeV7tnNuYLUHmW4FMAr8Disclaimer: Please be aware this is a third party service, use at your own discretion.

  • Nav Coin Decentralises NAVTech

    On wednesday the 21st of December Nav Coin decentralised their anonymous send technology named NAVTech after announcing the release date at their end of year conference last week.

    NAVTech is currently the world’s only decentralised anonymous transaction system. Nav Coin is known for being on the cutting edge of technology; their unique anonymous send system innovatively uses a subchain to break the link between sender and receiver.

    Now that NAVTech has been decentralised users of the technology are invited to create their own cluster of servers to process anonymous transactions for Nav coin. Those servers will be added to optional list servers clusters that the Nav customer can use. Trust for the independent servers will be built on user reviews, and the official Nav tech server cluster will still be an option. Owners of server clusters will generate income with a small transaction fee.

    Prior to the decentralisation release NAVTech processed transactions through a cluster of servers owned by the Nav team. While that system was very secure, the team was concerned that it introduced a single point of failure.NAVTech developer Craig Macgregor says he was ‘concerned about the anonymous transactions system running through central servers owned and operated by the Nav Coin Development Team because it was in conflict with the open source, peer to peer distributed, and decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies.’

    The team are excited to offer their customers secure anonymous technology that has no single point of failure and can be built and owned by their users. In preparation for Decentralisation, Nav Coin re released their anonymous transaction sending system in September. The new system was built in Node JS and had superior architecture as well as increased security features. To learn more about Nav coin and to run NAVTech on your own server cluster visit their website or github account

  • Nav coin Navtech Anon Setup

    Sending cyrptocurrency anonymously has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to setup your Nav Coin wallet for sending with ultimate privacy.Initially the Navtech sending feature is only available in the full node version of the Nav Coin wallet. We are aiming to expand this functionality to our thin clients and mobile wallets in the future. For further progress on these projects, please visit our projects page.

    Disclaimer: Please be aware this is a blind service. Even we aren't able to trace the transactions. If you have any problem using this service please immediately report it to [email protected]. In the event your coins are not received by the intended recipient, recovering or tracing your coins is impossible even to us. By using this service you agree that you do so at your own risk of loss.

    Adding Navtech Servers to Your Config File

    Step 1. Find your NavCoin2 folder in your users %AppData% directory. The AppData folder is hidden on most operating systems, so make sure you can view hidden files.

    • Windows this is usually C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/NavCoin2/
      (replacing <USERNAME> with your actual computer's username)
    • OSX this is usually ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin2
    • Linux this is usually ~/.NavCoin2/

    Step 2. In this directory open the plain text file called "navcoin.conf". If this file doesnt exist, create it.

    Step 3. At the end of the file add the following lines:


    For the full list of available Navtech servers, see our Navtech Network page.

    Step 4. Save and close this file. Restart your Nav Coin Full Node Wallet.

    Step 5. That is all you need to do. Now when you want to send anonymous transactions, just simply check the "Send NAV Anonymously" checkbox on the send dialog and your transaction will be routed through an anonymous server chosen randomly from this config.

    Adding Temporary Navtech Servers

    Step 1. Open you Nav Coin wallet and navigate to the menu "Help > Debug Window".

    Step 2. In the debug window switch to the "Console" tab.

    Step 3. To see all the options for the addanonserver command type "help addanonserver" and press enter.

    Step 4. To add temporary anon servers type each of the following lines into the debug console and press enter after each.

    addanonserver add
    addanonserver add
    addanonserver add
    addanonserver add

    For the full list of available Navtech servers, see our Navtech Network page.

    Step 5. Repeat step 4 with as many anon server IP's as you wish to add for sending.

    Step 6. Close the debug console.

    Step 5. That is all you need to do. Now when you want to send anonymous transactions, just simply check the "Send NAV Anonymously" checkbox on the send dialog and your transaction will be routed through an anonymous server chosen randomly from these manual entries.

    Note: Anon servers added in this way are lost when you shut down your wallet. If you want the IP's to persist, pelase add them to your navcoin.conf file using the guide above.

  • # Wordpress Store with Nav Coin Payments Guide ## Nav Coin has been integrated into the Coin Payments merchant gateway. They offer various methods for accepting Nav Coin payments. This guide is specifically about setting up a new store using wordpress as the website's framework. If you already have your store setup and want to accept Nav Coin I suggest having a look at their other merchant tool options. ## To see this store in actoin, head over to the Nav Coin Store where you can puchase some merchandise or make an official donation. ## This guide assumes that you have some knowledge about web development and wordpress. # Register for Coin Payments ## Head over to the Coin Payments Registration page and sign up for an account. ## Once registered, proceed to the "Coin Settings" page and enable Nav Coin as your payment option. ## Now go to the "Account Settings" page in top menu. On the "Basic Settings" tab, take note of your Merchant ID. ## Go to the "Merchant Settings" tab and add your own custom IPN Secret. This is just a a random character string that is used to authenticate your store and can be whatever you like. Take note of this also as we will need it in the following steps. # Setup Wordpress ## Once you have purchased a domain name and web hosting, you will need to install wordpress on your webserver. ## All the instructions and support for installing wordpress can be found on the Wordpress website. # Install the Coin Payments plugin ## Once Wordpress is installed and working on your webserver, we will need to install the Coin Payments WooCommerce plugin. ## It is recommended that you install and activate this plugin before installing the WooCommerce plugin so we can set that up in one step. # Install the WooCommerce plugin ## At this point we will install the WooCommerce Plugin for wordpress. ## This plugin is free and comes with all the necessary components to run a fully integrated online store. ## Once the plugin is installed and activated, proceed through the setup wizard. On the payments step, select the Coin Payments plugin as your payment option. If you don't see this option, check that you have activated the Coin Payments plugin on the plugins page. ## In the WooCommerce menu, go to the "Settings" submenu item. Click on the "Checkout" tab and click on the "" link. ## In this page, at the least you need to enter your Merchant ID and IPN Secret you noted down from the previous step. Save the changes. # Applying a Store Theme ## WooCommerce offers official themes for their store plugin which can be found on their website. ## For the Nav Coin Store, i decided to buy a paid theme called Porto from Theme Forest. It is a great theme with many example configurations which should suit anyones requirements. The example configuration I used as a base was the Shop 7 theme. ## If you've chosen to use Porto, you will need to install all the plugins which it is dependent on as a first step. Then what I did was use their "Install Demos" option which setup a clone of the "Shop 7" theme including templated products. ## After installing their demo, prune out any pages, products and menus you dont want and start adding your own products. You can also edit the colour shceme to match your branding through their editor interface. # Finishing Up ## That is pretty much all you need to do. Depending on your store you may also want to setup your shipping rules. ## For more info on how to configure CoinPayments, WooCommerce, Porto or Wordpress itself please visit their respective websites.

  • Weekly Update; NAVTech, Sync Fix, New Team Members

    Hi Nav Coiners, Happy New Year to you all!  We are back for our first weekly announcement of 2017! For anyone new around here the weekly announcements happen Tuesday evenings NZDT (GMT+13). We have been busy over the holiday season sowing the seeds of a fruitful year.


    NAVTech Decentralisation

    After the successful open sourcing of our NAVTech platform late last year, we have been busy over the break working with our first 3rd party NAVTech cluster operators to get them up and running. Mogrith has his server pair setup and I believe is currently accepting NAVTech transactions.
    Self moderated public clusters can be found, upvoted and commented on via our subreddit.
    Or one of our community members has setup this website.
    Our official NAVTech cluster information and status is also available on our website.


    Nav Coin Full Node Wallet 3.9.0

    We are pleased to announce that we have released an update to our full node wallets which fixes the syncing issues that we’ve seen in the past.
    The new wallet includes an implementation of the I2P router which offers a layer of anonymity when your wallet is connecting to the Nav network.
    The wallet should now properly crawl the p2p network to find peers to connect to so you should start to see more connections as people upgrade. It is still recommended to add the nodes found on the public blockchain listing to ensure maximum connectivity
    The supernodes should now also be working properly to provide connections.
    Head on over to the downloads section of the website to get the new wallet for Windows or Linux. We are still working to get the OSX version stable across all versions but we hope to release this in the next couple of days.
    We are still working to compile the Mac OSX version of the wallet. We have been having some issues compiling a stable version of the latest source but we hope to have this finished in the next couple of days.


    New Team Members Petros Anagnostou and Alex V.

    Petros is coming on board to help the marketing team. He has a wealth of experience in crypto marketing and is the operator of He has been a big help over the last month getting us onto numerous new exchanges and helping promote our brand. We are happy to bring him on board officially.
    Alex is an iOS developer who is also experienced in C++. He is coming on board to help with development of our wallet family. Already he has been helping us with the OSX wallet and is also looking into forking the Copay wallet to give us an iOS offering.
    You can keep up to date with our team as it grows on the website
    We are still looking for more intermediate – senior developers to come onboard and help with our development projects. For now the pay is modest but we are looking at ways to raise some venture capital and the positions will hopefully turn into contract work at industry rates.
    Contact us if you think you fit the bill!


    Nav Coin Bounties

    We have also released some updates to the website including a bounties page.
    We are looking to work with some good developers to peer review our NAVTech system and offer their thoughts, suggestions, optimizations  and bugfixes.
    We are currently engaged with some web designers who are looking at reskinning and optimizing our current website.
    If you are interested in claiming a bounty, please make sure you email [email protected] to discuss prior to starting work. Awarding the bounties is not automatic.


    New Exchange

    Nav Coin has been added to Nova Exchange which as well as trading offers dice gambling using Nav Coin. We were added a couple of weeks ago but they had some issues with the blockchain which have been resolved with our latest sync fix and are fully operational.


    Nav Coin Coinomi Integration

    Coinomi are in the process of adding Nav Coin to their multi wallet which has over 10,000 daily users. Their wallet is currently Android only but they are in the final stages of deploying for Desktop and iOS. We think being part of their multi wallet will be a great boost for Nav Coin’s exposure to the wider crypto market. We hope their wallet will be finished this week and ready for their next deployment cycle.


    Nav Coin Hardware Wallets

    We have been in talks with KeepKey and Ledger Wallet about commissioning a Nav Coin hardware wallet using either of their products. We are currently looking at how to more easily integrate with their existing software to lower the cost admission to their platforms. Both seem like great products, we will keep you posted on how we progress.


    Nav Coin Debit Cards

    We have been in talks with a few of the Crypto Debit Card manufacturers and are in the process of getting quotes from each for deploying Nav Coin onto their systems. Having an easy way to spend NAV through existing point of sale systems is a key role in making NAV fungible and would be a real asset to our eco system.

    I think that’s about all we have to report this week. As always the wheels keep turning as we tirelessly look at ways we can improve Nav Coin’s core services and add value to our platform.

  • It’s time for our weekly update and we have some more great news for you this week. We are really starting to gather some momentum as we work towards some of our goals and also add some new capabilities to the team.

    We are also aware of the syncing issues that everyone is having with the latest wallet and we are working to resolve that issue.

    Dedicated Nav Coin Community Site

    We have put together a community site dedicated to Nav Coin with the main feature being the forum. The main advantage is having topics split up so information is easier to find. With a 1000+ page long thread here the useful information gets quickly buried. It also has much better capabilities than bitcointalk and should enable everyone to submit richer post content.
    There is also a chat room, calendar and staff directory.
    From today onwards, our official forum is going to be our main forum for information, news, troubleshooting etc.. so please sign up and head on over there. Don’t forget we are also available on Slack, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook too.

    Craig MacGregor speaking at AML Summit

    Craig MacGregor has been asked to speak amongst International Keynote Speakers and local industry leaders at a financial consultancy summit in Auckland, New Zealand. There he will be educating local financial industry members on the benefits of blockchain technology and will be acting as an ambassador to promote Nav Coin.
    The conference takes place on the 9th of March 2017. Registration is now open.

    New Team Members

    Michael Douranos, Victor Jones & David Quick.
    Michael is coming onboard as our latest Community Manager. He has worked alongside Petros in the past and together they have a proven track record to create brand awareness and help communities grow.
    Victor is a Senior Software Developer from Auckland and is a talented developer. He is coming on board firstly to help finish the unit testing and optimization of NavTech and then is going to review and analyze the system to give his recommendations on improvements.
    David is a Senior Interactive Designer also from Auckland. He is going to firstly help us bring a fresh design to the Nav Coin website focusing on User Experience and Search Engine Optimization.
    Our team is growing quite nicely, we now have 11 members. You can keep up to date with our team on the website
    We are still looking for more intermediate – senior developers to come onboard and help with our development projects. Primary required skills are Javascript or C++ (or both). For now the pay is modest but we are looking at ways to raise some venture capital and the positions will hopefully turn into contract work at industry rates.
    Contact us if you think you fit the bill!

    Nav Coin Core Upgrade

    Craig, Soopy and Alex are working to get the Nav Coin Core up to date with the Bitcoin 13.0 source. This will increase Nav Coin’s stability, capabilities and ability to integrate with other services. By updating to 13.0 we will get some great technical benefits including the capability to have a Nav Coin Insight API and Segregated Witness.
    With the advent of the Insight API we will be able to be added to many more platforms including the KeepKey hardware wallet and various credit card issuers.
    This project has been given priority for our core team because it is currently blocking some of the other projects we want to start.

    Copay Fork

    Once we have upgraded the Nav Core to reflect Bitcoin 13.0 we will begin work on forking Bitpay’s Copay wallet for use with Nav Coin. It is a great javascript based wallet that is capable of being a full node. It is capable of running on Android, iOS and as a Web Wallet on any Desktop.
    We have consolidated some of our existing projects for mobile wallets under this banner as it has proven to be the best way to move forward.
    The current Web Wallet project remains and we are still hopeful to get this out to you all soon. Our third party contractor is having some delays with the project. I will let you know more information as it comes available.


    We have also updated the website with the latest projects:

    That is our report for the week. Lots going on, lots of momentum building. See you all on the new forum!

  • Android  Wallet Setup Guide


    Nav Coin offers an Android Wallet.  The wallet can be downloaded from the Play Store right here!

    Setting up your Android Wallet is easy and fast. The Android Wallet does not require you to download the Blockchain on your phone.

    You will not be able to stake your coins since you are not running a full node wallet. To run a full node wallet go to this guide.

    A mobile wallet for iOS is being developed and we hope to offer this as soon as possible to all Apple users.

    1.   Download the Android Wallet from the Play store.

    2.   Create a new wallet

    3.   Save your recovery phrase on a safe place

    4.   Set a strong password to protect your wallet

    5.   Select the Nav Coin Wallet option

    6.   Your wallet is ready for using!

    7.   Your wallet address can be found in the receive tab.

    You now have a fully working Nav Coin Android Wallet that you can use to send and receive Nav Coin.


  • Thin Client Wallet Setup Guide

    Nav Coin offers various Thin Client Wallets for Windows, Linux and OSX. Those can be downloaded right here!

    Setting up your Thin Client Wallet is easy and fast. The Thin Client Wallet does not require you to download the Blockchain.

    You will not be able to stake your coins since you are not running a full node wallet. To run a full node wallet go to this guide.

    1.   Download the Nav Coin Thin Client for your operating system.

    2.   Run the Install Wizard after downloading

    3. Save The 13 Words seeds!

    4.   Encrypt your wallet using a (very) strong password.

    5.   To find your wallet address, head over to the Receive tab. The address shown is your personal address to receive Nav Coin  with.

    You now have a fully working Nav Coin Thin Client wallet that you can use send and receive Nav Coin.

  • Sync Fix, Coinomi Wallet, Wiki & Full Time Dev - 24 January 2017

    Hi Nav Coiners,

      It’s time for our weekly update and as always the team has been busy working towards our major projects of 2017. Our focus right now is to clear unfinished projects and prepare the soil to plant our biggest seeds yet.

    Full Node Sync Issue

    After a lot of debugging and testing we believe we have found the source of the intermittent sync issues people have been experiencing. We have tested this on an environment which was experiencing the sync problem and now it has 25+ connections and syncs perfectly.


    We are still in the process of compiling the Mac and Windows and performing cross platform tests, but we hope to have this released in the next few days. We will post again when the 3.10.0 wallet is ready.

    Nav Coin added to Coinomi

    The awesome people at Coinomi have added us to their great multi wallet. This is now our recommended way to store NAV on your mobile until we have completed our Copay fork.


    Please note that you can not have both our current Nav Android wallet and the Coinomi wallet installed at the same time due to some namespace conflicts.


    To install Coinomi we would recommend to first transfer your NAV off your Android wallet, install the Coinomi wallet and send your NAV back to an address generated inside Coinomi.


    We do suggest switching to Coinomi at least until we have our Copay fork ready. It is a great piece of software and they have ironed out the bugs our Android wallet was experiencing.


    Nav Coin Website Upgrade

    Over the weekend Craig met with our new Web Designer, David Q to discuss and plan the overhaul of the main Nav Coin website. David has some great ideas and has a wealth of knowledge around User Experience which is going to make the new design awesome.


    We are having another meeting this week with our marketing team and from there we hope to commence work on the actual design and build.


    One of the things we want to achieve is to simplify the website, currently there is so much going on it is pretty overwhelming for new users. One way we are simplifying it is to move a lot of the technical documentation away from the main site to our new wiki.

    Nav Coin Wiki

    As stated above, we have begun to move our technical documentation away from the main website into the new Nav Coin Wiki.



    We have moved our main guides there already and will be adding more information to it over the coming weeks.



    If you are interested in becoming an editor of our wiki, please message [email protected] and let us know what content you are wanting to create. Registration is private and we will need to manually add you to the user list.


    Not all the articles need to be technical, it could be how to use a particular exchange, or service. There is much content we can create and all help is appreciated.

    Craig MacGregor Full Time from 1 February

    Craig has resigned from his employment to work full time on Nav Coin from 1 February.


    Originally in 2014 Craig was working on Nav Coin solely in the evenings and weekends. Over the years Nav Coin has grown and in 2016 Craig reduced his work to 3 days per week to officially work on Nav Coin part time. This year Nav Coin has many projects to complete and such a bright future that Craig has resigned from his employment to make Nav Coin his sole focus.


    We are excited to have Craig on board full time and look forward to his continued dedication to this project. It’s a pivotal time for Nav Coin and with a growing team we are glad to have him help to manage and work on our various projects.


    That is our report for the week, lots of goods in there.


    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Team

  • Navcoin Full Node Wallet Guide

    **** A new full node wallet guide will come soon. The new wallet
    crawls the network and connects to available nodes. This will make
    running the full node wallet easier. *****

    Nav Coin Full Node Setup The Nav Coin Full Node wallets are the most comprehensive Nav Coin wallets available. They store the entire block chain on your system and are not reliant on any other services to operate. If you want to send Anonymous Transactions and have your Nav Coin’s earn stake rewards by participating in block mining, this is the option for you. Staking is possible because Nav Coin makes use of Proof of Stake (Video, Another explanation).

    Choose Your Platform


    We have a full range of options which cover Linux, Windows and OSX. You can download the full node client here:
    you’ve downloaded the Nav Coin Full Node wallet for your operating
    system, we can bootstrap the Blockchain to a more recent version which
    we provide as a download.

    Bootstrapping The Blockchain


    Step 1. Download the Nav Coin Blockchain Data zip from the downloads page and unzip it. Step 2. Find your NavCoin2 folder in your users %AppData% directory. The AppData folder is hidden on most operating systems, so make sure you can view hidden files. ?

    * Windows this is usually C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/NavCoin2/ (replacing <USERNAME> with your actual computer’s username) * OSX this is usually ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin2 * Linux this is usually ~/.NavCoin2/ If you can’t find this folder, please google for where this is on your particular operating system. Step 3. Inside this directory, delete all the files and folders except your wallet.dat file. ? Step 4. Copy and paste the contents of the Nav Coin Blockchain Data zip into this directory.

    Adding Network Nodes

    Step 1. Find your NavCoin2 folder in your users ###i##/i### directory. Step 2. In this directory create a plain text file called “navcoin.conf“, or open this file if it already exists. Step 3. Replace the contents of this file (if any) with the following:

    rpcuser=<USERNAME> rpcpassword=<PASSWORD> rpcallowip= rpcport=44444 port=44440 listen=1 daemon=1 server=1 txindex=1 staking=1 maxorphanblocks=10000 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addanonhash=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Step 4. Replace <USERNAME> and <PASSWORD> with your
    chosen username and password. These credentials are for RPC access only
    which is an advanced feature not accessed by most users. It’s not used
    for encrypting your wallet, you’ll need to do that seperately.

    The nodes we add here are ones which we (the Nav Coin development
    team) have provided. We will add more from the public network in the
    following steps (See step 8 for the anonservers and anonhash)
    Step 5.Open your browser and navigate to the network page of our block explorer:!network

    Step 6. Click the [node list] button next to the latest NavCoin
    subversion. This will pop up an overlay which contains a list of the
    latest visible network nodes, shown inside the red box:

    Step 7. Copy all these lines and paste them into your “navcoin.conf” at the end of the file.
    Everything inside the red box should be completely deleted/overwritten
    with the most recent nodes every time you update your configuration f

    Step 8. Check if you have the latest Navtech servers that you want added to your config file. Go to Navtech Servers for an overview of the available Navtech servers. For the most recent Hash to check the software running on the server go to Github.

    A Navtech server hash can be checked by entering the following into your browsers url-bar: where the xxx… has to be replaced by the Navtech server IP.

    Step 9. Save and close this file. Restart your Nav Coin Full Node Wallet. If in the future you find that your Wallet is having a low number of connections, replace your addnode lines in the navcoin.conf file with the latest list from the block explorer. Just do this by following step 5, step 6, step 7 and step 8.

    Good luck setting up your wallet!

  • Status Report on Core Upgrade and Anon DApps

    With the team starting to sink their teeth into some bigger projects we will begin to see less visible progress on a weekly time scale in terms of deliverables. The format for the weekly  update is going to therefore become a bit less formal. We will of course post our more official updates when we have completed a milestone which we can share with you all.

    This week we have kick started the redesign of the website. We have had a productive meeting with Myself, Mark & David about the new face of Nav Coin, what that will look like and who the site is targeted to engage with. I have confidence in David’s skills and i think we will be able to turn around a very professional Nav Coin website in a reasonable timeframe.

    Myself, Alex V and Soopy are continuing to work on the 0.13 Bitcoin fork (Nav Coin 4.0.0). We have implemented Proof of Stake and are currently testing that out. I have also started a branch for adding Navtech & improving the GUI. The next steps are to configure the core to sync with the Nav Coin blockchain and be able to submit and receive transactions.

    I have also started the investigative work into the NAVTech ADapps over the last few days. There will be more to discuss around this as I complete the R&D phase and we solidify a plan for starting this project in earnest.

    Victor has begun work analysing the NAVTech source and has started by running it through sonarqube which reassuringly found no major flaws in the logic. His manual review and unit testing is now underway.

    Along with being booked to speak at the Auckland AML Summit and Bitcoin Malaysia’s Blockchain Conference I have also been asked to run an education seminar for the innovations team at PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) in Auckland. I will be teaching them the basics of Blockchain Technology and of course promoting Nav Coin. I am starting to get some traction in this area which I think will have a net positive effect for Nav Coin’s public visibility.

    We are still having cross platform issues when compiling version 3.10.0 for both Windows and OSX. We are hoping to have these resolved soon, but if it keeps dragging out, it’s been decided our time is better spent working on the 4.0.0 version (that will definitively fix these syncing issues) than wasting days with this problem on a wallet which is soon to be replaced anyway. If you are having issues with your 3.9.0 wallet, you are welcome to compile the source yourself for your platform and it should work correctly on your local machine if you have the libraries which are required for compiling. Our master branch is up to date with version 3.10.0. Otherwise hold tight and we will have the 4.0.0 wallet out as soon as possible.

    Once 4.0.0 is completed Alex will continue his work on our Copay fork which will provide us with a fully functional iOS, Android and Web Wallet. The external contractor who we hired to work on our current Web Wallet implementation has become unresponsive. This is frustrating as we were very close to getting this finished and all the demo’s they showed us were looking great but they have not managed to finish the job or send us the source code. For now I have to be realistic rather than optimistic and I am unfortunately moving the web wallet project to the “on hold” queue. If the contractor becomes active again we will of course release the web wallet as soon as he is finished. Otherwise, we would rather press forward to release an ultimately better product (the Copay fork) than waste our core team’s time on a product which is going to be replaced in the near future anyway.

    I am of the understanding that the Pi Image is still working towards being finished. It had also stalled after we released the public beta version. I do hope that this will be completed in the near future but again we are relying on external factors which we don’t always have ultimate control over.

    Our projects page has been updated appropriately:

    Talk Soon,


  • Nav Coin 4.0.0, Website Redesign and Anon Dapps

    We are steadily making forward progress on our various projects.

    As has been reported in our slack channel our first 4.0.0 wallet version has been spotted connecting to the network. We have successfully got the new core to connect to the Nav Coin blockchain, sync from the beginning and successfully send and receive coins. Alex is currently working on the proof of stake implementation while I am working on integrating the Navtech system into the new wallet.

    I have had more productive planning sessions with Mark & David. We now have a clear direction and brief for the website and David is working on some initial designs this week. I look forward to seeing what he creates for us, i have confidence in him and our plan for the site.

    I have continued my R&D into Anon Dapps. Firstly i have been working with Ethereum’s smart contract platform to understand how we can improve it from a privacy perspective. However, mid week my focus switched to implementing Navtech in the new core so we can get the 4.0.0 wallet published as soon as possible.

    That’s about it for this week, steady progress wins the race.

    All project percentages have been updated accordingly:

    Talk soon, Craig.

  • NAVTech RPC implementation and Website Redesign

    The development team are busy working on the core upgrade for Nav Coin. We are close to completing the required code for NAVTech Anonymous Transactions to the new wallet. As well as the existing GUI support, we will be adding RPC support for the NAVTech transactions.

    This means our RPC command “anonsend” will be able to find a NAVTech server and do all the required encryption and commit the transaction. This will be a step forward and allow developers to send NAVTech transactions more easily. This is actually a feature which is required for our Polymorph system, so we are actually achieving two goals at once. In parallel to the NAVTech code, we are also refining the Proof of Stake minting algorithms. Once we have moved past the technical requirements for these two parts of the wallet we will see a big jump in the progress indicator for the core upgrade. For now we have only moved it up marginally.

    David Q has presented some basic concepts for the new website design to our marketing team. We have run a refinement session and finalized the content layout for the new site. We are happy with how this is progressing and are looking forward to seeing his 2nd round of designs based on the wireframes.

    Craig has also met today with the Blockchain Association of New Zealand’s Director to discuss Nav Coin and our 2017 Roadmap. He has some interesting ideas and is reaching out to his contacts to tee up some meetings between parties he thinks may be of interest. Craig is attending a BANZ member function on the 28th of February to meet his associates and see if he can forge any new collaborations that will benefit Nav Coin.

    We understand that tangible progress may seem somewhat slow from the outside. Unfortunately that is the reality when we work on some of these bigger pieces of work. We are simply not going to be able to deliver amazing news every week, but we will continue to update you on what we have achieved and publicise each big feature as it rolls off the development line.

    We are also fielding a lot of questions about the big ticket items on our 2017 Roadmap and when we will commence work on those projects. To re-iterate what has already been said on the topic; we are focusing on getting our two core offerings rock solid before we scaffold out any other services or platforms on top of them. Finishing the Nav Coin core upgrade and finishing the code review and unit testing on NAVTech are our very top priorities and need to be completed before we can commence on the other tasks on our Roadmap.

    We want to reassure everyone that we are still have our sights set on our big ticket items for 2017; Polymorph, NAVTech ADapps & Nav Coin Direct. Of those three, the R&D for NAVTech ADapps has already begun. When we have completed the R&D phase we will be making a public statement announcing our Anonymous Dapp platform and how we intend to run it. So keep an eye on that percentage ticker!

    This is about all we have to share with you this week.

    All progress bars have been updated appropriately:

    Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.

    – Louis L’Amour

    Talk soon,

    Nav Coin Team.

  • New Repositories Added, PhD Interns, Website Redesign

    Another busy week at Nav Coin HQ and a rough period for alt coins as Bitcoin tests its all time high again. We’ve added a couple new repositories to our github this week.

    Firstly the Nav Coin Stake Box for the Raspberry Pi:

    This is the source code for the php based web interface only and is still currently a work in progress. I wouldn’t suggest using this until we release the proper image because there are other components you need to set up like the apache web server and the navcoin daemon which will be bundled into the pi image and take a bit of configuring.

    Although the image is pretty close to being finished, we will probably hold it back until we have finished Nav Coin 4.0.0 and tested that on the Pi rather than releasing it with 3.9.0 and then re-releasing it a couple weeks later.

    If you were on our slack or telegram you will have seen this screenshot of the web wallet:

    Second new addition is the source code for Nav Coin 4.0.0:

    Again this is a work in progress, so I would not advise trying to compile and run this yourself. The master branch has been updated to sync Nav Coin’s blockchain and also to have proof of stake implemented but we are still running tests to make sure it is operating correctly.

    The other branch #1-navtech-rpc is the branch I’ve implemented the NAVTech RPC commands to. We’ve also added a bunch of issues to this repo which will become branches when they are picked up by one of the development team.

    Both of these repo’s are still being worked on and tested, but we wanted to bring our work into the public view to show you all our progress. We will continue to work on these two over the coming week and keep you all updated when they are ready for public use.

    In other news, I have made contact with Dr Alan Litchfield who works with PhD students studying blockchains at Auckland University of Technology. I am meeting with him in the coming weeks to discuss Nav Coin. I am hoping to get his PhD students interested in working with Nav Coin for their research projects which would be a big boost to our development capabilities and hopefully get some really awesome insights and ideas for Nav Coin from trained cryptographers and security experts.

    David has also made some great progress with the website re-design. He has presented a his work to our marketing team today which i think is pretty close to what we want the site to look like. Everything here is progressing nicely. It is looking like March is going to be a big month for Nav Coin with a lot of features and updates being released.

    All project percentages have been updated appropriately:

    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Dev Team

  • NAV Tech incoming server easy deploy

    Making a NavTech on any debian server

    We use ''vagrant'' for testing porpuses. Ansible is been used to deploy the packages and compile anything needed for both servers.

    Use this guide as reference:

    We have the Playbook to deploy the incoming server. In order to check what is going on on your server check this file.

    To test it, clone the repository and then run: vagrant up --provision tis will wake up 2 virtual machines and provisioning them with Ansible

    In order run the playbook on a real server just Edit the host/serverhost file with your username and your ipaddress

    ssh-copy-id [email protected] then:

    ansible-playbook in_server.yml -i hosts/serverhost --ask-sudo-pass

    If you like this you can buy me a beer :)

    Donations always welcome!

    NAV Coin: NQvnXv1HUQPzUx7oHe5MEWv71NX8A8SsTT



  • New Marketing Team and March Release Schedule

    An eventful week at Nav Coin HQ. Let’s get you up to speed.

    We have been making good progress on the 4.0.0 wallet. You can track our progress on the github repository if you’re interested in which particular issues have been resolved.

    We have come to the hard decision to not renew Petros employment contract moving forward. He has been very helpful to Nav Coin and has got our coin added to many new exchanges and services. We are very grateful to him for his service to date and we part ways on good terms. The team feels we really need someone with a stronger digital strategy or marketing background to take the reigns to bring some ambitious marketing campaigns to life for us.

    I have been reaching out some start up groups here in New Zealand this week and come up with 3 potential candidates to fill the role so far. These people either have previous experience on the marketing team of a blockchain business or work in advertising / marketing as digital strategists. I am interviewing them over the next few days and am hoping to have one of them on board by next week sometime.

    I am personally really excited at what a strong marketing presence could do for Nav Coin and it is all happening at a really opportune time. March is shaping up to be a big month for Nav Coin and a good digital strategy will complement our development efforts perfectly.

    In March we are hoping to combine and release the following:

    • Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 wallet for Linux, OSX and Windows.
    • NavTech 1.1 release with full unit test coverage and bug fixes.
    • Nav Coin Website design update.
    • Nav Coin Raspberry Pi Stake Box image (with 4.0.0 core).

    At this point it is looking like the 3rd or 4th week of march for this release as we also want some time to plan our marketing campaign around the release of this new software suite.

    These releases will put us in a great position to continue with the rest of the projects on our timeline.

    We will keep you informed if we need to move these dates forward or backwards for whatever reason, even we can not predict the future. But I wanted to put this out there as our goal for the month so everyone is aware of what we are achieving.

    We have also been thinking about how to fund Nav Coins future developments. We are having some interesting discussions around potentially altering the staking method in the new core to account for a small donation to a development fund. We haven’t figured out what it would look like yet, but I can assure you it would be nothing crazy like Z-Cash’s 10% founders reward. If you’re interested in having your say, join us on slack or telegram to discuss this further and let us know your ideas.

    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Dev Team

  • New Team Members, March Release Update

    This week has been pretty productive in a lot of ways. Craig has been busy interviewing people to fill the vacant marketing roles on the team and we’ve been making progress with the new core. Craig is also speaking at an AML Summit tomorrow to educate some of Auckland’s financial industry leaders on the benefits of blockchain technology which is some good local exposure for Nav Coin.

    The good news is that we have found a great mix of people who are keen to work with us to take Nav Coin to the next level.

    Kieren Hyland joins us as our new Digital Strategist. He has been working for a reputable advertising agency here in Auckland as a Digital Marketing Specialist for the last 4 years. He is well qualified and has a keen interest in cryptocurrencies. He has already kicked into gear and has been helping put together some ideas to optimize the new Nav Coin website we’re launching later this month as well as starting to draft some press releases.

    Melissa Davies joins us as a Digital Strategy Consultant. She is extremely qualified in digital marketing and has worked with numerous early stage startups in the past. The last blockchain venture she was involved with was Brave New Coin which is a data and research company focused on blockchain and digital assets. She is coming on board as a consultant / advisor at this stage and will help guide Craig and Kieren through her experience in the field.

    We have also been in talks with a SEO and Social Media specialist who is potentially keen to help out. We will be able to discuss more about this placement as our discussions progress.

    All in all, a solid lineup of people who want to get involved. Between these people and our existing marketing resource, we will be well looked after.

    In regards to development if you follow us on twitter or slack, you will know that we have sent our first successful NAVTech transaction using the new 4.0.0 Nav Coin Core. We have also been making great progress on the design of the new wallet. It is really looking stunning.

    Now that the new core is nearly finished, we will shift some focus towards the NAVTech 1.1 release, website and the Raspberry Pi Stake Box. Craig is working with Victor over the coming week to resume work on the NAVTech test suite and fix a few small bugs for the 1.1 release.

    All projects have been updated on the website

    We would also like to take this time to recap on what we are working towards. As we pepper it out in these small weekly reports the bigger picture gets lost, so here’s a summary:

    Nav Coin 4.0.0

    Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 is in the final stages of development and will be released this month. This will be the world’s first Proof Of Stake wallet which is up to date with the Bitcoin 0.13 core. It will include SegWit and a bunch of other updates which will allow Nav Coin able to be plugged into pretty much all the products and services which Bitcoin is capable of. It also gives us a clean way to stay up to date with all the latest core improvements Bitcoin offers.

    Nav Coin Stake Box

    The Nav Coin Stake Box will be released this month. We are proud to be able to offer an eco friendly way to verify Nav Coin transactions and mine Nav Coins. The Stake Box is controlled through a simple web interface and will be run on a Raspberry Pi which only draws 5V of electricity.

    Website Upgrade

    Our Nav Coin Website will be updated with a great new design and better search engine optimization also this month. We are focusing the experience on gaining new Nav Coin users and providing them with all the tools they require in a simple and elegant format.

    New Marketing Team

    Our new marketing team has been formed and their efforts will start to bear fruit around the time the aforementioned releases occur.

    University Partnership

    I am also working towards increasing our development resource. Auckland University of Technology has some PhD students in their Computer Science department studying cryptography, advanced mathematics and blockchains. I am hoping to form a partnership with the University and have some of the students work on Nav Coin as a part of their PhD thesis work.

    After the culmination of these March releases, we will continue with the big ticket items on our 2017 roadmap including Polymorph, Anon Dapps, Multi Chain / NavTech 2.0 Wallet & Nav Coin Direct.

    Truly exciting times for us here on the Nav Coin Team.

    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Development Team

  • NAV/USDT market now live on Cryptopia

  • Nav Coin 4.0.0 Beta Sign Up and Update

    An exciting week in the cryptocurrency world for sure. With the denial of the ETF by the SEC we saw Bitcoin waver which gave a lot of Altcoins a chance to recover some ground.

    Nav Coin has been making some great gains this week with about a 30% profit on long positions from this time last week and our market cap is edging back towards the $3M USD level. It may not feel like it, but because Bitcoin has risen so much over the last 6 months, we are actually currently only 33% below our all time high USD price. So another week like we had last week and we’re on top!

    The team has been making great progress towards our development goals. Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 is having the finishing touches put on it for the public beta. We will be releasing a beta version before the official public release and we would like to invite you to sign up for the beta here:

    By signing up, you will receive an email when the beta wallet is ready with a download link so you can test the wallet before we officially release it to the public. You’ll also be subscribed to our weekly updates via email which we will circulate from next week onwards.

    With Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 nearing completion, we have started to implement the new core into the NavPi StakeBox. There are some changes to the way the new core works but we are hopeful it will be a pretty seamless upgrade from the old core. We are also trying to add the Anonymous Send feature to the NavPi, so you will be able to use NavTech directly from the NavPi’s web interface. Anon send from the NavPi is not a requirement for release and will only be included if it doesn’t delay the release date (end of March). If we run into roadblocks, then it will have to be released as an update after the initial release.

    We have begun working on NavTech 1.1 which will also be released this month. There will be some changes made to how NavTech works to be compatible with the new 4.0.0 core. We will also be releasing some bug fixes and more unit tests. You can follow our progress here:

    As we announced last week we have had 2 new team members join our Marketing Team.

    Kieren has been doing some great work towards getting our new website ready for launch to coincide with all the releases we have planned for the end of this month. He is also busy working on drafting the press releases we will send out and planning a social media competition which we will run the week leading up to the releases.

    Melissa is working with Craig to put together a high level profile of Nav Coin’s current status and future goals in terms of marketing presence, technology, profile, market cap, user base etc.. This will help her to understand how best to push Nav Coin towards the goals which we set and design a digital strategy around achieving those goals.

    The new team members can be found listed on our foundation page and from there you can explore their LinkedIn profiles to see for yourself that they are both very well suited for their roles.

    Some people have been asking where Kieren and Melissa are on Slack and if they will be joining us there. They have been invited to the slack channel, but be aware that their role is Digital Strategist and Digital Strategy Advisor. They will not be performing a community management function, it is out of scope of their job description. We are however looking to get someone into the community manager role so you always feel like you have a point of contact online. More on this as we firm up the position and discuss it with a potential candidate we have in mind.

    In summary, we are on track with our development and marketing plans. If everything continues smoothly, we will have no problem releasing Nav Coin 4.0.0, NavPi StakeBox, NavTech 1.1, Website Redesign, Social Media Competition and Press Releases by the end of March.

    From there, we will begin work on our big ticket items for 2017 including Anon Dapps, Nav Coin Direct and Navtech Polymorph.

    As a reminder, our Lead Developer Craig MacGregor is presenting at the Bloktex conference on the 8th of April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His talk is titled “Exploring the Technology Inside Private Cryptocurrencies” and will dive into and explain some of the various methods used to provide private crypto transactions including those used by NAV, XMR and DASH. If you’re in the area make sure you go, this event will be very educational. Book your ticket now because it will sell out!

    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Team

  • Nav Coin 4.0.0 Release Schedule

    Yet another busy week at Nav Coin HQ as we gear up to release our last few months worth of work before the end of March.

    We’ve had over 50 sign ups for the beta test of our new Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 wallet which is a great response. We will be releasing the download to the beta test group within the next 24 hours, so there’s still some time to sign up to get your hands on it before the public release at the end of the month.

    Please keep in mind that the wallet is still a beta release and it is advisable only to send a small amount of your NAV to it for testing in case anything goes wrong, not that we expect any problems at this stage. NAVTech private payments should be fully functional in the new wallet. If there are any issues found, they should be reported on the github repository directly so we can prioritise and attend to them.

    Our other work is progressing well. With the beta of 4.0.0 completed, we are now fully focused on the NavPi, NavTech 1.1 and the new Nav Coin Website this week. We are on track to get these completed for release alongside the public release of the new core wallet at the end of this month which is coming up fast.

    You can track our progress on NavTech 1.1 here:

    Our timeline for the rest of March is shaping up like this:

    Thursday 23 — Launch Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 Beta

    Monday 27 — Start social media campaign / competition to support the software launch.

    Wednesday 29 — Launch new Nav Coin website and Press Releases about the software launch.

    Friday 31 — Launch Nav Coin 4.0.0, Nav Pi Stake Box & Navtech 1.1

    We are also pleased to add a new member to the team:

    Guy Sinclair joins us as our Community Manager and E-Commerce Specialist. He comes from background of customer service and direct sales. He is a passionate hotelier, who only recently has started flowing cryptocurrencies and is fired up and ready to shine the bright light of the Nav Coin out in the world. Guy will be working mostly on the Nav Coin store and social media channels to ensure that all Nav Coin fan get the answers they want and need.

    We are confident that Guy will do a great job helping the Nav Coin community. First order of business is for Guy to learn more about Nav Coin, so please involve him in your conversations on Slack & Telegram so he can immerse himself in the product.

    The rest of the team will still be available on our various channels to help out with technical questions so feel free to come and talk to us all!

    That’s it for today, if you’re signed up for the beta test, keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow. Otherwise, make sure you get involved in our social media campaigns next week.

    Talk Soon,

    Nav Coin Team

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