Nav Coin Details + Nav’s New White Paper: the Cheat Sheet

  • Nav Coin Release Wallet V4.2.1


  • NavCoin Core 4.2.1 Hotfix & NavCoin Community Twitter

    Last week the Core Developers discovered and fixed an issue that prevented NavPi’s updating 4.2.0 and signal their support for the community fund accumulation soft fork. It was good to see Core Developers rallying to fulfill the objectives laid out in the Developer Manifesto — ensuring the stability of the network takes priority over all other tasks. So thanks to everyone who helped out — and burned the midnight oil for the greater good of the NavCoin network.

    What’s happening in the community

    Are you following the NavCoin Community Twitter account @NavCoin_Global yet? It’s a great place to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the wide world of NavCoin.

    NavCoin Community (@NavCoin_Global) | Twitter
    The latest Tweets from NavCoin Community (@NavCoin_Global). @NavCoin & @ValencePlatform development & protocol updates…

    They’re doing a great job of helping to spread adoption of NavCoin in the wider community and how to encourage merchants to accept NavCoin. If you have any other ideas about how to get NavCoin accepted at your favourite merchants, please let the community hear about it. Post your ideas in the #community-action channel on Discord.

    CoinPayments helps everyone in the NavCoin community by making it easy to pay using NAV. This week they’ve gone a step further with this Tweet promoting NavCoin to their followers.

    To support Coin Payments, start by checking out their directory of stores accepting NAV, then get out your NavCoin wallet and buy something.

    In Iceland on his way to Berlin, Rowan was rocking his NavCoin t-shirt. Where are some exotic locations you’ve worn your NavCoin gear? Share your pics with the community on your favourite social media with the hashtag #NavCoin.

    Core Developer Craig @proletesseract (on Twitter) shared his story on the evolution of NavCoin over the past few years with New Zealand online magazine The Spinoff. Read it here:

    The Kiwi behind the 'cheaper, faster, more eco-friendly' alternative to Bitcoin
    Every week on The Primer we ask a local business or product to introduce themselves in eight simple takes. This week we…

    Core developer Paul @Red01 (on Twitter) gave this video interview to The Futurist Project on why businesses should accept digital currencies. Watch it here.

    Exploring Cryptocurrencies with NavCoin
    Should businesses be exploring how they can accept cryptocurrencies today? Keran explores this with Paul from

    Technical updates

    Last week NavCoin Core 4.2.0 was released which includes the Community Fund accumulation soft fork. Uptake by the network was slowed due to an issue in the NTP sync calculation on 32 bit systems which included the NavPi. The issue has now been resolved and the NavCoin Core 4.2.1 NTP Hotfix is ready to download. The full list of new binaries to download are available on Github here.:

    navcoin-core - bitcoin-core 0.13 fork ported for

    If you agree with the consensus change and want to signal your support for the community fund accumulation soft fork, make sure you download this new version of NavCoin Core and resume staking blocks.

    Congratulations to Sakdeniz (on Discord) for releasing the 1.0.2 alpha version of his NEXT wallet for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu. It looks fantastic. Check out the release notes here:

    NEXT 1.0.2 Alpha Released
    NEXT 1.0.2 Alpha build for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu

    hash512 (on Discord) has been working with Sakdeniz to get NEXT running on his NavCoin m8. It should be ready to go on sale in early July, after a little more burn in testing.

    NavCoin m8 will be deployed with the NavCoin software, the NEXT wallet, and a bitcoin wallet installed. Any other Proof of Stake coin wallets that have been tested will also go out at launch, or be added at a later date.

    For more info on this awesome community project check out the m8 channel on Discord and visit the NavCoin m8 website:

    Content updates

    Social media was a big focus last week, with the creation of a series of posts on the NavCoin Core 4.2.0 release, the 4.2.1 hotfix, CoinPayments, and the Developer and Content Manifestos. There is now a large pool of social posts buffered and ready to go, meaning NavCoin will have a continuous presence on the key social channels.

    The Core Content Collective continued their work on updating content in the refreshed developer site and community site. You can see more detail on how the Community Fund will operate here.

    NavCoin Community Hub
    Following the community suggestion to enable contributors to receive funding from the network for their work, the…
    introduce the concept of the Fund and invite community members to
    signal their agreement to the NavCoin Core 4.2.0 soft fork, a short
    animated video was created. Look out for it soon in our 

    social channels and on

    And if developing the awesome NEXT wallet wasn’t enough Sakdeniz has been experimenting with another batch of NAV logo animations called ‘Dust’ and ‘Bling’, which you can check out here:

  • NavCoin - Updated Roadmap and Kauri Wallet

    First up this week is a reminder about the latest version of the NavCoin Wallet that is available for download.

    When you download this update you’ll add your vote to the 75% consensus necessary to enable accumulation of NAV into the Community Fund. You can read more about how this works at the community fund project page:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    Following the community suggestion to enable contributors to receive funding from the network for their work, the…

    Download NavCoin Core 4.2.1 here:

    NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or…

    You can also see the progress of how many votes the soft fork has with Prodpeak’s block explorer:

    Nav Explorer - Soft Forks
    NavCoin Block Explorer. Tracking Nav blocks, transactions, and addresses

    In other news this week, Encrypt S have updated their projects on the NavCoin Community Roadmap to include the Kauri Wallet project, Craig embarks on a tough charity challenge, and community members have posted handy tips on choosing the right NavCoin wallet and updating to NavCoin Core 4.2.1.

    What’s happening in the community

    It’s always interesting hearing how people got into crypto. With that in mind, xVicious started this fascinating thread on Reddit — asking community members to share how they first became aware of NavCoin. What’s your NavCoin story? Join the conversation here.

    In this latest post at Nio (on Discord) talks (in Italian) about SEC regulations and what they could mean for decentralised cryptocurrencies. Watch it here.

    NAVcoin Italia
    NAVcoin Italia è il più grande sito di criptovalute italiano. Entra nel mondo della Blockchain.

    If you’re unsure about the differences between the NavCoin wallet options then this infographic by @NavTechServers has the answers. Get full details of their respective features here:

    Keith from @CryptoCoinMind posted this step by step video on Youtube
    that shows how easy it is to update to the new NavCoin Core 4.2.1

    Globe-trotting NavCoin Core developers Matt and Rowan caught up over a beer with community moderator Jonathan in Berlin.

    It looks like Rowan definitely earned that beer — here’s another perspective from his visit to Iceland on his way to Berlin.

    By now NavCoin Core Developer Craig (prole on Discord) is a few days into his Oxfam Refugee Ration Challenge. Over the course of the week, he will discover what it’s like to survive on the strictly limited amount of very basic rations Syrian refugees are issued, Craig’s aim is to raise $10,000 NZD for the cause. You can show your support by following his journey on his Instagram and Twitter.

    Or you can sign up as a sponsor here.

    Ration Challenge New Zealand 2018
    I'm taking the Ration Challenge raising funds for refugees. Sponsor me by clicking the link. Thanks so much for your…

    Technical updates

    There are a few updates to the projects Encrypt S works on in the roadmap on the NavCoin community site. The main changes involve the addition of the Kauri Wallet, including the extended features that are being built on top of it. You can see the changes here:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    Cryptocurrencies are complicated, and it's NavCoin's mission to change that. As a community we are striving to make…

    And the full details about the new Kauri Wallet here:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    The first stage of the project is to build Kauri as a cross-platform thin client which supports NAV, BTC and ETH. At…

    The Kauri wallet is a new open-source multi-currency wallet that is being developed by Encrypt S. NavCoin will be the first coin to get access to the wallet’s advanced features.

    You can read more about how the Kauri wallet came about in this post by Craig:

    Riding the shifting dunes of the blockchain landscape
    The last six months have seen some huge changes in the cryptocurrency industry, including the NavCoin Community and…

    The latest work by developers on Kauri has included:

    • Added automatic testing of the app size so it doesn’t grow too large, unnoticed.
    • Added performance benchmarking.
    • Merging translations into the build and deployment processes, so Kauri can work across all platforms in multiple languages.
    • Investigation and testing of different library options for the core Kauri Wallet blockchain code, including bcoin, bitcoin-js and bitcore-core libraries.
    • Research and discussions about the wallet UX.
    • Research how to create a decentralized exchange that works seamlessly with Kauri and other platforms.
    • Development of a feature for Kauri API that allows it to be run with zero-configuration. Developers will be able to run the binary on their machines and the Kauri API will automatically download, extract, configure, and start the navcoind daemon utilising a custom data directory, so that the default nav configuration directory is left intact. This will allow for a smooth development workflow as devs connect front-end Kauri wallet UI elements to the API while working via localhost.
    • Set up a pipeline for translating the app.
    • Setting the base translation solution to enable automated updating of translation files when text is changed in the app.
    • Creation of a tool to check how many lines in app are untranslated for each of the supported languages.

    Look out for more updates and information as work on this project proceeds over the coming months.

    Prodpeak made a post on Reddit asking for ideas on new features to add to the NavExplorer block explorer tool. Read his post and chip in your thoughts via the comments section.

    Alternatively you can collaborate with him on GitHub.

    navexplorer-frontend - Frontend website for

    Have you taken a look at community developer Sakdeniz’ NEXT wallet yet? Last week he released the the 1.0.2 alpha version for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu. You can see the release notes here.

    Work continued on NavCoin Core to allow the creation of unit tests for the Community Fund and testing of upcoming new cold staking features, and Docker releases were created for both 4.2.0 and 4.2.1.

    Content updates

    Have you seen the NavCoin Brand Guidelines? It’s a great place to start when you want to start developing your own material for NavCoin. It’s comprehensive and everything is laid out clearly, making it easy to create great looking videos, banners, infographics or whatever else you want to create.

    Download your copy the Navcoin Brand Guidelines here.

    NavCoin Community Hub
    NavCoin is a community initiative and the Community Hub will help you learn about the range of NavCoin projects, and…

    Last week this animated video introducing NavCoin 4.2.1 was created and launched on social media. The aim was to:

    • Generate awareness of the update to the NavCoin Core protocol.
    • Let NavCoin stakers know where to download the new wallet if they agree to the consensus change.
    • Show how accumulation of NAV in the Community Fund will work.

    If you haven’t already downloaded the new NavCoin Core 4.2.1 wallet to add your vote to the 75% consensus necessary to begin accumulating funds, you can get it here.

    NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or…

    That’s all for this week,

  • Community Fund Vote Progress

    At the time this edition of NavCoin Community News was published, the 75% ‘yes’ vote necessary to approve the NavCoin Core 4.2.1 soft fork had been exceeded. If the level remains above 75% at the end of the current block period (2197440), the soft fork locks in and is scheduled to activate after another block period (at block number 2217600).

    Once that happens accumulation of NAV in the NavCoin Community Fund can begin. This is a significant step in the development of the NavCoin community, because it makes it possible to reward members for their contributions. Activation of the Fund itself, and the ability to submit proposals will be the subject of another soft fork in the near future.

    The idea behind this first phase is that there will be a pool of NAV ready to go when the Fund is launched. There will be more details about proposal creation once the code is ready to be released.

    Important notice for Core Wallet users.

    Once lock in occurs, updating to NavCoin Core 4.2.1 immediately is essential for stakers to ensure they remain connected to the network. All full node wallets — such as the NavPi & NavCoin Core — must download the new wallet before block 2217600 or you risk getting dropped.

    So if you haven’t already updated, download the new version of the NavCoin Core Wallet now here:

    NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or…

    Engage with the community fund.

    NavCoin Core 4.2.1 reduces staking rewards from 5% to 4% to enable NAV to accumulate in the Fund at the rate of 0.25 NAV per block — which equals approximately 250,000 NAV per year. Once the next stage of the Community Fund is activated you will be able to propose your own projects and vote on initiatives put up by other community members. When a proposal is approved by network consensus it will be eligible for payment from the Fund. For more details on the NavCoin Community Fund and how you can participate check out

    NavCoin Community Hub
    Following the community suggestion to enable contributors to receive funding from the network for their work, the…

    Refocusing the community news.

    There has been a shift in emphasis for this week’s NavCoin Community News, bringing the main focus back to the work being done by developers. The reason for the change is that much of Community News was doubling up on what was already available on NavCoin’s busy social channels. If you want to catch up on what other community members are up to, head over to @NavCoin_Global and @NavCoin on Twitter, and the NavCoin groups on Reddit and Discord. From there you’ll also be able to follow and engage with individual NavCoin community members.

    You can explore more NavCoin Twitter accounts here:

    Just be aware of imposter accounts. If in doubt check with the community on Discord.

    Developer updates.

    Last week the network was affected by the clock-sync bug. This wasn’t a malicious attack, and the NavCoin core developers, assisted by community contributors, were able to resolve it within 24 hours. This bug is fixed by the 4.2.1 soft fork, which is another very good reason to update your Wallet now.

    Download the 4.2.1 Wallet here :

    NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or…

    This week NavCoin Core developers continued integration of the Kauri Wallet with the Kauri API to optimise developer workflow. After addressing team feedback, enhancing the implementation and testing, the workflow for UI development is stable. Pull Request #48 was submitted on Github to add Google Lighthouse performance monitoring to the Kauri build process. The next stage in the Kauri project is to build the basic functionality that will make up the features of the Wallet.

    Work is underway on the new asset download page for This page will include logos, screenshots, community artwork, icons and more. The UI for has also been updated.

    Following on from NavCoin 4.2.1, testing has already begun on the next release candidate for NavCoin Core. Preparation work has begun for a new Javascript library to handle the multiple functions available in the core code.

    As the Community Fund gets closer to launch, testing has begun and remaining features are being added. Proposal and Payment Request versioning allows expansion of these properties in the future without breaking backwards compatibility of the database. The durations of the votes for proposals and payment requests is limited to a predefined amount of full voting cycles. If voting started before the expiration of the proposal, Payment Requests can still be voted on after the deadline date of the Parent Proposal, because the deadline is now set relative to the moment of its acceptance.

    Hash512 is getting close to releasing the NavCoin m8 stakebox. Here’s the latest on its specs.

    NavCoin m8 runs a 2 or 3GB ram S912 (8-core 1.5Ghz) or S905W (4 core 1.2Ghz). It features a full Linux 64 bit operating system and Ubuntu Mate 16.04. NavCoin m8 has the ability to build and run a full navcoin-qt wallet, navcoind and NEXT. It runs on SD storage, USB flash drive or a USB hard drive, and there are a range of accessories available. For more information check out the M8 channel on Discord.

    Finally a community appeal. If you have language skills you can make a simple and worthwhile contribution to the community by joining Transifex and translating NavCoin Core into another language. Currently there are 85 languages being worked on, so check it out and see how you can help.

    Core content creators.

    The NavCoin core team has started putting together a dedicated Youtube channel. This makes it easier to find and share content made by the Core Content Creators and the wider NavCoin community. Check it out here and subscribe.

    In the community.

    On Sunday NavCoin Founder Craig completed the Oxfam Ration Challenge. His supporters donated a total of $3,822.54 so far, which means he has raised the most money of any individual in New Zealand. Surviving on the limited diet supplied by Oxfam to refugees gave Craig and his supporters a stark insight into the effects of this humanitarian crisis. You can read Craig’s thoughts on his Challenge week on Medium here.

    You can still donate to the Oxfam Syrian refugee appeal here.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • NavCoin - Community Fund Accumulation Begins

    The big news this week is that the NavCoin Core 4.2.1 soft fork has now been activated, enabling the NavCoin Community Fund to start accumulating NAV. That means the network is on the way to building a pool of 250,000 NAV per year to fund projects proposed and built by NavCoin Community members.

    The big news this week is that the NavCoin Core 4.2.1 soft fork has now been activated, enabling the NavCoin Community Fund to start accumulating NAV. That means the network is on the way to building a pool of 250,000 NAV per year to fund projects proposed and built by NavCoin Community members.

    As a member of the community it’s something you can be proud of, because the Community Fund will be the world’s first dual consensus blockchain development fund. NavCoin community members who are staking on the network will be able to vote on projects they believe merit funding. Later they can vote again to release payment to the project owner if they agree that the project has met its objectives.

    You can view how much NAV has accumulated here:

    Nav Explorer - Address Community Fund - 410.24 - NavCoin
    NavCoin Block Explorer. Tracking Nav blocks, transactions, and

    Stage two of the Community Fund’s activation is being rolled out over the next few months, and will include the launch of a social platform and educational content to make collaborating with other community members on projects easier. In the meantime, testing of the proposal and voting mechanism is underway. Once the code is fully tested and is getting close to release you’ll get more details on how to create and submit proposals.

    If you’d like some inspiration for your own NavCoin Community Fund proposal you can see current projects here:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    There is a whole eco-system of software which developers have created to operate on or alongside the NavCoin protocol…

    You can also start to discuss your project ideas, build your team, or collaborate with other community members. A couple of easy ways to connect with others are on Discord:

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
    Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile…

    Or the forum created by Sakdeniz:

    NAV Community

    Important Reminder For NAV Stakers

    To continue staking your NAV and securing the network you need to update to the latest NavCoin Core 4.2.1 wallet as soon as possible. Because this protocol update includes a soft fork which fixes the the Time Sync bug, it is essential for network stability that you update, otherwise your node will be dropped from the network. This soft fork is now live — so if you’re not in the majority of NAV stakers who have done it already, make sure you download the new version of the NavCoin Core Wallet now.

    NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or…

    Developer Updates

    Along with the Community Fund, much of the focus of NavCoin Core developers over the past week has been on the Kauri multi-currency wallet project.

    The response for getting raw transactions from the new Kauri API was added to v0.1.1 of the API specification on SwaggerHub. This API spec is a blueprint for initial prototype development and formalises the relationship between the front and back end of the Kauri wallet.

    The Apache Cordova implementation, which enables the cross-platform mobile deployment of Kauri is being reviewed and tested for iOS and Android.

    A Proof of Concept has been developed for a master seed phrase that can be used for all currencies in the Kauri Wallet. This means users will only need one master key to generate keys for all currencies.

    The next features to be developed for Kauri will be address generation, getting wallet balances, and a patch to make building the wallet easier on some versions of Mac OSX.

    Version 1.0.3 of the NEXT wallet is now available — which adds more functionality, as well an easter egg game of memory you can play inside the wallet! And if you’re a business, you can now easily add your location into the NEXT wallet. Read here for more information:

    NEXT 1.0.3 Beta Released

    Core Content Creators

    To provide easier access to resources that you can use to create your own NavCoin promotional material a new assets page has been created for the community site. It contains the NavCoin Brand Guidelines and a library of downloadable asset packs, including logos, web assets, and art from Beekart.

    What’s more, because the NavCoin community websites are static sites generated using GitHub, anyone can contribute to them and add in their own assets.

    Check out the new assets page here:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    NavCoin is a community initiative and the Community Hub will help you learn about the range of NavCoin projects, and…

    Top Community News

    NavCoin Italia has been busy adding more merchants to the NavCoin roster. In the past week they’ve brought on board a childcare centre and a tattooist. View the interactive map of NavCoin merchants in Italy here:

    Craig continued his blockchain education work in the New Zealand business community with a presentation to developers at TradeMe (NZ’s version of eBay), and a visit to the World Wildlife Fund to talk to their fundraising team about accepting donations in cryptocurrency. To learn more about their work visit:

    WWF - Endangered Species Conservation | World Wildlife Fund
    World Wildlife Fund - The leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. Learn how you can help…

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • 20K NAV Bug Bounty and Roadmap Update

    The big news this week was the announcement of the Community Fund Bug Bounty programme. Up to 20,000 NAV is available as an incentive to try and break the fund. Payment will be on a sliding scale depending on the severity of the bug identified. The Community Fund is live on the testnet now, so why not head over to GitHub and do your best to hack it.

    navcoin-core - bitcoin-core 0.13 fork ported for

    At the time of writing almost 20,000 NAV had accumulated in the Fund. Over a full year 250,000 NAV will go into the Fund to pay for community projects, so the core developers want to make absolutely sure it’s secure. To check the latest balance visit the Fund address on the Nav Explorer.

    Nav Explorer - Address Community Fund - 20181.99 - NavCoin
    NavCoin Block Explorer. Tracking Nav blocks, transactions, and

    A video tutorial is in the works that demonstrates how to test the Community Fund and search for bugs. Keep an eye out for it on the social channels.

    Developer Updates

    This week the focus was on wrapping up the NavPi memory fix issues, including the release of new Knowledge Base articles and an updated NavPi image (v1.0.9). You can view the full article about the NavPi fix here:

    NavCoin Community Hub
    As most veteran NavPi users know, there has been a significant issue with the memory resources being completely maxed…

    Core developers and community devs have been testing the final stages of NAV OpenAlias for the upcoming NavCoin Core 4.3.0 release. This is a feature release with no fork required, so a consensus vote isn’t necessary before this update is merged with the mainnet.

    If you looked at the roadmap in the past few days you might have noticed that the Community Fund, Cold Staking and NAV OpenAlias have been shifted to a new category called ‘Beta Testing.’ This update was made to avoid confusion that’s been cropping up because the roadmap was showing these projects at 90% — but actually they have been built, and are either awaiting testing or currently being tested.

    Core Content Creators

    Over the past week Core Content Creators continued their work on building resources to support the launch of NAV OpenAlias and the Community Fund. They also worked with Core devs to get the word out to the community, appealing for more people to get involved in testing the Community Fund in Github. If you haven’t already taken a look at GitHub you can see what’s going on here.

    GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over…

    Work has also begun on refreshing the NavCoin static websites. There has been a lot of new content added over the last 3–5 months, including the creation of the community website. So now it’s time to take a step back and assess the overall user experience. This work includes reviewing where each page sits in the overall sitemap, the way pages are formatted, and whether the navigation allows content to be found easily, and where visitors expect to find it.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • NavCoin m8 Launch And Website Redevelopment

    This week sees the launch of a long-term project by community developer Hash512 — his NavCoin m8 staking device is ready to go later this week. Check out the description of its features a little way down the page, and give your support to this ambitious community project.

    Another community developer Prodpeak has been extending the capabilities of his project the NavExplorer — which is a block explorer for NavCoin that allows you to view transactions and blocks as they happen. His pull request on GitHub has just been approved meaning the next release of NavPay and NavCoin Core will use NavExplorer to display detailed records of your transactions. Find out what else he’s been doing in the Developer Updates section below, and view the NavExplorer here:

    Developer Updates

    NavCoin m8

    The new NavCoin m8 staking device is ready to go, and the official release date is 18 August @ 18:08:08 UTC. Here is an overview of its features by its creator Hash512 (on Discord):

    “Imagine a device that has at least four cores over 2GB of RAM and runs Ubuntu 18.04 Mate Desktop, stakes NAV via a NavCoin NEXT wallet, is nicely packaged in a commercial device less than 12 cm square and less than 2 cm high and costs less than two beers at the pub to run per year! NavCoin m8 can run off any USB port that can output a reasonable amount of power. It has ethernet, Wifi, and can support a USB hard drive up to 2TB. NavCoin m8 website will support purchases via the official currency of the NavCoin m8 — NAV. There will be more models released in the coming months, but they will all be similar in configuration and operation.”

    For more details visit the Navcoin m8 website or join the Discord channel.

    NavExplorer Update

    Prodpeak has deployed OpenAlias integration to the NavExplorer’s testnet browser. Community Fund indexing is also in progress, plus development of support for Cold Staking. All the code Propeak has developed for these projects is open source, and the repos are available on GitHub. You can view the code here:

    NEXT Wallet 1.0.4

    Sakdeniz has been hard at work to release the latest version of the NEXT wallet — available for Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu. This has a number of improvements, including the additional support of other cryptocurrencies.

    You can view the release update which was published on NavHub here:

    Website Refresh

    The Core developer’s key focus in the past week has been on refreshing and The revised sitemaps are being finalised, some pages were moved between the sites, and a new page was built for the Community Fund on NavHub. The overall objective is to make the role of each website clearer, and to improve and expand the resources available to the community.

    New NPIP’s

    Two new NavCoin Protocol Improvement Proposals (aka NPIP) have been submitted to GitHub.

    The first proposes a change to the way funds are added to the Community Fund in order to reduce blockchain bloat. It can be read here:

    The second is a draft proposal to change the NAV block reward to a fixed reward at two NAV per block. This proposal is intended to incentivise stakers to remain online full-time, which helps maintain network security. This suggested change will shift NavCoin’s Proof of Stake implementation towards version three, which is generally seen in the development community as the most up to date version. It can be viewed here:

    Remember, these NPIPs are not set in stone roadmap items, they are merely proposals up for debate and discussion, if you have any thoughts feel free to discuss them on Reddit or Discord.

    Interns And Testing 4.3.0

    Testing continued on NavCoin Core 4.3.0, including the new versions of NavPay.

    And to help with this two new members have been added to the Auckland team. Marcus and Gal are university students who will intern with Encrypt S while they complete their studies. Marcus is majoring in computer science and Gal is completing his PhD in mechatronics. Initially, to kickstart their blockchain skills, they will be involved in testing the Community Fund.

    Core Content Creators

    Website Refresh

    The website refresh also occupied much of the content contributors time. Following best practice in UX/UI it’s crucial that visitors to the NavCoin websites are able to understand immediately what each website is about, and that they can find what they need quickly and easily. As part of this new and updated pages are being created, and more video content is being developed.


    NavCoin OpenAlias is still a major focus as you are now able to register your OpenAlias address. If you haven’t already claimed yours, why not do it now.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • NavCoin Core Release v4.3.0 with OpenAlias support

    NavCoin v4.3.0 Release Notes

    Introduces OpenAlias:

    This PR #213 completes the implementation of the OpenAlias protocol into the NavCoin Core client.

    OpenAlias is an standard created by the Monero Core project used in the Monero wallet and some other clients like Bitcoin Electrum which allows the wallet to translate email addresses into cryptocurrency addresses using custom TXT entries in the DNS records of a domain.

    More details about the specification can be found at

    Part of the code is based in the original Monero implementation. The main differences are:

    • Prefix of the TXT entry is required to be set to oa1:nav
    • The only parsed parameter is recipient_address
    • NavCoin enforces by default the use of DNSSEC

    OpenAlias registration

    You can now register a OpenAlias address at

    Wallet support for bootstrapping

    A new argument (-bootstrap) is can be passed on initialisation to specify an URL from where a copy of the blockchain in TAR format will be downloaded and extracted in the data folder.

    Also adds a GUI submenu entry under FILE which lets you bootstrap using the GUI.

    New gui tx status for orphans

    In version 4.2.0 the wallet started hiding orphan stakes in the transactions list. This has caused some confusion with users as OS notifications were still showing while the stakes did not appear.

    We now clasify orphan transactions with a new "Orphan" status and show them in the transactions list.

    Remove BIGNUM use

    This PR #214 completely removes the use of the OpenSSL's class BIGNUM, substituting the uses of CBigNum with the class uint256 with extended arithmetic capabilities (arith_uint256). OpenSSL deprecated some BIGNUM functions in version 1.1, making the wallet unable to compile in systems which use the newer version. This patch fixes this issue.

    ZeroMQ Windows Patch

    Applies to fix ZeroMQ compatibility with Windows systems.


    Staking can now be toggled "on-the-fly" without restarting the client through the GUI or using the staking RPC command.

    Updates secp256k1 Lib

    The secp256k1 lib from bitcoin 16.2 release was included into the codebase. While there are a number of improvements, the update was mainly needed due to the better build options for developers and allows newer OS's to build. This reduces the friction in getting setup and working with NavCoin


    The Wallet GUI is now fully translated to Spanish and Italian.

    Other modifications in the NavCoin client:

    • New RPC command resolveopenalias resolves an OpenAlias address to a NavCoin address
    • Added support for sending to OpenAlias addresses in the GUI, when parsing URIs and the RPC commands validateaddress and sendtoaddress
    • New argument -requirednssec to set whether DNSSEC validation is required to resolve openalias addresses (true by default)
    • New argument -mininputvalue to set the minimum value for an output to be considered as a possible coinstake input -New argument -banversion to ban nodes depending on their broadcasted version
    • Added support to ban nodes with determined wallet versions using the config parameter banversion
    • Blocks created with the rpc command generate now include a correct timestamp for the coinbase transaction
    • Using the regtest will create a new genesis block on runtime
    • A new testnet has been initiated
    • The development-focused networks regtest and devnet won't require peers for blocks generation
    • Update copyright notice
    • Updates automake to enable dev compilation on New OS's like Ubuntu 18.04
    • Updates Payment request UI to handle new OpenSSL Lib

    SHA256 Hashes

    To check the validity of the hashes, visit the navcoin-sigs repository





















    Source Code:

  • OpenAlias Is Live

    The big news this week is that OpenAlias has gone live as part of the NavCoin 4.3.0 update. You can read the full release notes for the 4.3.0 release here:

    Alex also posted a technical guide for how OpenAlias works:

    With the release of 4.3.0, OpenAlias is ready to go on all NavCoin wallets. To use this new feature, which significantly simplifies digital currency payment, you need to download the latest version of your chosen wallet:

    Note: If you’re using a NavPi, you will receive a notification to confirm your auto-update.

    Have you registered your Alias address yet?

    OpenAlias Competition

    To celebrate the launch of OpenAlias, a competition has been set up to help raise awareness of this new feature. The grand prize is 1000 NAV, plus 10 consolation prizes of 100 NAV each. Earn entry points by registering your new Alias, sharing it on social media, and signing up to NavCoin’s email list. You can enter here:

    Live Stream Education Sessions

    Starting on September 13, NavCoin Core public education sessions will be streamed live so international members of the NavCoin community can sit in. These occasional sessions will cover a range of topics that are relevant to anyone who’s interested in NavCoin and blockchain.

    The first one will be held next Thursday at 0830 GMT +12 and will cover the NavCoin Protocol Improvement Proposals (NPIP’s) for Static Rewards and Cold Staking. After the session, the videos will remain on Youtube, so you can watch them at your leisure. Stay tuned for more details.

    Developer Updates


    Prole has finished coding his Static Block Reward proposal NPIP004. Head over to GitHub and check it out.

    If you’d like to get involved in testing NPIP004, the binaries and testing notes will be available on GitHub after the Community Fund and Collab website projects have gone live.


    Work continued on the Community Fund Collab website. It has been migrated to AWS from the development server, content is being added, and the new design style is being applied across the site.

    Several PR’s for and sites were reviewed, and time was spent on the roll-out of the refreshed

    The metadata on the NavCoin OpenAlias website is in the process of being optimised, page by page, to ensure it displays properly when shared on social media.

    NavPi Lite

    Development of NavPi Lite is progressing with most of the framework needed to roll out the main send/receive/stake functionality. The login and API are secured by JWT token, the API is communicating to the NavCoin daemon and external APIs, and QR codes are rendering.

    Top Community Contributors

    Sakdeniz’ latest NavCoin creation has appeared on Youtube — ‘The Dark Logo.’ Video elements like this make a great basis for social media posts. You could share it on your favourite platforms.

    A shout out to @Chasethechaser for running the NavCoin Australia Twitter account. It’s contributions like this that make the Navcoin community great.

    Core Content Creators

    Last week saw the Content Creators designing and writing supporting material and content for the Collab and websites. They also set up the OpenAlias competition, and added to the bank of social posts in the buffer for release over the next seven days. The aim of gradually releasing social posts in this way is to ensure that there is a constant flow relevant information going out to the NavCoin community.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • Privacy Announcement and Education Livestream

    The release of OpenAlias has been well received by the NavCoin community. At the time of writing, there have been hundreds of OpenAlias addresses registered under If you haven’t already joined them by creating OpenAlias address of your own take a moment to do it now. All that’s required to get it going is install the latest version of your wallet, and register your address here:

    The competition to celebrate the launch of NavCoin OpenAlias was run over the past week, and at its conclusion, there had been a total of 8703 actions performed by users through the app. Halfway through the week, the prize pool was doubled to 4000 NAV — with 2000 NAV for the grand prize winner, plus ten runner-up prizes of 200 NAV each. The lucky winners have been drawn and are in the process of being notified. A list of winners will be released in the next day or so.

    Also wanted to give a shout out to Prodpeak for integrating a very handy tool to view your alias address in NavExplorer:

    Live-Streamed Education Session #1

    The first live-streamed NavCoin Core education session is being held Thursday at 0830 NZST. This is roughly 12 hours after this Community News goes live. You can also visit this link to figure out what time this equates to for you:

    Prole will take us through the NavCoin Protocol Improvement Proposals (NPIPs) for Static Rewards and Cold Staking. These talks aren’t aimed at a highly technical audience, so even if you’re not a developer it will be worth tuning in.

    If you can’t make the live stream, don’t worry. After the sessions the videos will remain on Youtube, so you can watch and re-watch them later, and share them on your social channels too. Here’s where to watch the live-stream:

    Developer News

    Privacy Update

    Privacy is an important part of NavCoin’s values, and while NavTech was a great solution at the time, the privacy aspect of digital currency payments has evolved a long way since it was originally built. Alex and Prole have been planning and researching ways to implement a new on-chain privacy method for NavCoin, and have posted a quick update on progress here:

    The NavTech servers will remain offline until the new privacy solution is ready. However, the NavTech code is still freely available on GitHub to anyone who wants to use it, or run their own server. Find it here:

    Community Projects

    Prodpeak (on Discord) has just had his second Pull Request merged into the NavCoin Core codebase on Github. His work demonstrates that you don’t have to make complex protocol updates to be a NavCoin Core contributor. Check out the PR here:

    BuckoNZ (on Discord) has further enhanced his Odroid XU4 NavCoin stakebox build. After the release of NavCoin 4.3.0 he was able to get a Graphical User Interface (GUI) instance up and running. You can find out more about his project here. Maybe there’s a way you could help out?

    Coming Roadmap Updates

    With a number of proposed releases in the next few months, Prole is writing an article that explains them, why they are being proposed, and how they will be bundled together. This is planned for publication the next few days and will be shared on social media — stay tuned.

    Core Content Creators


    Work is progressing on the page-by-page update of the website. The page design templates have been finalised and content continues to be added as it’s created. Stay tuned for updates on when the refreshed site will be ready to be published. Like the current NavCoin and NavHub websites, it will be a static site on Github, making it easier for community members to contribute to and improve it.


    There are two new videos currently in production. The first is for the NavCoin Community Fund and is intended to inspire people to get involved with this exciting open-source project by creating and submitting proposals. Alongside this, the Community Collab website is being refined and tested after its migration to AWS last week.

    The second video is for the homepage of the refreshed website and will showcase the ecosystem that’s grown up around NavCoin and its global community. The purpose of this video is to give newcomers to NavCoin a brief, but engaging introduction to NavCoin. As well as remind existing community members of everything that they have achieved so far, and how they could contribute to NavCoin’s development in the future.

    When they’re finished both videos will be available on the NavCoin Youtube channel and shared on social media:

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • Next Steps for NavCoin Core

    The testing of the claims process for the Community Fund is largely completed and the final pieces of this puzzle are falling into place for the fund’s launch on the mainnet. There’s still a few things the Core Team and community are working on to line up for the launch and also set up for future development of the NavCoin protocol.

    NavCoin Core are working with Prodpeak from to build the tools necessary to create, browse and vote on proposals. NavCoin Core are working on a full redesign of the website which will better explain NavCoin’s eco-system and how to get involved in the Community Fund. We’re also launching a separate website which will be a collaborative workspace for teams working on proposals. We are aiming to get these last pieces ready within the next 4 weeks to coincide with the mainnet launch of the Community Fund claims mechanism.

    The Content Team are also shooting a video to promote the Community Fund in early October which we hope to have released soon after the launch of the Community Fund on the mainnet.

    There’s quite a lot going on, so I want to talk through our plans for the next few releases of NavCoin Core so you can understand what is happening when and how it fits into the mid-term game plan.

    NavCoin Core 4.4.0 — Community Fund

    NavCoin 4.4.0 is planned to contain 3 soft forks which can be individually signalled but will be automatically signalling yes in the new version. We are expecting to publish v4.4.0 about 4 weeks from now.

    Version Bit 6

    This version bit signals for the soft fork to activate the claims mechanism for the Community Fund. You can read more about the NavCoin Community Fund on the NavCoin website.

    Version Bit 14

    This version bit signals for the soft fork to activate NPIP0003. This is largely a technical improvement which consolidates mined Community Fund contributions to every 500th block instead of every block to reduce blockchain bloat. You can read more about NPIP0003 on the NPIP GitHub.

    Version Bit 16

    This version bit signals for the soft fork to increase the Community Fund contribution from 0.25 NAV to 0.50 NAV per block. The reason why we’re proposing to increase the Community Fund to 0.50 NAV is partly due to the current price of NAV being quite low and secondly to retain the 80:20 ratio we originally intended with the fund when after NPIP0004 switches mining to a static block reward of 2 NAV per block. You can read more about NPIP0004 on my Reddit post.


    With a fixed block reward of 2 NAV and 0.5 NAV to the Community Fund, overall inflation will be around 4.17% per annum and exponentially deflating. Mining rewards would be as high as 10.5% per annum with the current network weight but will more realistically be around 5% once more miners start up.


    We think it’s best to bundle these three soft forks together into a single wallet version since they are all to do with the Community Fund. We also don’t want to release soft forks too frequently because they become mandatory updates once locked in.

    If you disagree with all of these, simply don’t upgrade to 4.4.0, or if you disagree with one of these proposals you are able to turn off the particular version bit you disagree with.

    NavCoin Core 4.5.0 — PoSv3

    NavCoin 4.5.0 is planned to contain 2 soft forks which again can be individually signalled but will be automatically signalling yes in the new version. We are expecting to publish v4.5.0 about 4 weeks after v4.4.0 is published.

    We are conscious of trying to find a balance between having too many consensus changes voted on simultaneously and releasing too many wallet versions for people to keep up with. We are hoping 4 weeks between these version gives everyone enough time to be informed and update.

    Version Bit 15

    This version bit signals for the soft fork to activate NPIP0004. This change will modify the staking mechanism for NavCoin to be a static reward of 2 NAV per block instead of a percentage based on coinage. You can read more about NPIP0004 on the NPIP GitHub or further discussion and rationale is posted to this reddit thread.

    Version Bit 4

    This version bit signals for the soft fork to activate NPIP0002. This change will allow for Cold Staking addresses to be created and for seperate spending and staking keys to be used on hot or cold wallets. You can read more about NPIP0002 on the NPIP GitHub.


    These two soft forks will bring NavCoin’s consensus protocol to be inline with the PoSv3 spec as outlined by Blackcoin. It makes sense to group these two consensus updates together.

    Again you can choose to (or not) support any or all of these by signalling yes or no on the correct version bit once NavCoin Core v4.5.0 is released.

    NavCoin Core 5.0.0 — Privacy Upgrade

    With the Community Fund development finished, the main protocol development focus of the NavCoin Core developers will be on upgrading NavCoin’s privacy capabilities. Alex posted about this on Reddit a couple of days ago, so head over there if you want to join the discussion.

    NavCoin’s previous privacy solution NavTech was an innovative solution when it was released in 2015, but there have been many innovations in private transactions since then. Instead of sinking time into solving some of the inherent issues which NavTech faces, the NavCoin Core developers have planned a solution to bring the privacy on-chain to make it trustless, decentralised and without reliance on a third party.

    As always, we are committed to being innovators in the cryptocurrency space and our solution is not simply copying and pasting some lines of code from another project. We have taken the time to survey the privacy space, sort the good from the bad and come forward with our own solution that uses tried and tested fundamentals but is unique, innovative all while still being simple to use.

    More details about NavCoin’s new privacy solution will be released when we get closer to releasing the alpha build on the testnet. Integrating the new features and thoroughly testing it will require some effort, it might take us a couple of months at least to get the alpha ready. Privacy is one of the core principals of NavCoin’s manifesto and the Core Team will be dedicating our efforts to making NavCoin’s privacy available again.

    One thing to note is that the privacy solution we’ve designed has a prerequisite that NavCoin’s consensus protocol is PoSv3 compliant. So it’s important to make these changes in the correct order so they can all be smoothly deployed when ready.

    What’s next?

    After the new privacy solution is deployed, the NavCoin Core team will be focused on continuing the Kauri Wallet build which will then unlock a lot of the roadmap’s upcoming projects for development like the Kauri DAEx and NavMorph. It will also allow us the space to commence work on the Alpha build of the Valence Platform.

    With the community fund active we also hope to see a lot more projects from other dev teams and community members get added to the community roadmap in the near future.

    Personally I’m excited to see what plays out over the next months as all the community’s hard work comes to fruition.

    Thanks to NavCoin.

  • Community Fund Countdown Begins

    After months of development, testing and re-testing, the NavCoin Community Fund is almost ready to go live. With only a little while longer to wait, it’s a good time to get to thinking about how you could utilise the Community Fund — such as what types of projects you would like to see funded. Feel free to share your thoughts on Discord, and see if others agree!

    Developer News

    Website redesign

    The redesign of is finished and will be live in the next week. A refreshed roadmap is also part of this project and aims to help tidy up how the roadmap is currently presented. Instead of having a single roadmap with both protocol & community projects combined into one, there will be a roadmap for protocol development on the website, and a roadmap for layer 2 community projects on

    Community Fund bug bounty

    With 250,000 NAV accumulating in the Community Fund every year security is extremely important and testing has absorbed hundreds of hours of Core Developer time. The wider community also made a significant contribution. The 20,000 NAV Bug Bounty was created to incentivize community members to try and break the Fund, and two bounties were paid out to community members who identified bugs. If you reviewed the code, the Core Developers appreciate your help with this project and encourage you to keep reviewing and contributing to the NavCoin code base.

    Community Fund proposal and voting tool

    This is a simple form that can be embedded into other websites to enable users to easily create and vote for NavCoin Community Fund proposals. It automatically generates the console commands for you to enter into your NavCoin wallet, so you don’t need to know how to write them yourself. This tool is still being refined, but if you’d like to review the code now, it’s available now on Github.

    Community Contributors

    Beekart has been busy adding to his amazing NavCoin artwork series. To see his latest creations head over to Twitter and follow him @Rogiervdbeek.

    Also busy this week was Chasethechaser (on Discord) who utilised some of Beekart’s work to make this infographic for the Community Fund soft-fork. Despite having no prior experience with Photoshop or Illustrator, chasethechaser simply watched some Youtube tutorials and learned on the job.

    What could you create to promote NavCoin on your social networks? For more resources and brand guidelines check out the community assets page at

    Share your work on Discord or Twitter and show the community how it’s done.

    Core Content Creators

    The Community Fund ‘inspirational video’ for social media channels and the home page videos are both in production. The creative team met with the film crew this week to plan the shoot and scout locations for filming. The next step is casting the ‘talent.’ The aim is to find a diverse range of people to reflect wide variety of people who make up the NavCoin community all over the world. The shoot is scheduled in the next few weeks and you can expect to see the finished videos in late October.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • NavCoin has joined the Blockfolio Signal beta and is now releasing real-time, exclusive NavCoin Core developer updates as well as other coins in your portfolio manager.

  • New website now live & Other Updates

    It’s here! After months of work by the Core Content team and Core Developers, the new website is online. It has a fresh new look and new content. The aim of updating the site was to simplify its structure, make navigation more intuitive, and communicate NavCoin’s unique features and capabilities more effectively to new visitors. Why not head over to the site and have a click around now. We hope you like it.

    Get ready for the Hackathon

    The NavCoin Digital Hackathon begins in a few weeks. There are three challenges to choose from, so you can select the one that suits your skills the best. Competing in the Hackathon is a great way to get some practice for submitting proposals to the NavCoin Community Fund, which launches very soon (see the item below). Registrations will take place on the NavCoin Collab website so make sure you’ve joined, and more details will be available soon.

    Youtube Live Streaming Session #3

    Tune in to NavCoin Core’s Youtube channel next Thursday 18 October at the usual time 0830 GMT +12 for an in-depth presentation on the new NavCoin Community Fund by Alex and Craig — its lead developers. The NavCoin Community Fund is the world’s first fully decentralised fund — both in governance and how the funds are distributed. This session will give insights into how it works and how you can get involved as a contributor. See you there at NavCoin Core’s dedicated Youtube channel.

    Get your NEXT wallet now.

    Have you checked out Sakdeniz’ NEXT wallet yet? This is another great example of a community developer following through on a great idea and bringing it to life. Its features include a block Explorer and an in-wallet proposal maker for the Community Fund. Check out all the other features and download the NEXT wallet here.

    Developer News

    Community Fund update

    Core developers had planned to launch NavCoin Community Fund this week, but as they were performing the final checks they found a ‘edge-case’ bug. As Core developers, they are governed by the NavCoin Developer Manifesto, which states that network security and stability comes above anything else — so they have pushed out the release by a few days. While the fix was simple, the impact was that all the tests need to be run again and everything checked and rechecked. So far everything is looking good and the Community Fund should be released shortly.

    The Community Fund proposal builder has been integrated into the NavPi and is now undergoing final testing. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to go.

    New developer resource

    A new NavCoin Developer Documentation website is being built. The aim is to create a reference point for developers who want to contribute to NavCoin, or who want to build applications that interact with the NavCoin blockchain. It will detail things like how NavCoin’s version of Proof of Stake works, what RPC commands are available, launch options for the Core wallet, and options for its CONFIG file.

    Core Content Creators refresh commences

    Now that the new site is live, the Content Creators are moving onto the next item on their roadmap — refreshing This site is important because it’s one of the main avenues for community members to get involved and contribute to the NavCoin ecosystem. The first step is to define the role of each page on the new site and decide how to execute it most effectively.

    Video production update

    The shoot for the Community Fund and home page videos has wrapped and crew are happy with the footage they captured on both days of filming. The next stage is selecting the best takes and editing them together. There is a lot of material for the editor to choose from, so this part of this process is likely to take a couple of weeks. Once the Core Content team is happy with how the pictures have gone together, a designer will work with the editor to create graphics to go over the pictures. The graphics will include full English subtitles and extra NavCoin branding elements. Thanks again to everyone who gave their time for free, and helped make these videos possible.

    Article on the design process

    Carter has done a write up on NavHub talking about the overall process for redesigning the website. A good behind the scenes look at how the team arrived at the finished product!

    ATM design competition

    The ATM design poll on NavCollab is ready to go. A few community designers have created mockups for a NavCoin ATM. All you have to do is make your profile and cast your vote. This is one of the entries — what do you think?

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • Community Fund Youtube Livestream

    Education Live Streaming Session #3

    This is your chance to learn all about the new NavCoin Community Fund from the experts — lead developers Alex and Craig. You’ll find out why the Fund is a unique example of true decentralisation, hear about the innovative thinking that went into its development, and get insights into why testing and retesting has been such an important part of the process.

    Tune in to NavCoin Core’s Youtube channel Wednesday 17th October at 1930 GMT.

    NavCoin is now on Delta Direct

    NavCoin news is now available on Delta Direct — an app for iOS, Android and desktop, developed by Delta, the cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. Delta Direct is similar to Blockfolio Signal and has over one million subscribers.

    To get Delta Direct head over to your phone’s app store and search ‘Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker’ or download the desktop version for your computer.

    NavCollab highlight: Carbon Neutral NavCoin

    There are already a number of Spaces that have been created on the NavCollab forum, including the ‘Carbon Neutral NavCoin’ proposal. The idea behind this project is “to offset the carbon footprint of the NavCoin network, making NAV the world’s first carbon neutral cryptocurrency.”

    Follow this Space if you would like to learn more!

    Tell your friends about NavCoin

    If you have a Facebook account a simple way to help promote NavCoin is to go to the NavCoin page, and in the right-hand column under “community” click “invite your friends”, click “select all” and click “send invitations”. It only takes a moment, so why not visit Facebook now?

    NAV listed on BitexLive

    NavCoin has just been added to another exchange. The NAV/BTC trading pair is now available on BitexLive which is based in Turkey.

    Developer News

    The new Core Wallet 4.4.0 is in final testing ahead of the Community Fund launch. Along with that, a new NavPi image was prepared for release with this version of the Core Wallet.

    Developer documentation website

    Core developers began writing content for the upcoming developer documentation website. This site is intended to become a comprehensive resource, and make it much easier for developers to contribute their skills to the NavCoin community, either by contributing code to the NavCoin protocol or creating new software and services on top of it. It complements the NavCoin Knowledge Base which is there to provide assistance and information to users of existing software and services within the NavCoin ecosystem. translations

    A Spanish translation is in the works for the refreshed website, with more languages to come. If you’re interested in translating into a language you’re fluent in please visit the #dev-websites channel on the NavCoin Discord.

    Updated NEXT wallet released

    Sakdeniz has released the latest version of his NEXT wallet, which includes a NavCoin block explorer and a Community Fund proposal manager. Download your NEXT wallet now.

    Core Content Creators

    NavCoin digital conference

    Planning has begun for a community event to finish off 2018 on a positive note. There will be presentations, discussion sessions, and interactive workshops that you can view and take part in from anywhere. Look out for more details in next week’s edition of NavCoin Community News.

    Prole in the news

    Prole appeared on Naomi Brockwell’s “Weekly Crypto Recap” — a wide-ranging, lighthearted discussion on the latest news and developments in the cryptosphere.

    You can find the link to the video from Naomi’s Twitter post.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • NavCoin Core Release v4.4.0 with Community Fund

    NavCoin v4.4.0 Release Notes

    Community Fund:

    The deployment of the Community Fund on mainnet is signaled through Version Bit 6.

    It introduces the changes neccesary in the protocol to activate the claims mechanism for the Community Fund with the following parameters:

    • Voting cycle (Vc): 2880 * 7 blocks (Approx 1 week)
    • Min Quorum per period: 50% of a voting cycle
    • Proposals/Payment Requests min age: 50 blocks
    • ###li#< of Positive votes to accept a Proposal: 75>#/li######li#< of Negative votes to reject a Proposal: 67.5>#/li######li#< of Positive votes to accept a Payment Request: 50>#/li######li#< of Negative votes to reject a Payment Request: 50>#/li###
    • Fee to create a Proposal: 50 NAV
    • Maximum number of full elapsed Voting Cycles for a Proposal: 6 Voting Cycles (1 month and a half)
    • Maximum number of full elapsed Voting Cycles for a Payment Request: 8 Voting Cycles (2 months)

    Community Fund Accumulation Spread

    The Version Bit 14 will signal for the soft fork to activate NPIP0003.

    This is largely a technical improvement which consolidates mined Community Fund contributions to every 500th block instead of every block to reduce blockchain bloat.

    You can read more about NPIP0003 on the NPIP GitHub.

    Community Fund Contribution Increase

    The Version Bit 16 will signal for the soft fork to increase the Community Fund contribution from 0.25 NAV to 0.50 NAV per block.

    You can read more about NPIP0004 on the NPIP GitHub.

    Reject specific version bits

    This release introduces the concept of bit version rejection.

    It is designed to make it easier for the network to reject individual soft forks when they are bundled together in one release.

    As soft forks come within the software signaling by default only the converse was needed for people to reject soft forks they did not agree with.

    A new config concept has been added called rejectversionbit. Users can signal all the soft forks they reject by adding the following to the config.


    Community fund RPC commands

    With the release of the community fund additional RPC commands are included

    Create a community fund proposal

    createproposal navcoinaddress amount duration "desc" fee
    1. "navcoinaddress" (string, required) The navcoin address where coins would be sent if the proposal is approved.
    2. "amount" The amount in NAV to request. eg 100
    3. duration: Number of seconds the proposal will exist after being accepted.
    4. "desc": Short description of the proposal.
    5. fee (optional): Contribution to the fund used as a fee.
    On success, the daemon responds with the hash(id) of the proposal that is used to reference it in other commands

    Vote for a community fund proposal

    proposalvote proposal_hash command
    1. "proposal_hash" (string, required) The proposal hash
    2. "command"       (string, required) 'yes' to vote yes, 'no' to vote no,'remove' to remove a proposal from the list
    On success, the daemon responds with the hash(id) of the proposal that is used to reference it in other commands

    Create a payment request

    createpaymentrequest proposal_hash amount id
    1. "hash" (string, required) The hash of the proposal from which you want to withdraw funds. It must be approved.
    2. "amount" (numeric or string, required) The amount in NAV to withdraw. eg 10
    3. "id" (string, required) Unique id to identify the payment request
        hash: prequestid, (string) The payment request id.
        strDZeel: string  (string) The attached strdzeel property.

    Vote a payment request

    paymentrequestvote "request_hash" "command"
    Adds/removes a proposal to the list of votes.
    1. "request_hash" (string, required) The payment request hash
    2. "command"      (string, required) 'yes' to vote yes, 'no' to vote no, 'remove' to remove a proposal from the list

    List the community fund proposals

    listproposals filter
    List the propsals and all the releaing datat including payment requests and status.
    1. "filter" (string, optional)    "accepted" | "rejected" | "expired" | "pending"

    Donate to the community fund

    donatefund amount
    Donate NAV from your wallet to the commnuity fund
    1. "amount" (string, required) The amount of NAV to donate

    Community fund stats

    Returns the current status of the Community Fund

    Other modifications in the NavCoin client:

    • RPC Tests fix.

    SHA256 Hashes

    To check the validity of the hashes, visit the navcoin-sigs repository

















    source Code:

  • NavCoin Community Fund Release details

    This is an exciting day for everyone in the NavCoin community. NavCoin Core 4.4.0 has been released. What’s most significant about the latest version of NavCoin Core is that it allows for the activation of the NavCoin Community Fund.

    The NavCoin Community Fund is the first in the world to be fully decentralized, both in the way it’s governed and how the funds are managed. Without the participation of many people within the global NavCoin community, it would not have been possible. The NavCoin Core team would like to thank everyone who contributed their time and skill to bring it to life.

    Download NavCoin Core 4.4.0

    With the release of the 4.4.0 wallet, the NavCoin Community Fund soft-fork will lock in once it has reached a 75% network consensus. To signal your approval download the latest version of the NavCoin Core wallet, at

    Once consensus is reached there will be a one week lock-in period, and after that, the Fund will be activated, and open to submissions.

    You will be able to submit your proposal using the built-in proposal form in the latest version of the NEXT wallet, or via RPC commands in the NavCoin Core wallet (for details check out the knowledge base article).

    It’s anticipated that the NavCoin block explorer will also include a proposal generator tool in the future.

    Look out for an announcement in social media when the lock-in of NavCoin Core 4.4.0 is achieved.

    To learn more about the community fund — check out the wallet release article by Alex or visit the Community Fund page on the website.

    Education live streaming session #3

    Last week Craig presented the third in the series of live-streamed public education sessions, which focused on the Community Fund. If you weren’t able to make the live stream, don’t worry, you can still watch it on NavCoin’s Youtube channel, along with the first two live streams and other NavCoin videos. There will be more live streamed sessions in the future. Look out for updates here and in social media.

    NavCoin summary document

    With so many different projects going on it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. With that in mind, Craig put together this project summary document for a high-level view of where NavCoin is heading. This is a great document to share with people new to the NavCoin community.

    NavCollab highlight: Nav Art space

    Cyber Pan has proposed a bus advertising campaign to raise awareness of NavCoin in major cities. Already there is some interesting discussion going on. Follow this Space if you would like to find out more and contribute your own ideas.

    The Hackathon is coming soon.

    Are you looking forward to the NavCoin Digital Hackathon? It’s not far away. The first step is to join the NavCoin Collab website and create a profile. Once you’ve done that you’ll be ready when Hackathon registrations open — standby for more details soon. Note: some users are having issues registering for the NavCollab site, but developers are working on fixing the issues, so we appreciate your patience.


    This is an initiative on social media to inspire people to share and discuss ideas about what you would like to bring to the NavCoin community. Head over to NavCoin Twitter or Facebook, search #HumansOfNavCoin and read up on the ideas so far. You can like, comment or share your favourite content to spread the word to your own friends and followers.

    Community Fund Video

    Sakdeniz created this awesome promo video for the Community Fund. It highlights the best features of the Community Fund in a simple way, so make sure to check it out on Youtube.

    Halloween Pumpkin Competition

    For some Halloween fun, @Powertrader200 is putting on a NavCoin pumpkin carving competition! Post a picture of your NavCoin pumpkin with the hashtag #NavCoinPumpkin anytime before October 31 for a chance to win 250 NAV.

    Sign up to receive the weekly report by email

    Alongside all our current channels, the weekly community news will begin to be sent out via email. If you would like to sign up to the email list, please sign up here.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • HumansOfNavCoin Activation Competition

    The NavCoin Community Fund softfork voting is well underway and looking likely to lock-in at the end of the next voting period (approximately 00:00 GMT Friday 9 November 2018). To help showcase potential Community Fund proposals we’ve been running a #HumansOfNavCoin hashtag campaign on twitter.

    You’ll find all sorts of great ideas like this one proposed by twitter user @CryptoSmartHub to launch a grass roots campaign to get NavCoin used in local markets.

    We’re really excited about all the great ideas which are being proposed, it looks like there are going to be some amazing things created by the community when the Community Fund activates. To support the community’s efforts, NavCoin Core are going to offer their help and support to one of the most popular proposal ideas.

    All you have to do is tweet your proposal idea with the hashtag #HumansOfNavCoin. The more likes and retweets your tweet gets, the more entries you get into the competition. We will pick one of the most liked and retweeted proposal ideas, and help the creator to bring the project to life.

    NavCoin Core will help the winner publish their idea, submit the funding proposal, promote it to the NavCoin Community and even help to execute the idea, or help find the right team which can.

    The winner will of course also earn the NAV which is allocated by the Community Fund for their proposal if the network consensus is achieved.

    The competition will run up until the Community Fund activates on the network, one week after lock-in is achieved, approximately 00:00 GMT Friday 16 November 2018 depending on how the network continues to vote.


    • Tweet your Community Fund proposal idea with the #HumansOfNavCoin hashtag.
    • Get your followers to like and retweet your tweet.
    • The winner will be chosen from the most popular tweets.
    • Likes earn 1 point, retweets earn 2 points.
    • The winner will be drawn when the Community Fund activates on the network.
    • The winner will receive help and support from NavCoin Core to achieve their proposal.
    • The winner will keep the NAV claimed from the community fund proposal.

    Easy right? Better get your thinking cap on and start tweeting!

    If you’re new to NavCoin and don’t know what the Community Fund is, you can read all about it on the NavCoin Community Fund page.

    To keep an eye on when the competition closes, you can track the softfork voting status on the NavExplorer site.

  • Soft Fork Voting Update

    Community members are signalling their agreement to the latest protocol update by downloading the new Core wallet, and the three soft forks are getting very close to lock-in.

    At the present rate, each will achieve the necessary 75% consensus by the end of the current block period — which is likely to be in the new few days. Check out the NavCoin block explorer to see the latest voting stats.

    Once the soft forks are locked in, there will be the usual one week upgrade period, and after that, the NavCoin Community Fund will be activated.

    When the soft forks are locked in you’ll have a seven day grace period to update your wallet, but after that, you risk being dropped from the network — so if you haven’t already done it download the latest version of the Core Wallet now.

    New translation feature

    Translators will now be able to contribute translations direct to However because the process is not fully automated, you might still require some assistance from the NavCoin Core developers. Please feel free to get in touch via Discord.

    Website updates

    Some broken links were fixed on and pagination was added to the NavHub news page, which now loads approximately 90% faster.

    Developer documentation site almost ready

    The first iteration of the NavCoin Dev Documentation website is nearly complete. It will give developers a resource that helps make it easier to contribute code to the NavCoin protocol or create new software and services on top of it. It’s important to note that it’s not a replacement for the NavCoin Knowledge Base which provides assistance and information to users of existing software and services within the NavCoin ecosystem. Look out for a launch update soon.

    Upcoming Hackathon

    The Collab Hackathon will be a fun and easy introduction to making Community Fund proposals. Just describe your concept and how it could benefit the NavCoin community or even the world! You don’t need complex calculations or everything perfectly thought out — just put your thinking cap on and give it a whirl! The Hackathon will be run through NavCoin’s social channels, so everyone will have a chance to share their ideas and chip in with helpful feedback.

    NavCoin project summary

    A couple of weeks ago Craig published this NavCoin summary with a high-level view of where NavCoin is heading. If you haven’t already read it, it’s well worth doing so. It’s also good for sharing with people new to NavCoin, so they can see everything that’s going on and get excited about becoming part of this thriving community.

    Core Content Creators

    Content creators away day

    The Core Content team were out of the office on Monday for an intensive working session to formulate a strategy for the next few quarterly periods, and brainstorming new ideas to attract new people to the NavCoin community.

    New Steemit article about Community Fund projects

    Dr Ropata (on Discord) posted his take on the top Community Fund proposals so far on Steemit. Check them out to see what other NavCoin community members are planning and get inspired.


    This social media initiative is all about celebrating and sharing the great ideas that come from NavCoin community members all over the world.

    To support the community’s efforts, NavCoin Core is going to offer their help and support to one of the most popular proposal ideas.

    All you have to do is tweet your proposal idea with the hashtag #HumansOfNavCoin. The more likes and retweets your tweet gets, the more entries you get into the competition. We will pick one of the most liked and retweeted proposal ideas, and help the creator to bring the project to life. NavCoin Core will help the winner publish their idea, submit the funding proposal, promote it to the NavCoin Community and even help to execute the idea or help find the right team which can.

    Read up here for more information on how to get your project off the ground with the support of the NavCoin Core team.

    Sign up to receive the weekly report by Email

    Alongside all our current channels, the weekly community news is now being sent out via email. If you would like to be added to the email list, please sign up here.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

  • Community Fund Locks-in

    The big news from the past week in the world of NavCoin is that the 4.4.0 soft-forks have locked in, which activate the Community Fund and double the network contribution to the Fund from 250,000 to 500,000 NAV per year. That means that the world’s first fully decentralised Community Fund is almost ready to go! Once it activates, there will be nothing holding you back from submitting your ideas and applying to have them funded by the network.

    There is a 7 day waiting period between the lock-in and the activation of the soft-fork, in order to allow stakers to upgrade their wallets. The activation will occur at block height 2,620,800 which is roughly in a few days time, after which, you will be able to submit proposals.

    After this block, nodes running 4.3.x and below have an increasing risk of ending up on a fork from the main chain and forking will become unavoidable when the first payment request is processed.

    It is highly recommended to upgrade to version 4.4.0 as soon as possible to avoid any problems after the consensus change activates. After the soft fork activates, the upgrade is considered mandatory and all older versions of NavCoin Core become deprecated.

    You can download the latest wallets here.

    Community Fund submissions

    Already there are interesting proposals appearing on the NavCollab site, Reddit, and #HumansOfNavCoin. If you have a great idea, but not all the skills to bring it to life — don’t let that stand in your way — just put your idea out there and don’t be shy about asking for help from other community members. Within this global community, there are remarkable people with a range of skills to call on.

    Remember what you propose is entirely up to you — all you have to do is convince the community that your idea is worth voting for.

    Here are some easy ways to get started now:

    Proposal submission tools

    Once you’re ready there are two ways to submit your proposal to the blockchain to be voted on by NavCoin stakers:

    • Sakdeniz’ NEXT wallet includes a built-in Community Fund proposal form.
    • Proposal generator + NavCoin Core wallet. Go to the Community Fund page and scroll down to the ‘How to Create A Proposal’ section in Step 4 to a form that generates the code to paste in your NavCoin core wallet.

    NavCoin lottery proposal on Reddit.

    Nav_Whale posted an interesting idea for a NavCoin Lottery that would reward stakers by putting them into a monthly draw to win NAV. Check out the comments below this proposal to see what other community members are feeling, and add your thoughts.

    Marcus goes full-time + interns

    Marcus, who was involved in testing the Community Fund, has started working full-time with the NavCoin Core devs during his university break.

    Alex, who is also a computer science major at the University of Auckland, has joined the NavCoin Core team as an intern during the summer break. Along with Marcus, he’ll be involved in testing the next NavCoin Core release (4.5.0), which includes cold staking, and static rewards (the subject of NPIP004 which is currently being discussed by the community).

    The plan is to find several more interns to work with the Core Developers and the Core Content team in Auckland over summer.

    The opportunity with the Dev team might suit you if you want to upskill on C++, already know JavaScript but want to improve your web dev skills, or you’re interested in software testing. For more info get in touch with [email protected]

    The Content team could have a place for you if have skills in design, marketing or copywriting. To apply please contact [email protected]

    Currently these internships are unpaid positions, however, funding is the subject of a Community Fund proposal by Prole, which you can read about at the NavCoin Collab site.

    Community Fund Bootcamp

    To help support the Community Fund, the content team are currently preparing a boot camp that will give you everything you need to know about developing a strong proposal. The aim is to collaborate with other crypto communities that have community funds and create valuable content that will be useful for everyone (and integrating NavCoin into this content).

    If you would like to sign up to this — please complete this form to register your interest.

    Sign up to receive the weekly report by Email

    The weekly community news is being sent out via email. If you would like to be added to the email list, please sign up here.

    That’s all for this week,

    NavCoin Core

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