[ANN] HarambeCoin (HMBC) Initial Release - #bitsoutforharambe

  • HarambeCoin [HMBC]

    Introducing the initial release of Harambecoin!!! Simple and classy, just like the great gorilla himself, harambecoin is a straighforward altcoin with some novel implementations of reward decay and difficulty targeting. This is an initial release and can be thought of a as a 'blank-slate' to be filled with all the harambe greatness that I know is sure to come. Looking for anyone who wants to get involved in any area of further development - this is a coin that is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. A small premine is reserved for anyone who would like to contribute to the code or help setting up other services (open to suggestions).

    Here's some initial technical specs (will try to update if I missed anything):

    Algo: Scrypt
    Block Time: 90s
    Difficulty Adjustment: DGW3 (slightly modified)
    Total Coins: 20,818,000 HMBC over 12 years
    -Exponential decay on an ~monthly basis
    Premine: 100,000 HMBC reserved for bounties for any contributions to code/servies
    RPC Port: 52398
    P2P Port: 52399



    <Linux Daemon>

    <Linux Qt>


    **Initial Release version is v1.0.0.2**

    Sorry for the google drive links, the harmbecoin.com website that will eventually host downloads is still under construction. Also, there's no osx client available at the moment - boost and el capitan were not playing well together. Hopefully I'll have this worked out soon. Also I'll do my best to at least get a p2pool setup running until an established pool comes around that wants to host harambecoin.

    Fingers crossed for a smooth launch - I'll try to be active on #harambecoin for anyone interested in this project and/or having issues.




    wallet address as username
    password of your choice (it does not matter what you choose)

    port 7033 is lowdiff
    port 17033 is vardiff
    port 27033 is highdiff

    Payouts every 60 mins; minimum 1 HMBC

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